Falling in love again (Part 4)

Pragya in no tym removed her dupatta and gave a glare to Suresh.

For her sudden action Suresh shocked to see her face.
He backed off in shock.
Suresh: Pragya w.w.wh.. what is this ? What have u done to ur face.
Pragya: What I have done Suresh ? It’s the face I only have….Is there something on my face ?
Suersh: UU…u were looking so beautiful in the pic ur ma gave us. Bt u r totaly different.
Pragya: I m this only. That pic was photoshoped coz everyone rejects me seeing my face.
Plzz u don’t reject me and don’t tell anything to ma. She is Heart patient. She can’t bear ur rejection. Plzz accept our proposal.

Suresh walked in anger out of the room and walked all of the sudden to outside and said something in his mom and Dad’s ear. Meanwhile Pragya washed her face and agin came and sat beside Sarla.

Parents discussed for a while.
Suresh’s mom: We agree for this relation. Our son likes ur daughter.

Pragya was shocked to hear these words despite of all her efforts.

So let’s discuss about what u will be giving in dowry.
Sarla gave a confused smile and said: We can’t give u much. Bt we’ll try to give atmost what we can.
Suresh’s mom: we want u to give car,AC,Frezeer etc.
Sarla was very sad as they can’t give what they r asking for. And explained their condition.
They left as they expected to demand a huge amount of money. Bt Sarla refused to give any.
Pragya took a sigh of relief.
Bulbul and Pragya went to room.

Bulbul while helping her to change dress: What did u do Di, to shoo him away ?
Di: I don’t knw, why he ran away like this.
She tried to avoid eye contact with Bulbul.
Bulbul: Ohhh u don’t knw…really di ?
She said in a serious tone.
There was silence for sometime and then they both burst into laughter.
Bulbul: You should have seen his face when he came out of room.
Now explain me everything

FB starts
Sarla called Bulbul to take Pragya with her.
Pragya asked Bulbul to go and she will come after having makeup TouchUp.
When Bulbul left the room Pragya grabbed her colors and brush and painted her face as one eyed, one broken tooth and red cheeks as if having allergy.
As she is an artist , It was all looking real.
When Sarla called Pragya she hid her face with dupatta.
FB ends

Bulbul was laughing loud.
Screen shifts to MM
Abhi: Ohhkk Abhi !! I think I lost it at the place of accident.
Purab: Accident !!..????.
Purab asked him in shock as he approached him.
Abhi: Accident ??
Purab: Exactly. U just now said accident.
Abhi smiling sheepishly.

Abhi: This is coz u said it.
Purab: I m serious. Tell me what happened.
Abhi: Today I met a girl very arrogant.
Actually I was driving my car when all of a sudden a child came in my path and I end up hitting in some paintings off road. You knw what .. she shouted at me for no reason.
Purab: No Abhi. She had a reason to shout on.
U destroyed all her paintings, how she must be feeling. Nxt tym u meet her don’t fight with her for the old reasons.

Abhi: Ohhkk Purab if u say so. I’ll fight with her with brand-new reason.
He said smiling sheepishly.
Purab shook his head in disbelief. He asked his permission to go.
Abhi: Ooo Tell me why u came here. Going from here only, not meeting Dadi.
Purab : I came here just to see u. I already met dadi when u were not here.
Both hugged and said goodbye.

Screen shifts to Arrora house.
Bulbul and Pragya both going to bed and discussing about today’s prank ,chuckling.
Bulbul all of a sudden jumped out of bed and leaned towards Pragya.
Bulbul whispered: Di tell me what kind of boy u want..
Pragya: Stop it Bulbul. U ask this question every night. Aren’t u fed up of asking same thing again and again.
Bulbul got angry.

Bulbul: Why would I di, when u never answer me. Now tell me else I’ll tell ma why Suresh’s family refused for the marriage.
Pragya remaied silent for sometime and feign to be sleeping.Bulbul sat up by placing pillow on her lap.
Bulbul: Di whom u want to marry.?
Pragya: I don’t knw. Bt sure that he will not be someone ordinary.
Pragya replied with closed eyes.
Bulbul : ohhkk tell me. I’ll find one for u.

Pragya: U don’t have to find anyone as I already have found one.
Bulbul with excitement and happiness asked : Who is that ‘one’
Pragya was in no mood to answer her. She signaled her to sleep. Bulbul half heartedly slept and whispered in her ear: Di I’ll ask u this question in the morning and I won’t leave u then.
Pragya never answered her and just smiled.

Bulbul: How u met him ?? I mean how u recognized him..that he was the same person u were talking to.
Pragya: We haven’t yet met. Now go to ur college and let me go.

Sorry guys, for short updates. And plzz forgive me as ur sister for any mistakes. And thanks for all ur love and participation in suggestions…

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