Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 13)

In evening
Suhani is seen dancing
Yuvraj calls her
Suhani picks the call
Suhani – hii
Yuvraj – hii
Suhani – anything important
Yuvraj – no but you are busy
Suhani – yes day after tommorow its my frnd neha engagment so i promised her that i will perform in her engagment so i m practicing
Yuvraj – ohh can i dance with you
Suhani thinks for a minute
Suhani – ok you can vome home for practice
Yuvraj – ok bye i m coming

Yuvraj comes to suhani’s home

Yuvraj holds suhani from her waist and suhani keeps her hands on his shoulder

Music plays in bg

Ab se koi khushi nahi jiski tum wajah nahi
Ab se koi din nahi jiski ki tum subha nahi
Ab se koi baat nahi jo tumse na hogi shuru
Ab se koi raah nahi jo tum sang na mudein
Abhi ke abhi yeh hogaya yakin
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Tumse hi tumse har baat har baat hain
Jab tum ho saath

From now there is no happiness whose reason is not you
From now there will be no day whose morning isnt you
From now there will be no talk which doesnt start with you
From today there will be no path on that i dont turn with you.
Right now i have come to believe
This life of my has become yours
Everything is by you only now
That you are with me

I wait for a sign so i know you are mine
I look in the mirror and i see your face
The walls break down down
When you smile at me

Precap – suhani is in love ?????

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    lovely episode

  2. Yuvani

    Soooooo sweet………Thank you

  3. cute epi

  4. Nice episode

  5. nice epi

  6. P112111

    Toooooooooooo shooooorrrrrrrrrtttttt

  7. to shot but I like

  8. Wow its lovely soooo cute.

  9. so nice…

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