Falling in love again (Part 1)

Hello everyone…. M excited to write ff for Abhigya. I m die hard fan of Abhigya….
Onto storyline

Young man-‘ I’ll drive car ,u r not going with me.’
Driver-‘ Bt sir , u are asked not to drive car for some days as u met an accident week ago’
Young man-‘ohh !! come on RonyRony. It was bcoz car’s break did not work.And this will not happen again and again. Let me go’
Driver-‘ Bt sir, what will I answer to dadi,when she ask me ?’
Young man-‘ ummm….Big problm huh ?’
Driver-‘Yes sir ,very big problm'(making sad face)
Young man-‘ Are buddhu not a big problem at all. You wanted to go out with your girlfriend na(winking).
Giving him some money.
just take this money and go out untill I return. So you don’t have to answer dadi .. Enjoy your self’
Driver-‘But Sir…’
Young man-‘ what u want more money ?’
Driver-‘ no sir…..woo’
Young man-‘what ..? You won’t go ?’
Driver-‘ no sir,….
These keys are of that red car. Not this car.’
Young man-‘ (winking) I knw that. I was jst testing you…’
Driver chuckled
Man sat in car and drove off to the city.
While driving he came across a gift shop. He stopped car. He purchased a guitar locket and kept it in pocket and moved on. He reached XYZ college and a girl came out side after finishing her lecture.
Girl- Bhai !! You came on time.Bt wait Dadi said you won’t come.today driver will pick me up from college.’
Man-‘ Hey Aloo !! You are not happy as I came.’
Aliya-‘ No Bhai it’s not like that’
She hug him .
Aliya-‘ Bt bhai,today m going with Tanu for her b’day party.’
Man-‘ohkk Aloo you enjoy’
He said good bye to her and Tanu and get in car.
He was driving slowly when he saw a small child in middle of the road.
He made a sharp cut. And hit into some thing. Next second he found himself being shout upon by a girl. He looked at her she was a young girl wearing long skirt with kurti and a scarf around her neck.
Girl-‘Hey Mr. What are you thinking ? Can’t you differentiate between raod and foot path ? See what have you done.
She was speaking continuously not letting him speak. He was trying to speak but in vain.
‘You have eyes or Button ? Why are you not speaking now ? Thinking of some excuse huh ?’

He close her mouth with hand.
Man-‘ Will you plzz shut you cahtterbox and letme speak.’
She was shocked and was silent.
Man-‘ I m sorry ,your paintings destroyed bcoz of me. You have a big loss as u can’t sell them now. From where you purchased these I will help u ‘
Girl-‘You can’t help me as I painted them all by myself and now I have to start again. It’s all because of u.’
She was in tears by saying this. He noticed it.
He put his hand in pocket and took out some money and offered her. While taking money out his locket falls on road.
Girl-‘You all rich man think that you can pay for everything and make anything normal.But it is not so Mr. ……… Whatever !!’
Man -‘Hey ! Girl you don’t knw to whom you are speaking. I m Abhi,the rockstar.Naam toh suna hi hoga.’
He forcefully give her money and moved in his car without giving her a second look.
Girl-‘Abhi huh? How rude is he’
Having teary eyes,she collected all her torn and damged paintings.
In the car Abhi was thinking about her. He was trying to figure out her face bt couldn’t as her face was all messed with painting colors. He felt guilty for his deed.
Abhi -‘ Hey Abhi !! What are you thinking man ? You did nothing wrong. You just tried to save that child.’
He drove to his MM-Mehra Mension.

Abhi searching for his locket desperately.
Aliya- ‘ Come on bhai it was just a locket. You can have another one .’

This was my first ever ff. Plzzz comment you liked it or not. And also tell me if you want to read more of it.

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  1. Nice start. Please continue with it. Awesome. I can imagine pragya will be looking very gorgeous in that outfit. Amazing. Keep ithe up. Waiting for the next.

    1. Prabhigya

      Let’s see who that girl comes out to be…and how pretty she would b..
      I will try to keep up with ur expectations

  2. I think that girl is pragya because of the outfit but that girl was young na too young ah? That’s OK this starting of update was superb and loved it waiting for next update.

  3. Prabhigya

    Let’s se hiw ur assumption comes out to b ?

  4. B_Ani

    awesome prabhigya…really loved it… i think the girl is prags…and in this too tanu!!! i dont want her to roam behind him!!
    anyways, loved it

    1. Prabhigya

      Don’t worry dear ,
      Tanu will not interfere in Abhigya’s love.
      And thanku for liking it

  5. Prabhigya

    Don’t worry dear ,
    Tanu will not interfere in Abhigya’s love.
    And thanku for liking it

  6. Maya

    Another pleasant surprise!?????It was a very superb start!!??Rock on yaar! Will try to read this whenever I have time too?

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku Maya di..
      And I’ll try to make this as good as Ur’s.
      I was jst wondering for ur reply..and here it is.

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Nice Start!

  8. hi anu superb start !
    waiting for your next update !

    1. Prabhigya

      Thanku dear

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