Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 2)

Suhani turns around and finds her best friend soumya looking at her

Suhani – i dont know who was this idiot
Soumya – but how cute he was
Suhani – shut up soumya
Soumya – if i was not engaged with krishna then surely i will say yes to him
Suhani – surely you can go and say yes to that idiot
Soumya – suhani yaar move on it has been 2 years after that incident now
Suhani – but
Soumya takes card from suhani’s hand
Soumya – ohh his name is yuvraj birla
Suhani – hmm so what ?
Soumya – you know he is one of the best journalist
Suhani – so what i m also one of the best psychologist
Soumya – you know what he also sings well
Suhani – how do you know ?
Soumya – i saw him singing at beach with his friends
Suhani – soumya can you plz stop telling me about how lovely he is ?
Soumya – aree let me speak na
Suhani – yaa so that i say yes for a date with him
Soumya – plz say na yes to him
Suhani – no i dont want to say
Soumya – you will

Suhani leaves from there angrily

At night
Soumya comes at suhani’s home with krishna

Soumya – chalo chalo
Suhani – aree but where ?
Soumya – surprise
Soumya and suhani goes in suhani’s room
Soumya opens suhani’s cupboard and gives her

Soumya makes suhani ready and takes her at beach party

Suhani sees yuvraj there
Yuvraj smiles at her and say her in actions that she is looking beautiful
Suhani doesnt pay attention to him and goes to soumya and krishna who were busy romancing with each other

Suhani thinks
Uff where i m stuck now

She was about to leave from there but she heards a voice
She turns and finds yuv singinig

O mere mohalle mein
Chaand jo aaya hain
Eid jo laya hain
Tu hi toh nahi

The moon that has
Come in my street
That one who has brought eid
Is that you

Aami ne meri jo suit silaya hain
Khwab dikahaya hain
Tu hi toh nahi

That suit which
That my mother has stiched for me
That dream about you my mom showed me
Is that you

All the couples start dancing
Yuvraj stands up and passes by suhani

Haan jiske liye dil bigadne laga hain
Woh kaun hain tu hi hain
Jiske liye dil sambhalne laga hain
Woh kaun hain tu hi hain

The one for whom my heart has started spoiling
Is that you
The one for whom has my heart started being in control
Is that you

Yuvraj gives guitar to his frnd and pulls suhani towards him
Suhani gets shocked and tries to get out of yuvraj grip but fails

Door yeh kaun hain
Paas yeh kaun hain
Khas yeh kaun hain
Tu hi hain

Who is this so far
Who is this so close
Who is this so special
You are the one

Suhani jerks yuvraj away
And goes to sit with KriYa

Jiske liye maine
Saaei hasseno ke
Dil toode jaana hain
Tu hi toh nahi

The one for whom
I have to break
All the beauties heart
Is that you

Yuvraj starts dancing with another girl

Jiske liye mujhe
Jeete hi jaana hain
Beema karana hain
Tu hi toh nahi

For whom i have to live
For whom i have to take life insurance
Is that you

He leaves that girl and takes his guitar

Aane se jiske aati hain saansein
Woh kaun hain tu hi hain
Jaane se jiske jaati hain saansein
Woh kaun hain tu hi hain

The whom one for who i get my breath back with her arrival
Who is she ? You are the one
The whom whose going makes lives go
Who is she ? You are the one

Suhani leaves from there

Door yeh kaun hain
Paas yeh kaun hain
Khaas yeh kaun hain
Tu hi hain

Mere shero mein yeh kaun hain
Meri shayari mein kaun hain
Meri dairy mein kaun hain
Tu hi hain

Who is this in my couplets
Who is this in my poetry
Who lies in my dairy ?
You are the one

Gubbaro mein yeh kaun hain
Khummaro mein yeh kaun hain
Guitaron mein yeh kaun hain
Tu hi hain…

Who is this in storms
Who is this in the intoxication
Who is this in guitar
You are the one…

Yuvraj completes the song and runs behind suhani

Yuvraj holds suhani’ s wrist
Suhani turns to him and looks at him angrily
Yuvraj immediately leaves her wrist

Suhani – plz mr.birla
Yuvraj – my name is yuvraj
Suhani – ok fine yuvraj leave me alone i dont want to date you i will leave alone happily and i m not free
Yuvraj – aacha every day just one hour i want with you
Suhani – i cant give you yuvraj every day one hour
Yuvraj – aacha lets date for one month if we will not like each other then i will leave you
Suhani – ok fine
Yuvraj – done be ready at 6 pm tommorow
Suhani – fine

Suhani leaves from there

Precap – first date of YuvAni…

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    awesome episode

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  6. wonderful episode… too much attitute in one episode.. excited for yuvani’s first date

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