Falling in love again (Part 2)

Girl was gathering all her belongings when her little sis came for help..
Bulbul:Di where is my favourite portrait ?
Di: Bulbul a man hit it car and it’s all damaged now.
Having tear in her eyes
Bulbul filled with anger.
Bulbul:what !!.? Who the hell was that man ? I won’t leave him.
She said collecting all her belongings and put that locket too.

Di: He was Abhi
Bulbul: That neighbour Abhi…Abhinav. Enough of him. He’s gone now…
Di : not Abhinav ,my angry bird
It’s Abhi the so called rockstar.
Bulbul handing over purse to Di….suddenly droped that and shouted:ohhh Di u met Abhi….the rock star. Did u ask for his autograph ?
Di : Shut up Bulbul. Nd let’s go to home. When he meet me nxt tym I have to teach him lesson.
They both reached home.

Screen shifts to MM
Abhi reached home and the Driver to park the car and went inside.
Dadi was waiting for Abhi folding her hands.
Dadi:So where were u ? I asked u not to go alone. You never listen to me.
And made a sad face. Abhi hugged her,she hugged him back.
Abhi : Dadi who said u I went alone ? Rony was with me. And I always do what u say. Now don’t be sad and cheer up. Where is Aliya ?
Aliya:(From upstairs) M here bhai.

Abhi:Alooo I have somthing for u.
And climbed the stairs fastly.
Dadi:Abhi don’t be so careless,be slow. She won’t run away if u slow down ur speed.
Abhi slowly reached to Aliya.
Abhi: U like my music na . I have something to offer my sweet little sister.

Abhi put his hand in pocket to take out that locket which he bought on the way to home.But found it missing. He hurriedly went to car to check if locket is therethere. Seeing Abhi running like that Aliya too followed him. He searched every inch of car. But found nothing. He then turned and saw Aliya there. She asked him what he is searching for.
Abhi: I bought a cute guitar locket for u. Bt it’s missing now. I don’t knw where I dropped it.
Abhi searching for his locket desperatelydesperately.
Aliya: Come on bhai it was just a locket. You can have another one. No need to take tension for that.

Abhi:No Aliya it was a unique piece. It was the only locket left by then. I have to find it.

Screen shifts to Arrora house.
Sarla opened the door and ask for their soon arrival and the condition they were in.
Bulbul: Maa nothing much happened. Our Rockstar met Di.

And narrated the situation.
Sarla asked them to freshen up and get ready as they are expecting some guest.
Bulbul: Are they coming to see my di?
Sarla: Yes , bt don’t tell to ur Di she again will try to escape from it.
Bulbul: Don’t worry ma. Today m very happy and help my cute Di to look gorgeous.
Bulbul took her di inside and helped her di to get ready
Di : Bulbul I can smell something fishy is going here. Why r u applying so much makeup on my face

Bulbul: No di it’s not as u thinking.
Today m happy coz u met my rockstar na.(winking)
Di: Excuse me !! Ur rockstar..!!
And gave a whatever looklook. She folded her hand and looked Bulbul through mirror raising eyebrow
U r telling me clearly or should I ask ma ?

Bulbul: Di don’t look at me this u knw I can’t handle ur this look.
Ohhkk..today a boy’s family is coming to see you for marriage.
She closed her eyes forcefully knwing what her di’s reaction will be .
Di:what ..??

You na I don’t want arrange marriage. And u r telling me this now only.
Bulbul:shhshhh….Di keep ur volume low else Ma will hear and will scold me.plzz di be calm and quite.

Meanwhile they heard doorbell.
Sarla opened the door and saw family on the doorstep. She made them sit comfortably and served them tea and snacks.
Bulbul peeped out of door opening a little. And saw the boy came witb his family
And excitedly/in shock and closed the door with a snap.

Di:Why r jumping like that ? Saw a monster ?
Controlling her excitement. Bulbul said: No di,He is not monster. He is looking handsome. Well dressed,perfectly creased shirt, shoes shining like mirror,u can see ur reflection in shoes, costly wrist watch, but his are like champu… U have to change that after marriage.
Di: ohhh see .. Someone has reached so far in imagination.
And pich Bulbul.

Sarla shout to bulbul: Pragya guest have come.
Bulbul bring her with u.

Bulbul: Di let’s go ma is calling u.
Pragya: Bulbul u go I have to do touch up.
Bulbul: Bt di u r looking so beautiful. Everything is fine.wana impress Jiju huh ?
Bulbul in a teasing tone.Pragya feigned to blush.

Pragya: I don’t want to look beautiful I want to look perfect. And blushed a little.
Bulbul pinched her teasingly.And went outside.
Boy saw bulbul coming out of the room.
Boy’s mom:ur daughter is pretty. What she is doing ? Study or job ?

Pragya came and sat beside Sarla. Boy was trying to look through her veil bt couldn’t see her face.

Thanku for ur comments and appreciation. I will try to keep it upto ur expectations.
Yeah !! Shanaya, Abhigya and B_Ani fur guess is right..it’s our Pragya…
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