Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 12)

We reached my home
Me – bye yuvraj
I turned to go but yuvraj held my wrist i looked at him
Yuvraj – i love you
I smiled
Me – good keep loving me
Yuvraj – hey give a perfect reply
Me – i dont have a answer
Yuvraj – bye ( sadly )
Me – bye

Next day
I was busy with my patients in the morning but my mind wasnt with me it was busy with yuvraj
Yaa i was thinking about him and how simply he told me he loves me i recalled his confession and i smiled but my reply how much that reply hurted him but i didnt mean to heart him but i its true i just like him or may be i love him whatever it is i dont know

I completed my work and it was 6 now

It was 6:15 but he didnt came so i went to his house
I opened the door and went inside
I felt why the door is open i locked the door
I went in yuvraj room and found him sleeping
I went near him and found that he was suffering from high fever
I tried to wake him up and he slowly opened his eyes
Yuvraj – sorr….y….

Me – shhh yuvraj
I asked him where are medicines he just replied using his fingure that it was in shelf
I opened the shelf and gave him medicine
He slept
I went in his kitchen and prepared soup for him
I went in his room
I made him sit and checked his fever it was normal now
I started giving him soup with my hands
He made a face first but then started having soup

Me – where ia ramu kaka ?
Yuvraj – he is not fine so he isnt coming
Me – ok
I again made him sleep after having soup and medicines

I told soumya that i will be with yuvraj today

I went near him and carresed his hairs
He held my hand tightly in his sleep
I tried my best to come out from his grip but i failed and for not disturbing his sleep i sat there only

Next morning
I woke up and tried to come out from bed but i felt to strong arms around my waist and found yuvraj was sleeping on my lap with his hands around my waist
I was sleeping with the support of bed
I woked up and checked yuvraj fever
Thank god now he is fine
I was now successful from coming out of his grip around my waist

Precap – dont know

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    wow awesome episode..yuVani r so cute…yaar…

  2. nice epi yuvani r best

  3. Wooooow…. Superb episode….. Waiting for Suhani’s confession

  4. Srilakshmi-Sri

    nice update..yuvi confession simplely very cute and waiting for suhani confesssion.

  5. wow yuvani moments were so sweet..
    update soon..

  6. Yuvani

    Wow, loved Yuvi’s proposal…….eagerly waiting……Thank you

  7. I cant explain how much i enjoyed it.its superb dear.

  8. NAPSHa J

    nice epi dear.. plz update asap..

  9. all the 4 parts were awesome n its so lovely to read.. sorry for nt cmmtng in other epis was busy

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and its ok

  10. P112111

    Amazing… Caring suhani

  11. Superb..lovely couple

  12. Nice epi. Pz update asap

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