Falling in love again (Part 15)

Many of u must have the confusion like Abhi used to talk to Pragya through messages on phone. Then why didn’t her number displayed her name ?? Right.
It’s cause they never exchanged their number. They used to talk through social media accounts. I don’t knw about them bt u can take example as fake Facebook account.
Hope I’m clear with this.

Onto story.

It’s a morning all w8ing for. Pragya unusually want to sleep for some more tym. Bulbul woke up early. Bt as usual her day doesn’t start without a warm kiss from her sis.
She leaned a little near her face to steal a kiss bt something suddenly stopped her. She moved back and glanced at a photo of her and Pragya, at table near bed. She kisses that picture instead of her.

All bsy in preparations. Pragya woke up rubbing her eyesand found Bul not on bed.
Where’s she gone ? Have I slept till late ? Ohh God how can I ? It’s my day today.

Pragya moved out of the room.
Sarla: Beta, u woke up ? Go freshen up and have some food as we all will b bsy and can’t attend u.

Pragya: Ma where’s Bulbul ?

Sarla: She has gone to take varmala.

Pragya. Bulbul ? Where are all men can’t they go insteas of her ?

Sarla: I asked Bulbul the same thing. Bt she said she personally want to buy it for her di.

Pragya: Ohhkk.. When she will be returning ?

Bulbul: See ma !! these varmala are so pretty.

Pragya: very beautiful Bulbul.

Sarla: Now Bulbul have come go and have ur food.

Pragya headed to Bulbul and kissed her: Morning my Bubbly.
Bul: Good morning di.

Saying so she went inside room.
Pragya went to bathroom and after that has her breakfast.

After a while
Bul was helping Pragya getting ready. Fixing her bun with lots of pins. Cousins helping her fixing pallu and saree. All were enjoying teasing Pragya , cracking silly jokes. Pragya looked at Bulbul through mirror she was looking quite tensed and worried.

Pragya: Excuse me girls !! Do u want to look ugly on my wedding day ?

All: No Pragya Di. We want to look gorgeous.

Pragya: Then go and get ready. Barat will b arriving at anytime.

All dismissed.
Pragya: Bulbul u stay here to help me.

Everyone left them all alone in a room.

Pragya: What happened to my Bubbly ?

Bulbul looking down sadly: Nothing.

Pragya: Don’t hide. I can sense something is bothering u. U didn’t give me my morning kiss. And u went out of house before I woke up. U never did this. Now tell me.

Bulbul hugged her tightly and replied with teary eyes : I don’t wanna let u go di. Plzzz stay with me.

Pragya consoling her: Ohh my dear !! I’m not going that far. Ur melodrama made me feel I’m going on mars. And this is my space suit.

Pragya chuckled pointing towards her heavy lehanga.
Bul: it’s not at all funny , Di !! I’ll miss u a lotttttttttt.

Pragya hugged her back even tighter making her feel comfortable.
Pragy cupped Bulbul’s face with both hands and stated.

Bulbul, one day every girl have to leave her relations, like Mother-Father, Bhai, sweet Sister like u. They have to go with their Prince charming in the carriage to her real home where she has to live her whole life. Today I’m going leaving all this relations behind and one day u’ll be at my place ready to leave this house with ur rajkumar……

Bul: Ohh Di stop giving lectures like ma. I’ve already been through these while ma telling u. Don’t wanna listen anymore.Moreover, I’m not going anywhere. Not now not ever.

Pragya smiled at her innocence

Screen shifts to MM.
Abhi ready in his cream and mehroon shaded tight fitting Sherwani. Abhi looking into mirror
Abhi: I’m looking handsome na ! What say Purab ?

Purab: Yes bhai. U r asking me this question since morning and 63 times I’ve replied u that u r looking awesome.

Abhi: I knw after all I’m a Rock star.

Dadi: Beta what r u doing here. Barat is ready for departure and u r busy talking each other.

Purab: Let me talk with him Dadi. After marriage he won’t give me this much importance or tym.

Purab chuckled. Dadi smiled and left asking them to hurry up.

Abhi all set to leave on mare fully decorated.

Pragya knocking door.
Pragya: Bulbul r u ready ?

Bulbul: yeah ! Di almost done. Final touch up.

Bulbul opened the door. Pragya looking at her, eyes widely open.

Pragya: U looking so pretty.

Bul: H na Di ? I went through many sites to final this. This green designer dupatta adds to beauty of this Kirtle.

Someone called from outside: Bulbul come fast Barat has arrived.
All welcomed barat. Pragya trying to have a look of Abhi from behind the slightly open door. Bt in vain.

Completing all rituals and varmala both sat in mandap for rounds (phere). Both eyes met once and were admiring each other’s beauty in mind.
They completed pheras and Abhi put mangalsutra around Pragya’s neck. He put vermilion in Pragya’s hairline. They r now husband a d wife.
While all this was happening Bulbul came to action. Stole Abhi’s shoes as a ritual. Completing all rituals Abhi found his shoes missing. He looked at Bulbul who has victorious smile on her face. Abhi understood where his shoes must have gone.
Abhi: Saali Saheba give me my shoes.

Bul: No Jiju. First give us money then we will return ur shoes. What say girls ?

All pragya’s cousin yelled: Yeah ! Right.

Abhi: Purab take my shoes from them.

Purab was busy ogling Bul. She was looking like a princess. Abhi nudged him.
Abhi: Go my solider and bring me shoes for free.

Purab: Give me shoes.
Bul: No we want money first.
Purab: Firstly give shoes than have ur money.

Our drama queen…started.
There was a Tom and jerry race. Hit and miss case.

Song played…
Dulhe ki saaliyon oo hare duppatte waliyon…..joote dedo..paise lelo..

Dulhan k devar tum dikhlao na yun tevar….paise dedo ..joote lelo…

They sought out anyhow.

Bulbul’s gift to Pragya.

hope u r all doing well in studies. Take care

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  1. Good as always

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      Thanku Bubbly…
      may I call u like that ??

      Hope all ur confusions are clear now.

  2. Saranya24

    Suprb loved it but hw both are happy in marriage waitng to knw all love u dear??????

    1. Prabhigya

      They’re trying to forget their past. and start a new life.
      thanks Saranya for loving it.

      1. Saranya24

        Ohh ok dear suprb loved nxt epi too????

  3. It’s amazing. That shoes scene made remember my sister’s wedding. It’s awesome. Waiting for the next.

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Shanaya. It served my purpose.

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    It’s Good!

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      Thank u Resh_deep
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    and superb..!!

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