Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 5

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Falling in love is not a miracle Part 5
Devayani and Anjali called Khushi home.
Khushi:Anjaliji..why dud you call me?
Anjali:Khushiji…Nani and I wanted to know something.
Devayani:Our Chotte was against love and marriage.He was not at all interested in it.But now he seems to be softer.We feel it’s because of you.
Khushi was stunned:Because of me?
Anjali:Yes.We all feel that Chotte has a soft cornet towards you.
K:What are you saying?I feel you both are misunderstanding.
Anj:Chotte danced with you instead of NK by warning him to stay away from you.Because he has become possessive about you.If it is not love then what is it?
Khushi became silent.
Anj:Now we just want to know one thing.Do you love our Chotte?
Khushi was shocked by the question?
She remembered her moments with Arnav.She remembered how she felt different during their Engagement dance.
She remained silent.
Devayani:Khushi bitiya,why are you not saying anything?

Khushi’s lips shivered:Naniji..
Anjali:Khushiji…from your silence we can understand that you also like our Chotte.
Devayani:We are very happy to get you for our chotte.
K:But…Arnavji…he does’nt even believe in love.
Anjali:But chotte is changing after he met you.We are sure that he loves you.May be when the right time comes he will realize his love for you.
Khushi did not know what to say.
Khushi left.When she went out Arnav just came in.They saw each other.They shared an eye lock.Uknowingly a smile appeared on their face.

Rabba ve….

Arn:How are you Khushi?
K:I am fine.And you?
Arn:I am also fine.

Seeing them like this Devayani and Anjali smiled.

Arnav and Khushi broke their eye lock and looked at them smiling shyly.

Devayani:What happened to your eyes?Why both of you are looking at each other’s eyes so carefully?
They were embarrassed and smiled to cover up that.
Arn:Nothing like that Nani.
K:Yes Naniji..you simply felt like that.

Deva:Are you both trying to say that the problem is with my eye sight?
Arn:No Nani.Why are you talking like this?
K:Sorry Nani.
Devayani laughed:I was joking Khushi bitiya.You took seriously.Poor girl.
Khushi was relieved.
Slowly she said:I need to go now.I have an appointment to do facial in the beauty parlour.
Deva:Ok Khushi bitya..
Khushi:Bye Anjaliji.
She looked at Arnav:Bye Arnavji.
Arn:Ok bye.
Khushi went.
Arnav asked Anjali and Devayani:Why did Khushi come here?
Devayani:We called her here.
Anjali:Because we wanted to ask her if she loves you or not.
Arnav was surprised.But he his his excitement:What the!Why did you both ask her about it?
Devayani:First you tell us whether you like Khushi bitiya or not.
Arnav stammered:Why are you asking me this Nani?
Anj:Because we know that you love Khushiji,that’s why you threatened NK and took his place in the dance?
Arnav said in his mind:Damn it!That stupid NK spread this everywhere.
Arn:There is nothing like that.
Anj:Don’t lie chotte.Your eyes say that you love her.
Deva:We knew it.Still we asked simply.
Arn:You both are making me mad.
Deva:So you don’t like Khushi bitiya…we were planning to get both of you married and if you are not interested in her we will drop that idea.
Arn:No Nani..
Devayani and Anjali smirked.
Deva:Why no Chotte?You said you don’t like Khushi bitiya.
Arnav was silent.
Devayani and Anjali smiled.
Anj:Chotte..we both can read your mind.We know that you love Khushiji a lot.We just asked you to make you admit your feelings for Khushiji..

Arnav was embarrassed.
Arn:But I don’t know if it’s love or not.
Anj:It’s love Chotte.
He stammered:What did Khushi say about it?
Anj:You are restless to know Khushi’s answer.Right?

He was embarrassed.
Anj:Khushiji did’nt say anything.But it’s evident from her face that she too loves you.But first she wants to know whether you like her or not.
Deva:Chotte,if you really don’t really want to lose her confess your feelings to her soon.
Manorama and Akash came listening to it.
Manorama:Yes Arnav bitwa..I have no problem if your happiness is Khushi.
Arnav was surprised:Maa!
Manorama caressed his face.
Akash:Bhai…I am so happy for you.We brothers marrying sisters.It will be so sweet.
Arnav smiled.They both hugged each other.

Akash rang up Payal and told this to her.
Payal was excited:I can’t believe this Akashji.Arnavji loves our Khushi?
Akash smiled:Yes.Does Khushiji love him?

P:She has’nt told me anything.But in her dance with Arnavji I felt a spark.Anyways I will talk to her.
Ak:But don’t tell her that bhai loves her.Because she should know that first from Bhai.
P:Sure Akashji.

Payal goes near Khushi.
Khushi who was lost in Arnav’s thoughts woke up:Jeeji…
P:If I ask you something will you tell me the truth?
K:Will I tell you lie?What is the matter?
P:Do you love Arnavji?
Khushi was shocked:What are you asking me jeeji?
P:No..actually seeing your dance with Arnavji I felt so.If I was wrong…may be I was wrong in judging my sister.Please forgive me.

