Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 3


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Falling in love is not a miracle Part 3

Devayani:Manorama…while going to their house you did’nt have any problem.Then why now suddenly this hesitation?

Manorama:Hello hi bye bye..because I did’nt know that my son has chosen such a lower middle class girl.

Manorama:I thought you chose the girl of our standard.But you broke my expectations.
Devayani:Our standard?What was your standard before marriage?You were also a middle class girl.But we did’nt have any problem.Then why are you making problem?
Manorama was embarrassed.
Manohar:Manorama..even though you were from a middle class girl you are finding fault with Payal’s status?I am shocked.

Anjali:Payalji is such a sweet girl Maa.How can you reject her?

Shyam:Yes Maaji.Payal is perfect for Akash.

Manorama:Even if all of you oppose y decision I know that my Arnav bitwa will support me.Right?
Arn:I am sorry Maa.I support Akash.
Manorama was shocked:You too?How can you?
Arn:Because in Akash’s eyes I saw the happiness which i have never experienced inspite of being super rich.I want my brother to be happy.Maa…you want us to be happy.Right?
Manorama nodded emotionally.
Arn:Then please say yes.
Manorama:If you say how can I say no?If you all think that Payal is Akash’s happiness i have no objection as for me there is nothing more valuable than my children’s happiness.
They all became happy.Akash hugged Manorama:Thank you Maa.
Manorama caressed his head.
Manorama:But tell your Payal that she needs to sing daily for me.
Manorama:Also tell her to teach me music.It’s my dream to sing like Lata Mangheshkar.
Manohar:Please don’t make Payal waste her time by teaching Manorama to sing.Even if she takes 7 births she can’t make Manorama a good singer.Manorama can only sing like a crow.
Everybody laughed while Manorama fumed with anger.
They called Panditji and fixed the date for Akash Payal’s engagement.

Next day in office…
Arnav:Lavanya..show me the pictures of the Calendar shoot.
Lavanya became nervous:ASR…
Arn:Why are you taking so much of time?Bring them to me.
La:The photos did’nt come out well.
Arn:What do you mean by it did’nt come out well?We need the calendar ready soon and you are saying that the pictures did’nt come out well?Bring them soon.
Lavanya thought:If ASR sees Khushi as the model in the pictures he will blast.Oh God!

Lavanya gave the photos to Arnav.Arnav was stunned to see Khushi in the pictures as the model.

He was mesmerized by her beauty.

Rabba ve…

Lavanya got scared:I am sorry ASR.I thought Khushi was perfect as the model.That’s why i shot it with Khushi.I swear..I will re shoot it with another model.But please don’t shout at me.I know we will have loss because of that.But please bear with me.
Arn:Lavanya..now I understand why you tried to hide these photos.Because you thought seeing Khushi I will get angry.Right?

Lavanya sweated:ASR!
Arn:I have no problem with this.Khushi is perfect for the calendar.No need to re shoot it.
Lavanya could’nt believe it:Are you sure?
Lavanya was relieved:Good that you accepted Khushi.
Arn:And one more thing,Akash is getting married to Khushi’s sister Payal.
Lavanya was surprised:Wow!That’s a surprise.

Khushi rang up Arnav:Arnavji…
K:I called you to tell you what if we make Jeeji and Jeejaji’s engagement more colourful?
Arn:Sure.Anything for my brother.But how is it possible?
K:Shall we dance?
Arn:Dance?But I don’t know to dance.

K:Leave it to Khushi Kumari Gupta.I will teach you dance.

Arn:What the!
K:Please Arnavji..if you won’t co-operate my plan to surprise jeeji will fail.

Arnav thought:Khushi..your head is going to spin teaching me to dance.

Khushi showed some dance steps to Arnav.

Arnav tried doing it many times.Khushi found it pity.Arnav smirked thinking:Khushi…I know you have gone mad seeing my horrible dance.This is what happens when you choose the wrong person to dance with you.

Unexpectedly in frustration Khushi yelled at him:Why are you so slack in dancing?

Because of your slackness I a not able to make my jeeji’s engagement entertaining as I planned.

Khushi became gloomy.Arnav was hurt.

Suddenly NK came:Hello…
Arnav was stunned:NK?
NK:Yes.Why are you shocked to see me?

How can I not come for Akash’s engagement?
NK looked at Khushi:I am NandKishore.NK.Nannav’s cousin.
NK:Oh..I call Arnav Nannav.You are Khushi.Right?

NK:Everybody told me that you are teaching a non dancer like Nannav to dance.Well…Nannav can’t dance even if you squeeze.So leave the poor soul.
Khushi looked at Arnav and said:I also realized that.

Arnav felt embarrassed and looked down not being able to face them.

Khushi was upset.
NK:You are upset Khushiji?
K:Yes,I thought to surprise jeeji and jeejaji by dancing.But because of Arnavji I can’t do that.

Arnav felt pricked.
NK:Don’t worry Khushiji.I will dance with you instead of Nannav.

K:Are you sure?
NK:Yes.And I promise you that I will not disappoint you in any way.
Khushi became very happy:Thank you so much Naneji.

NK-Khushi started rehearsing dance together which irked Arnav and got angry

and he left.

Akash-Payal’s engagement.
Akash could’nt take his eyes off Payal.Payal became shy.

Jab Ek Ladka Ek Ladki Se Milta Hai Pehli Baar …(2)
To Kya Hota Hai Bolo Yaar
Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)

Ak:You look gorgeous.
She blushed:You too look handsome.
He smiled.

Jab Ek Ladki Ek Ladki Se Milta Hai Pehli Baar …(2)
To Kya Hota Hai Bolo Yaar
Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2)

They exchanged rings.

Dil Hai Deewana Dil Ka Fasana Dil Ne Kaha Dil Ne Suna
Ho Dil Soch Ta Hai Dil Chahat Hai Dil Ne Tujhe Aashiq Chuna

Flower petals were showered on them.

Yeh Dil Karta Hai Baar Baar

They smiled happily with surprise.

Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar Ishq Vishk Pyaar Vyaar…(2): Ishq Vishk

Khushi came on stage:Jeeji and jeejaji…here is our engagement gift for you.
Payal and Akash were surprised.

NK joined Khushi on stage and started dancing.

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya
Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya
– Sanam Teri Kasam

Arnav could’nt bear them dancing together.

Payal hugged Khushi:Khushi…it was such a sweet gift for me.
Khushi:Wait jeeji.It’s not over yet.There is one more dance.
Payal smiled.
Arnav fumed with anger:I won’t let that NK dance with Khushi again.
Arnav went near NK who was brushing up to go to stage for the next performance.
Arn:NK,you don’t dance with Khushi.
NK:What are you saying Nannav?
Arn:I mean what I said.Don’t go to dance with Khushi.
NK:But then how will Khushiji perform?I am needed there for Khushiji Nannav.Let me go.
Arnav blocked his way:Khushi won’t be alone and she will perform.
Arn:I will dance with her.
NK burst into laughter:You are going to dance?Even Khushiji got fed up of your dance and that’s why I replaced you.
Arn:Stop ridiculing me NK.Do what I say.I won’t let you go to stage and that’s final.
Arnav’s burning eyes scared NK.

Credit to: Jasmine Rahul

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