Falling in love again (Part 5)

Nxt day in the morning Pragya woke up early in the morning. Getting ready for her painting schedule. Sarla asked her to have breakfast bt she refused to eat. Sarla insisted and served her food. Pragya was having her breakfast when all of sudden Bulbul appeared from nowhere and hugged her from back and wish her morning.

Bulbul: Good mrng di.
Pragya: Gd mrng Bulbul
Bulbul: Trying to escape from me ?
Pragya: Don’t say u r still struck in the same matter….
Bulbul intrupted before she could complete.
Bulbul: Matter u were trying to ignore last night right !!??
Pragya: Right
Bulbul : Di why u r not telling me anything about my ‘Jiju’ ?
Pragya choked for calling someone she don’t knw as Jiju. And coughed.
Pragya. Which Jiju are u talking about ?
Bulbul: Which Jiju means ? Do I have so many Jiju’s ? M asking about ur prince. Did he came on horse.? As ma used to tell us in stories.
Pragya: U waana listen my story ? I’ll tell u after ur college hours.
Bulbul: No di ,by then u will think of any excuse and won’t tell me.
Pragya was frustrated of asking her again and again.
Pragya: Ohhkk….We talk on social media…and we like to share each and every thing about our joy and sorrows. We several times have planned our meeting bt couldn’t meet because of one or the other reason. Bt we haven’t talked from some days as he want to give tym to his family.

Bulbul lost in thought: Ohh how romantic u talked on social media….
Pragya gave an unbelievable look.She still lost in her dream land.
Bulbul: How u met him ?? I mean how u recognized him..that he was the same person u were talking to.
Pragya: We haven’t met yet. Now go to ur college and let me go.
Bulbul listening to her came out of her dream alarmed.
Bulbul:What ..!!.?? U haven’t met Jiju.
Hearing word Jiju again and again from Bulbul. Pragya was a bit irritated and gave Bulbul a deadly look. Bulbul understood what she want to say and moved to her room to get ready.
Pragya as usual moved to her place on ladies cycle.
She adjusted all her paintings in a well manner for display. And started painting a new portrait.

Screen shifts to MM
Dadi: Abhi beta wake up u have go and Drop Aliya to College.
Abhi in half sleep without opening his eyes replied: Dadi U said I can’t go alone. Ask driver to drop her.
Dadi: I asked u yesterday,not to drive.Bt today u can go. U r ohhkk now..
Abhi:Dadi only 5 mins.
Dadi: Ohkk bt 5 mins only not more than that.
Dadi went out of room and asked Robin to prepare coffee for abhi.
Robin served him coffee
Robin: sir Dadi asked u to wake up as it’s already 7 mins late.
Abhi woke up and had coffee.
He get ready and moved down to dinning table for breakfast.Here Aliya too was having her breakfast. She asked him to drop her. He just nodded his head in reply.

After breakfast Abhi joined her to college. While returning back to home he followed the same route as yesterday’s.
Here he again saw her busy with her paintings. He thought to talk to her. She saw Suresh there going through the same road. She immediately covered her head with scarf.
Suresh tried to peek through her scarf bt gave up as he was heading to his office. Abhi approached her and was confused to see her covering face seeing him.
Abhi: I m sorry for what happened yesterday.
Pragya was looking in the direction of Suresh going and just nodded her head in reply.
Abhi felt ignored. Bt as Purab said maintaining her patience again tried to talk to her.
Abhi: Why u hid ur face seeing me ?
Pragya:No it’s not cause of u.
Abhi by now losed her patience for her behaviour.
Abhi : What is ur problem ? Why u ignoring me like this.?
Pragya couldn’t hold her temper for this.
Pragya:u knw what is ur problem ?
u all rich man think u can do whatever u want…
Abhi stopping her in between.
Abhi : I m here to take my locket back.
Pragya: Which locket ?
Abhi: The locket I bought yesterday was lost here when we had accident.
Pragya: So u think I have that locket ?
Abhi: I don’t think. I knw u have that.
Abhi said in stern voice.

Pragya: Do u have any idea to test his true love.
Bulbul thought for sometime.And jumped in excitement.
Pragya: Bulbul tell me.

Thanku silent readers. I m overwhelmed by ur comments.
sorry for late update.

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