Falling in love with my psychologist (Episode 1)

At yuvraj office
Yuv – i will make suhani shrivastav fall in love with me
Sharad ( his best friend ) – you cant do this
Yuv – i promise i will do this
Sharad – ok challenge ?
Yuv – challenge

Next morning
Yuv reaches to suhani’s home
He enters her home and sees suhani reading a book
Yuv – excuse me
Suhani looks at yuvraj
Yuvraj falls for suhani at first sight
Suhani – you are yuvraj birla ?
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – come inside and have a sit
Yuvraj sits on a sofa
Suhani – i m suhani shrivastav

She forwards her hand and yuvraj shakes there hand
Suhani – i dont know why but i feel that you are fine
Yuvraj – yes i m fine i just want to date you
Suhani – excuse me mr.birla
Yuvraj – see doctor suhani you said that you think love is bullshit
Suhani – yes for me love is bullshit
Yuvraj – so i just wanna make you know that love is not bullshit its the best feeling ever
Suhani – mr.birla its for you
Yuvraj – what if i prove that love is the best feeling
Suhani – i dont want to know anything
Suhani gets up from her chair but yuvraj held her wrist
Suhani looked at him
Suhani – mr.birla you can leave now
Yuvraj – just think about me
Yuvraj leaves from there but gives his card to suhani

Precap – finally suhani agrees for a date

I know i post small epi but bear with this only and share your views

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  1. Yuvani

    Avni dear,you got the headings and content swapped………! lovely epi, liked Yuvi’s attitude very much….Thank you

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you and now it is corrected

  2. P112111

    Oye….. I thin u give some d other ff update here…..

    1. Avanikamdar

      It is corrected now

  3. jus awesome different again

  4. Swapping apisodes.but even then its nice. I luv u dear.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Thank you . I love you too dear ??

  5. awsome epi.i like the way yuvi talks to suhani.i just love them. and this different from other ff….

  6. totaly different from other ffs..
    excited to knw how will suhani agree for date

  7. nice epi..

  8. superb dear i like yuvraj attitude

  9. Yuvani_saraj

    superb episode

  10. Its awesome dear..totally different attitudes

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