Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 5 (Last chapter)

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Falling in love is not a miracle Part 6
The goons ran after Khushi and held her.She tried to remove herself from them and run.But she fell down and hurt herself.They pulled her up.Arnav reached the hill side.
Arn:Where is Khushi?She did’nt come?Damn it!She fooled me by saying that she will come.But what if like me she is also stuck up in traffic?
Suddenly he heard Khushi’s cry.
K:Arnavjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..where are you?Why are you not coming?
Arnav was stunned:Khushi…
He turned back…
The goons slammed her mouth.Arnav walked looking for Khushi.Suddenly he found something wrong behind the bushes.He went there and was shocked to see Khushi squeezed in the arms of goons.
He was shocked:Khushi…
Khushi was relieved seeing Arnav.
Arnav roared:Leave her…
They kept laughing.He pulled them away from Khushi forcefully and rescued Khushi.In that emotional moment Khushi ran into his arms.
Arn:Khushi..are you alright?
K:Yes Arnavji..you saved me.
Suddenly the goons attacked Arnav.
Khushi screamed:Arnavji….
They punched Arnav hard tearing his shirt.Khushi cried loudly.
She tried to pull the away the goons from Arnav but they pushed her and she fell down hitting her head.
Arnav screamed:Khushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Slowly Khushi became unconscious.
Arnav roared:How dare you all hurt my Khushi?
He hit them back hard.They got punched hard and ran away escaping from Arnav.Arnav ran towards Khushi.She was unconscious.He placed her head on his lap.
Arn:Khushi…open your eyes.
Khushi did not respond.

He kept calling her:Khushi…
He cried shaking her head:Khushi please open your eyes.I can’t live without you.I want you.
She did’nt respond.He embraced her crying:Khushi,why are you not opening your eyes?

Arn:I want you damn it.

Arn:Without you how can I breathe?

His tear drops fell on her eye lids.Slowly she opened her eyes.

Khushi murmured:Arnavji..
Arnav became relieved and happy seeing her responding.
Arn:Khushi,it’s your Arnavji near you.

He embraced her:Khushi…I got my life back.I was so scared when you did’nt respond.I thought i lost my life when you fell unconscious.

Khushi asked unbelievingly:Arnavji…what did you say?
Arn:What I said have only one meaning Khushi.I love you.

Her eyes got filled up with tears due to happiness:But….you said you don’t believe in love…
Arn:But now I believe only in love because of you.I really love you Khushi.You are right.Falling in love is not a miracle.Love is there in everybody’s heart.But it comes out only when we meet the right person.When i met you I fell in love..because you are perfect for me.So even Arnav Singh Raizada falling in love is not a miracle.
Khushi smiled emotionally.
Arn:Khushi..now you tell me if you love me.My ears are thirsting to hear it from you.
K:Yes Arnavji..I too love you.
He was very happy.

They shared an emotional yet romantic eye lock.

Rabba ve….

Arn:Khushi..let us go to the hospital.Your head is bleeding.
K:No need Arnavji.Hearing your love confession I became perfectly alright.
Arnav smiled:But I am health conscious.So I am going to take you to the hospital.Don’t say no.
Before Khushi could say anything he carried her in his arms to the car and drove to the hospital.
They bandaged her head.
Arn:Khushi…I have decided that Akash and Payal won’t get married alone.We will also get married along with them.
Khushi blushed.

After a month…

Akash Payal

and Arnav Khushi got married.

All the family members were very happy.Devayani blessed both the couples.NK-Lavanya came together.
NK:Nani..please bless us also.

All were surprised to see NK-Lavanya together.
Arn:What the!Is it true that you and NK are seeing Lavanya?
Lavanya blushed:Yes ASR.

Devayani blessed them smiling.
Arnav:No wonder..this NK is an expert at stealing girls’ hearts.
Khushi:Then what about you Arnavji?Are you not an expert in stealing girls’ hearts?
Arnav gave a naughty look to her:Not girls’ hearts,only one girl’s heart.
He pulled her closer:My girl’s heart.
Khushi blushed.

Rabba ve….

Akash looked at Payal and held her shoulders.:Payalji…
She looked down shyly.

Mujhe haq hai

Tujhko ji bhar ke mai dekhu
Mujhe haq hai

Ak:Why are you even shy to look at me?Now I am your husband.You have full rights on me and I have full rights on you.

Bas yuhi dekhta jao
Mujhe haq hai

Slowly she raised her eye lashes and looked at him blushing.

Piya piya – 2
Bole mere jiya

They shared a sweet romantic eye lock.

Tumhe haq hai – 3(Vivah).

The End

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