Falling in love again (Part 6)

Abhi: Give me my locket.
Pragya: What the hell are u saying.
Do u have any idea u r accusing me without knwing my truth.
Abhi : If u don’t have that ,then where is it.
Pragya boiled in anger which Abhi could see.
Pragya: Yes, I found it . Bt that wasn’t of my type so I threw it away.
Abhi : Wh…what u threw that…Arrghhh!!!
As it was too hot weather He was wearing his shades as usual and a hat complementing his personality.
Till now both couldn’t see each other’s face.
Both had hot war and couldn’t fight anymore and decided to ignore each other.

Abhi reached Purab’s house
Purab: Hey Abhi how r u ?
Abhi:Not fine yaar !!
Purab:What happened bro ? Y r u not fine.
Abhi:That girl….she’s so rude.
Purab: Ohhh not again.
Abhi:What not again. U asked me to say sorry for all her coz of me. I did the same.
Bt she didn’t even care to reply me politely.
Purab: Ohhkk don’t worry I’ll handle her. U just calm down and have a juice.
Purab thought
Purab beta it’s not Abhi’s cup of tea to say sorry to someone. U have to manage this for him.
Purab: Yes…!!
Abhi : Yes ? What yes ?
Purab : Who said yes.?
Abhi: Do u see anyone else here then u n me.
Purab: ohhkk…tomorrow I’ll drop Aliya to college and meet her on ur behalf..is it ok for u ?
Abhi: Ohkk..Bt I want to take rest now.Bye
Purab: Bye . And think about that. I’ll handle by myself.

Screen shifts to college.
Aliya and Bulbul attending to class.
They were best frnds and used to go for masti after class on weekends.
They were to give fresher party to new comers.
Aliya,Tanu,Bulbul,Nikhil decided to give a group performance.All of them decided to prepare performance at Nikhil’s house as his parents are out of town for a business project.
They decided to inform their respective family and start rehersal from very nxt day.

Screen shifted to Pragya
She Tied up all her paintings and portraits. And was going to home.
Bulbul met her on her way.She companied Pragya for walk.
Bulbul clearing her throat making Pragya to listen: So what happening nxt ?
Pragya gave confused look.
Bulbul: I mean how u gonna meet him. ?
Pragya: Don’t knw …let’s see what our destiny has planned for our meeting.
Bulbul : It’s u who have to decide ur meeting not destiny.
Ohhkk when did u message Jiju last tym.
Bulbul realising her mistake of calling him Jiju again tried to avoid looking at Pragya.
Bulbul: What’s his name. u didn’t tell me.
Pragya: Mr. Sun
Bulbul : Mr. Sun ???
What kind of name it is ?
By this tym they reached home.
Pragya: I call him by this name.
Pragya told Bulbul while opening main gate of her house.
Pragya: Now be quite as we reached home rest I will tell at night.

Bulbul pouted sadly as she can’t w8 for so long.

Sarla asked them to freshen up and have their food.
While trio were having their food.
Bulbul told about her fresher party to juniors. Both Sarla and Pragya agreed for her rehersal at Nikhil’s house.
When they all finished both were busy in their work bt Bulbul looking at wall clock desperately to strike 9:00 coz it’s the time her di will narrate her story to her.

Anyhow time passed and they had dinner. Bulbul dragged Pragya to room before she could finish her work in kitchen.

Bulbul: Then /!!!
Pragya: What then…? Why u dragged me like this in front of ma.
Bulbul : Don’t act innocent di. I’m talking about Mr. Sun..
W8 u call him by this name ,what is his real name….???
Bulbul after thinking for a while: Umm…Suraj
Pragya chukled: No my bulbul. His name is Ravi.
Bulbul: And what he call u.? I mean name, he must have given u another name as u gave to him.
Pragya nodded her head shyly.
Bulbul: Done with ur shying !!??
Now tell me.
Pragya frowned.
Pragya: Miss Ray
Bulbul: Ray ?? Isn’t it weird ?
Pragya: What’s weird in this name. it’s so cute.
Bulbul: His name is Ravi so he is Sun…ohhkk..
bt how name Pragya converted to Ray.
Bulbul asked giving confused look to her.
Pragya: It’s not Pragya converted bt Kiran.
Kiran is like sun rays so ge call me Ray.
Bulbul : Why u tell ur name as Kiran not Pragya ?
Pragya: Coz we haven’t disclosed our identity yet. We decided to Show our real identity during our first meet.
Bulbul: Means his real name is not Ravi right !!
Pragya: yup
Bulbul: Ohhh u said first meet. When and How u gonna meet him.
Pragya: I want to test his love and then plan a meeting.
Pragya looking at Bulbul sheepishly.
Pragya: Do u have any idea to test his true love.
Bulbul thought for sometime.
And jumped in excitement.
Pragya: Bulbul tell me.
Bulbul: U ask him to meet and I have a plan to clear all ur doubts for his love. He won’t get out of it if he loves u truly.
Bulbul said something in Pragya’s ear (which I couldn’t hear )
Bulbul gave a proud look while Pragya was looking worried.

Pragya: Let’s meet tomorrow Mr. Sun.
Mr Sun: Tomorrow ..?? Isn’t it too soon. I have to meet my dream girl so need more time sweety.

Thanku guys fir all ur comments.
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Thanku commenters for ur participation in commenting.
Have a nice day
I replied to u all in previous update and try to reply all.

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