K:No jeeji.You can never misjudge your sister.
P:Means…you…?You love Arnavji?
K:I think so.If I feel my heart beats for him..if I feel my eyes thirst to see him…it may be love.

Is it not love Jeeji?
Payal smiled:Yes Khushi.It’s love.
Khushi was silent.
P:Why Khushi?Why you are not looking happy though you are in love?
K:Because I don’t know what is in Arnavji’s heart.
Payal smiled.She thought:As Akashji told I should not tell her that Arnavji too loves her as it’s Arnavji’s right to inform this to her first.
P:Khushi..relax….everything will be alright.
Khushi faked a smile.

After some time,Payal went to sleep.Suddenly she heard some sound from the balcony.
P:How come sound coming from the balcony?
Payal went there and looked.She was surprised to see Akash there.
He smiled:Ya Payal.Me..I felt like seeing you.

Mere Dil Ko Yeh Kya Hogaya
Main Na Janu Kahan Kho Gaya

Payal smiled:Then why you came through this way?
Ak:Since it’s late night I did’nt want to disturb anyone.That’s why.
Payal smiled:Is that the only reason or you are shy to face others?
He became shy:Yes..you are right.I am shy too.If I come through this way nobody will know that we both are together and I can spend time alone with you.
She smiled.

Kyon Lage Din Mein Bhi Raat Hai
Dhoop Mein Jaise Barsaat Hai

He held her hand and looked at her deeply.She became shy.

Aisa Kyon Hota Hai Baar Baar
Kya Isko Hi Kehte Hai Pyaar

Akash danced with Payal in the moonlight.

Aisa Kyon Hota Hai Baar Baar
Kya Isko Hi Kehte Hai Pyaar

They both sat down looking at each other’s eyes.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Aisa Kyon Hota Hai Baar Baar
Kya Isko Hi Kehte Hai Pyaar

Slowly he kept his head on her lap and lay down.She was stunned.He looked at her.She blushed.

Sapne Naye Sajne Lage
Duniya Nayi Lagne Lagi

Slowly she caressed his head.He found it soothing.

Pehle Kabhi Aisa Na Hua
Kya Pyaas Yeh Jagne Lagi

Ak:Payalji…I feel so nice when you do it.After marriage can I sleep on your lap?Will you pamper me like this?
Payal blushed nodding her head.

Madhoshiyon Ka Hai Samah
Woh Jukne Laga Aasmaan

Slowly he got up and looked at her deeply.The shy Payal did’nt look at his face.She lay down shyly.He looked at her romantically holding her hand:Payalji…
She smiled.

Khamoshi Bani Hai Zubaan
Chaide Hai Koi Dastan

He caressed her face.Immediately she got up and lay her head on his shoulder.

Dhadkan Pe Bhi Chaya Hai Khumar
Aisa Kyon Hota Hai Baar Baar

He was surprised and happy at the comfort Payal felt with him.He caressed her holding her closer.

Aayne Mein Jo Dekha To Dekha
Aaye Sharam Aankhen Jhuki

She closed her eyes feeling his warmth.

Dhak Se Mera Dhadka Jiya
Ek Pal Ko Yeh Saasen Ruki

Khushi saw the balcony door open.
K:Jeeji did’nt close the balcony door?Jeeji is lost in jeeju’s thoughts and so she does’nt even remember to close the door.
She went there and was stunned to see Akash-Payal together.She was surprised to see Payal in Akash’s arms.

Slowly she smiled.Without disturbing them she went away.
P:Akashji…before anyone sees us together please leave.

Ab Chori Satane Lagi
Raato Ko Jagane Lagi

Akash became dull:But i don’t feel like leaving you and going Payalji.
Payal blushed.

Main Yuhi Machal Ne Lagi
Kuch Kuch Badal Ne Lagi

P:But after marriage we will be always together.Right?

Jane Rehti Hoon Kyon Bekarar

He smiled.He caressed her face romantically and looked at her eyes:Bye Payal.See you soon.
She nodded.

Aisa Kyon Hota Hai Baar Baar
Mere Dil Ko …Kehte Hai Pyaar-ISHQ VISHK

He went back.Payal smiled thinking of the romantic moments she spent with Akash.

The next morning…
Arnav rang up Khushi.
Arn:I want to meet you urgently.
K:Why Arnavji?
Arn:First tell me..are you free today as it’s a public holiday?
K:Yes.I am free.But what is the matter?
Arn:I will tell that directly.Will you come to the hill side?

K:Ok..I will come.

Arnav smiled.

Payal came.Khushi was excited.
P:What happened Khushi?You seem to be very happy.
K:Arnavji has called me.He wants to talk to me.
P:Wow…that’s so nice.May be he also loves you and he wants to propose you.
Khushi was happy and shy.

Khushi stood at the hill side waiting for Arnav.But Arnav was stuck in the traffic.
Arn:Oh no..this horrible traffic block!Because of this I am not able to reach there on time.Will Khushi leave if she I don’t reach there on time?

Khushi was shocked to see some dirty guys eyeing on her with lust.
They:See one hot chick standing alone.Let us enjoy.
Khushi got scared and tried to run away.They ran after her.

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