Falling in love again (Part 16)

All rituals are completed and the party is ready to leave with the Bride.
Bulbul stopped them.
Bul: Hey Jiju ! Where r u going ?

Abhi: Home. I guess !
All laughed.

Bul: Yeah obviously bt one thing still remains.

All looked confused of Bul’s words.
Bul felt uncomfortable.

Bul: Why r u all looking at me like this. I’m talking about my gift. I mean I’ve to give a gift to my di.
And there can’t be a better opportunity than this.

So….. It’s tym for a gift from Bulbul to Pragya
It’s a poem……
Hope u all like this.

Di it’s all I feel with u……without u. I’ve poured out all my feelings in this small piece of paper.
Bul showed a small colourful handmade paper decorated with quills and paper flowers.

Ohhkk no more delay here it is.

Meri behna meri sabse badi saheli h,
Kabhi na sulajh paaye jo, wo paheli h,
Kabhi mukh se masumiyat chhalkati h,
Kabhi samajhdari ki baatein muje batati h,
Saubhagya h mera jo choti behan k roop me hu aayi,
Banana chahti hu m apni behn ki parchhayi.

( My sister is my best friend,
She’s a puzzle that can’t be solved,
Sometimes she showers her innocence,
Sometimes she’s brainy,
It’s my fortune to be her little sis,
I want to become my sister’s  shadow( be like her).

Bachpan ne jiske sath baante khel-khilone,
Jisko sunaye apne sapne salone,
Hamesha mere sath chalta tha jiska saya,
Jisne bda banne ka khwaab dekhna sikhaya,
Jo hamesha mere sath khelti thi,
Meri har choti badi sharartein jhelti thi,
Teacher bankr jisne ABC likhni sikhayi,
Banna chahti hu m apni behan ki parchhayi.

With whom I shared my toys,
To whom I recited my sweet dreams,
Whose shadow always walked by my side,
Who taught me to dream big,
Who always used to play with me,
Who bore all my mischiefs,
Who as a teacher taught me to write ABC,
I want to become my sister’s shadow( be like her)

Jab m badi hui sansaar ki samajh aane lagi,
Meri behna chhod mujhe chali jayegi chinta satane lgi,
Pehle to din raat uske saath hi rehti thi,
Apne dil ki har baat usse kehti thi,
Wo chali jayegi to kisko apna dard sunaungi,
Soch kr hi aankein nm ho aayi,
Banna chahti hu m apni behn ki parchhayi.

When I grew up ,started to understand world,
My sis will leave me worried me,
I used to be with her day and night,
Used to share everything with her,
Whom will I share my grief with, when she will b gone,
I’m moved to tears by this thaught,
I want to become my sister’s shadow( be like her )

Jab uski shaadi tay hui to mann me khushi thi,
Jane wali thi behna jo mann me basi thi,
Dil ka kona jb khali krke wo chali jayegi,
Khuda kasam !! uski bhut yaad aayegi,
Aankhein bhar aayengi hogi jb uski vidaayi,
Banna chahti hu m apni behn ki parchhayi.

When she got engaged, I was happy,
She is set to go, who was in my heart,
When she will leave emptying my heart’s corner,
God swear !! I’ll miss her a lot,
Eyes will get teary when she will be leaving this house forever,
I want to become my sister’s shadow( be like her).

Di….!! I mean it. I love u a lottttttt.

Before she could finish her last words Pragya’s tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.
Abhi could feel her heart shaken.
Bul standing at her place looking at Pragya with wet eyes.
Pragya opened her arms and gestures Bulbul for a hug.
Bulbul ran towards Pragya and hugged her as a child to her mom.

Purab too got emotional with their sisterly love. He wanted to console her bt decided not to do anything.
Vidaai of Pragya from Arora house.
Bul left alone to handle everything by herself.

Pragya welcomed to MM.

Ohhkk guys…. I knw ! I knw !…. This shaadi sequence has been dragged to limits. I didn’t expected this to be so long. Bt what to do I wanted u to feel the parting pain of both sisters, I’ve been through. I just wanted to write this poem. This poem is sooooo close to my heart. Coz this is my very first and best poem.

No more wasting ur precious tym. Do write ur comments for poem.
Study hard. Take care.

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      Thanku Resh_deep

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    I replied to everyone in my previous post. Keep supporting me. Thanku for commenting

  3. Saranya24

    Ohh god tats ur own poem wow i got tears dear evn i hve experienced though not fr my own sis i loved it dear suprb love u?????

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku so much dear… for liking it so much…. I didn’t expected I’ll have such an effect on u. Too glad to knw from u…. Thanku for loving it. loving my posts.
      luv u 2 dear

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  4. Maya

    Your own poem is so heart touching! ???? Keep rocking!

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Maya di….

      And yeah ! I’m not able to read or comment on ur ff for some reason.(which is not study at all). Bt hope I’ll soon get tym to read. luv u.

      Lots if luv to my kiddos.
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        No problem dear! Love u too and ya definitely kiddos and me will miss their awesome admirer. ? but its ok we will be waiting for your time towards us??. Thanks for the wishes and all the best to u too.

  5. Such a nice poem…it brought emotions in writing… Outstanding di and yes my confusion is all clear and I don’t mind if you call me Bubbly as it my nickname also ??.

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Bubbly…
      U liked this poem….????

      1. I really love it…..it is amazing

  6. Lovely and amazing sisters.

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