Falling in love again (Part 3)

Abhi: Aliya u knw what I thought to give it to u that was so pretty locket. I need to find that as I have decided too keep thatthat myself instead to giving to u.
Aliya: Don’t worry bhai it mst be here only. We’ll find that later.
Come I’ll show u today’s party’s pics. See Tanu is looking damn hot…have a look.
Abhi: Aliya I’ll see them later.
He replied still thinking about the locket.
Aliya : No u won’t.
Abhi: I definitely will Aliya. Gotta go now.
And goes outside to the lawn.

Screen shifts to ARRORA house.

Boy’s mom: ur daughter is pretty. What she’s doing now ? Studying or job ?
Sarla : No u r misunderstanding she is my little daughter ,Bulbul
Bulbul, go and call Pragya
Bulbul shouts for Pragya sitting beside Sarla.
Sarla patted her head for this kind of behaviour in front of them.
Sarla asked Bulbul to bring more snacks.

After some time Pragya comes out of the room. All are looking at her in confusion.
Pragya was having a veil down to her chin.
Sarla: Pragya what is this ? Why have u coveredcovered ur face with dupatta ? Remove it. As they yet has not decided to make u bahu, u can do this after marriage.
Sarla moves to unveil her face.

Bt Pragya jst nodded her head as no. And Sarla did not argued further.
Pragya came and sat beside Sarla. Boy was trying to look through veil bt couldn’t see her face.
After an hour or so they discussed about Praga and Suresh’s (the boy) family background and other things. Both parties agreed for relation.
Sarla asked Pragya and Suresh to have a personal convo if they wanted. And signaled Bulbul to take them to room.
Pragya still not showing her face.
Here is the first tym he saw her reddened cheeks.
Suresh: Don’t be shy ? U can ask me anything u want to knw about me. Bt first I would like to ask u to remove this barrier between us.

Pointing to her veil.
Pragya in no tym removed her dupatta and gave a glare to Suresh.

For her sudden action Suresh shocked to see her face.

Bulbul: Di, whom u want to marry. ?
Pragya: I don’t knw. Bt sure that he will not be someone ordnary.
Pragya replied with closed eyes.

U guessed it right Abhigya. That champu is not Abhi.
And yeah Shanaya u guessed him right it’s Suresh.

Sorry, for late update. Today I finished all my exams and will visit to my relatives. I’ll try to give regular update though a short one.
Thanku all for commenting.
And thank u to silent readers too.

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  1. Anu this one is so amazing !
    waiting to know why suresh is shocked to see her face !
    don’t know weather she is pragya or not !
    interesting update !
    eagerly waiting for your next one too !

    1. Prabhigya

      Thank u dear… I’ll try to post update soon.

  2. Awesome Anu. I thought of suresh as he was the most champu fellow on the show. That’s why. And I think that Pragya might have done something with her face. This time I am not sure about it. But anyways it’s amazing. Waiting for the next.

    1. Prabhigya

      Ohh u r on ur way to Hat-trick of guessing right let’s if u achieve or not.

  3. Saranya24

    Awesome loved it?????

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku dear ????

  4. Super dear….

  5. Nice but too small it’s OK and I guessed that is not abhi but this suresh didn’t get into my mind di one doubt suresh is same suresh in kkb na then please stop that marriage Pls di and I think pragya has done something in her face but not sure about it anyways no bak baks so waiting for the next part.

    1. Prabhigya

      Ya that is the same suresh. Don’t worry dear. All ur worries will be solved in next update.
      I hope so?

  6. Smiler

    Need the next part urgently ☺☺
    Can’t wait.

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