Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 2

Thank u very much Munshifa,.Anu Dolly,Tani,Khushi,Arshi.

Here Akash n Payal r played by Shahid Amrita.
Falling in love is not a miracle Part 2
Khushi’s lips shivered seeing the person over there:Arnav Singh Raizada!
Khushi thought:Is he the guy who is flattered over jeeji?
Unknowingly Khushi became insecure.

Then Khushi saw another guy next to Arnav.
She thought:There is one more guy.Who is the one who came here for Payal?

Flash back…

After Khushi went Arnav’s mobile bell rang.
He attended the call.It was Anjali.
Anjali:Chotte…don’t you know that today we have to go to the girl’s house?
Arn:But di..my fashion show…
Anj:Lavanya had rung me up and told me everything.Chotte…don’t get angry.Accept failures too.And I want you to join us to go to see the girl.

Arn:But di..I can’t leave everything and come like that.

Anj:Is this stupid fashion show more important than your brother Akash?
Anj:Then why? Lavanya will take care of everything there and you come here soon.We are leaving to see the girl Akash chosen.Come soon.


Arnav,Akash,Anjali,their parents Manorama and Manohar,Anjali’s husband Shyam,also grandmother Devayani were there.
Akash was lost in Payal.
Shashi:Payal bitiya…see who all are there.
Slowly Payal raised her eye lashes and looked at them.
Anjali:I am Anjali.Your going to be fiance Akash’s sister.
Khushi thought:Hey Devi maiyya…so the bride groom is not Arnav Singh Raizada.Good.That short tempered person does’nt suit my soft hearted jeeji.
Anjali introduced each and everyone to Payal.Payal touched the feet of Manohar,Manorama and Devayani.Manohar and Devayani were very happy,but Manorama was not that interested.
Devayani:I wanted my grand sons to have well cultured girls as their wives.I am happy that Akash beta has chosen the right girl.

Everyone smiled.
Anjali:Payalji…you don’t want to see our Akash?Till now you have not even looked at him.Too shy you are!

Payal was shy.
Everyone smiled.
Shyam:I think we should let Akash and Payal talk to each other alone.
He looked at Anjali:Right Rani Saheba?

Anj:You are right Shyamji.They need to talk to each other.
They all agreed.

Khushi led Payal to her room.
P:Khushi…don’t go..
K:What will i do when you talk with Akash jeejaji?Crazy…Don’t be nervous jeeji.
Khushi left seeing Akash coming.
Akash saw Payal sweating.He handed her a kerchief.Slowly she took it and wiped her face.

Do Anjaane Ajanabei
Chale Badhne Bandhan
Ak:Payalji..I have seen you before.But I don’t know whether you have noticed me or not.So don’t you want to see my face now.

The shy Payal looked at his face slowly.She was surprised to see him.

Haye Re Dil Mein Hai Yeh Uljhan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole

Flash back…

Akash’s eyes fell on Payal who was singing bhajan in the temple.After puja she was going downstairs.She slipped and was about to fall down.Suddenly Akash ran towards her and held her from falling.
Ak:Are you fine?
P:Yes.thank you.

Nai Umaang Nai Khushi
Mehak Utha Hai Aangan
She extended the plate towards Akash:Prasad..
Ak:For me?
P:Yes.You deserve it first as you saved me.
He smiled and took prasad from him.

Haaye Re Ghar Aaye Man Bhaawan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,

P:Ok..I am going.
Payal walked away,but Akash’s eyes were on her.

Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole


Akash:Do you remember me Payalji?
Payal smiled:Yes.

Ak:By the way that day you sang bhajan beautifully.
P:Thank you.
Ak:You teach music.Right?
P:Yes,I teach classical music to kids.

Akash looked at her deeply.
Ak:You look very beautiful.
She blushed.

Bechiani Betaaabi
Aaj Mujhe Yeh Kaise

P:The credit goes to Khushi.She only dressed me up and put make up for me.

He smiled:That day without make up also you looked beautiful.You are a natural beauty Payalji.
She blushed.

Aaj Hai Jo
Pehele Na Thi
Yeh Dil Ki Halat Aise

Ak:Are you willing to marry me?
Payal was shy:I always agree my parents and buaji.They accepted your proposal.So I …

Ak:You said yes for this marriage because your family accepted my proposal.But what is your opinion?You liked me?

She blushed looking down and nodded her head.He smiled.

Ankhon Ko Usi Ka Intezaar Hai

Ak:So you will sing for me daily after marriage?
She blushed.He smiled.

Unhi Ke Liye Yeh Roop Yeh Shringar Hai
Dehki Hai Tasveeer Hii-VIVAH

Khushi went to the garden and stood.Arnav went near her.Khushi was nervous.

Arn:Khushi,I did’nt know that your jeeji was the one my brother Akash loves.

K:Even I did’nt know that.So I was surprised to see you here.

Arn:I think I over reacted.
K:From your side it was right.Being a successful business man it was very important.

I was wrong.Because of me only you had to face insult and loss.I am really guilty.
Khushi was very upset.

Arn:No..you were not wrong.It was just an accident,but being a complete heartless business man I did’nt bother about it.

Khushi looked at him in disbelief.

She thought:I can’t believe that ASR is talking like this.
Arn:I realized that losing a deal is not a big loss.
K:How did you realize that?

Arn:Seeing Akash’s eyes shining when he met Payal here.For me each business project was the huge gain.But for Akash getting the person he loves is the biggest gain.I am very successful in my field.But I found Akash more happier than me when he reached his lady love Payal.Compared to that my gain or loss does’nt matter.

K:Seeing you here,I doubted if it was you who fell in love with my jeeji.

He smiled:What the!I don’t think I will ever fall in love.
Arn:I don’t know why.But I am not at all romantic and there was nothing more than my work for me.So if I fall in love it may be a miracle.Me and love..no match.
Jo pehle hua naa..
Ab hone laga hai..
Dil humko jaga kar
Kyun sone laga hai..

K:Falling in love is not a miracle.It’s normal.There is a craving for love in every person’s heart and when they met the right person they will fall in love with that person.So if you meet the right person you will also fall in love Sir.Don’t be shocked then.
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai

Arn:Now we are going to be relatives.So don’t call me Sir.

Khushi smiled:Ok…
She took a pause and said:Arnavji..
Ho isko main kya kahun
Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..

He smiled.She extended his hand towards her.He was stunned.
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..

Slowly he smiled and shook her hand.
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon
Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon..

Akash Payal and Arnav Khushi returned to the drawing room.
Anjali:Payalji,did you like my Romeo brother Akash?

Payal smiled silently.
Shashi:Say Payal.We will proceed only with your permission.Did you like Akash?

Payal blushed:Yes bauji.
All were very happy except Manorama.
Manohar:Then consulting the panditji we will fix the date for the engagement.What say?
Devayani:I will call the panditji as soon as we reach home.

They reached Raizada house.Manorama looked at Manohar angrily:What was the need of saying yes to them so early?
Manohar:Why are you asking like that?
Manorama:Because I need to re think about this alliance.
All were shocked.


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