Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 4


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Falling in love is not a miracle Part 4
Khushi was on stage for next dance.She thought:Where is Naneji?
Suddenly Arnav appeared on stage.

Khushi was confused seeing Arnav instead of NK.


Arnav held her hand and started dancing.Khushi could’nt believe it.

Teri meri, meri teri
Prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

Ik ladka ik ladki ki
Hai yeh kahani nayi
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

NK who came there was stunned to see Arnav dancing with Khushi.Devayani,Akash,Manohar,Manorama,Anjali and Shyam were surprised.
Manorama:Hello hi bye bye Sasuma..hold me.I will faint.
Devayani:Manorama…is this our Chotte or his look alike?
Manohar:This is my son only Maa.I can recognize my son.
Anjali:Shyamji…pinch me.Am I dreaming of Chotte dancing?
Shyam:No Rani Saheba.It’s Saale saab only.

Arnav-Khushi forgot themselves while dancing with each other.
Arnav could’nt take his eyes off Khushi and Khushi was melting in his eyes.
Khushi thought:Hey Devi maiyya….why I am getting attracted to this boring guy?Why i see a different shine in his eyes?

Teri meri, meri teri
Prem kahani hai mushkil

Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye

Ik dooje se huye judaa
Jab ik dooje ke liye bane-Bodyguard

After dance everybody clapped hands.
Akash:Wah bhai…what a performance with Khushiji.We are surprised.

Anjali:Chotte…we did’nt know that you could dance so well like Khushiji.
Devayani:Yes chotte.How could you dance so well?
Manorama:Hello hi bye bye…my Arnav bitwa was a real hero.Because he is born in my womb.
Manorama:I just said the truth.
Shyam:Saale saab really rocked.Bith Saale saab and Khushiji were too good.
NK:Nannav..you really surprised me with your dance movements.How graceful you were!How was it possible?
Arnav replied to NK in his mind:I had to dance well for not losing Khushi to you stupid NK.
Arnav walked off.NK followed him.
NK:Nannav…tell me why you wanted to dance with Khushiji in my place?
Arn:Your place?You mean i took over your place?Then you are wrong.You only took over my place.I was supposed to dance with Khushi.I was her first choice.She called me only.But you came and offered to dance with her.
NK:Because you did’nt dance well.But now you danced well.But Arnav why are you getting angry about me dancing with Khushiji?
Arn:Angry?I am not angry.
NK:Your face shows how much angry you are seeing me with Khushiji.Tell me Nannav.Tell me.Is it not love?
Arn:What the!
NK:I think you have fallen in love with Khushiji.That’s why you are not able to tolerate me around Khushiji.
Arn:Me and love?No way.If I fall in love it will be a miracle.
NK:Falling in love is not a miracle.Everybody falls in love when they meet the right person.I think you met the right girl..Khushiji.
Arn:What nonsense!
NK:Relax and think about it.
NK left.

While walking out Khushi came in front of NK.
Khushi:Why did’nt you come to dance with me Naneji?
NK:What if I did’nt come?You could give a wonderful performance as Nannav danced with you.I must say you and Arnav make an amazing couple.
Khushi thought of the intimate dance steps she shared with Arnav.
K:Still you did’nt tell me why you did’nt come and how Arnavji came in your place?Tell Naneji..

NK:Khushiji…don’t get angry.I will tell.Actually its Nannav who told me not to dance with you as he wanted to dance with you.
Khushi was shocked:What?Arnavji?
K:But why?
NK:You must ask this to Nannav.
Khushi went near Arnav.
Khushi stammered:Arnavji..
K:Is it true that you told NK not to dance with me?
Arn:That stupid NK must have told this to you.Right?
Arn:Please Khushi..I don’t want to talk about this now.And stay away from that NK.

K:Why?Is NK that dangerous?
Arn:If you stay with him you will go mad.He is crazy.
Khushi felt like laughing.

Devayani,Anjali,Manorama and NK were overhearing this.
Devayani:Anjali bitiya..don’t you think something is running on Chotte’s mind.
Anj:Yes nani.
Manorama:Hello hi bye bye…I guess my Arnav bitwa is falling for Payal’s sister.So my daughters in law may be sisters.

Deva:Manorama,though your brain does’nt work,this time it really worked and that’s why you understood that Chotte is interested in Khushi.

Manorama:Oh no…
Anjali:Maa…think..Chotte was not interested in love or marriage.So if he loves Khushiji it’s good.Right?Otherwise he will remain unmarried forever.You want chotte to be unmarried forever?
Mano:No.Let him marry Khushi.That’s better than becoming a chronic bachelor.
Devayani,NK and Anjali became happy.
Anj:Thank you Maa.
Manorama:But does Arnav bitwa love Khushi?
NK:Yes,I have no doubt that Nannav loves Khushiji.That’s why he is possessive about her.So he did’nt let me dance with her.I am sad only about one thing.I could’nt do the dance I rehearsed.
Suddenly Lavanya came from behind:No problem NK.The party is not over yet.Why don’t we do the dance you rehearsed with me?
NK was excited:Sure Lavanya.
NK held Lavanya and walked to the dance floor.
Devayani,Anjali and Devayani laughed.

NK-Lavanya danced together.

Hua hai aaj pehli baar
Jo aise muskuraya hoon
Tumhe dekha toh jaana ye
Ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon (x2)
Ye jaan lekar ke jaa meri
Tumhe jeene main aaya hoon
Main tumse ishq karne ki
Ijaazat Rab se laaya hoon
– Sanam Re

Arnav:What the!I don’t know how this NK is wooing girls so fast.
Arnav looked at Khushi who was enjoying the dance.

Anjali:How can the party be complete without Akash and his sweet heart Payalji?
Everyone smiled.
Akash held Payal’s hand and walked to the dance floor.Everybody smiled seeing them sway to music.

Aankhon Ne Tumhari Meethi Baton Ne…(2)
Meri Neend Udayi Mera Chain Churaya
Sapna Sajaya Apna Banaya
Apna Banake Sapna Sajake
Chupke Se Sikhaya Pyaar
Dheere Dheere Is Dil Ka Cheena Hai Karaar…(2)
Aankhon Ne Tumhari… Cheena Hai Karaar- ISHQ VISHK

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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    Khushi lost in his eyes…both fall in love…

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