Falling in love is not a miracle Arshi SS Part 1

Falling in love is not a miracle Part 1
Khushi was walking on the ramp happily.But suddenly she slipped and fell.
She closed her eyes in fear.
But she felt that she was safe.Slowly she opened her eyes.She saw herself in a man’s arms.
He was staring at her.

Their eyes locked into each other.

Rabba ve…

He walked to a corner.

Slowly he released her.She looked at him:Thank you.
Suddenly he saw everybody hooting.His eyes burnt with anger.
He grabbed her hand and took her to back stage.
He:You said thank you?Who wants your thank you?You are supposed to say sorry for spoiling my fashion show.
.He held her shoulders tight and shook her:You know how important was this fashion show for me?But because of your carelessness it got spoiled.
Khushi:Sorry..I did’nt do it purposefully.I tried my level best.
But I don’t know how I slipped.

He:Stop it damn it.
Very rudely he pulled off her forehead chain and threw it.She was shocked
Lavanya came inside.
La:ASR…leave that poor girl.
He:Poor girl?She spoiled my fashion show.How can you support her?
La:She did’nt do it deliberately.Such accidents do happen on ramp.

He:No accident should happen on my show.I need perfection.You know that.Right?Then how come you chose her for the show?

La:I understand your emotions ASR.But I had chosen the best models for the show and this Khushi was one of the best.I had trained them very well.But..
He:This is the training you gave lavanya?
La:Sorry ASR.
ASR:Just leave.Get lost.
Lavanya walked away.
He stared at Khushi:And you…Khushi…you stay here.That’s your punishment for spoiling my show.
Khushi got scared:Please don’t do that to me.

He:You have to pay for it for spoiling Arnav Singh Raizada’s show.
Khushi pleaded:Please don’t do this to me.I have to leave now.A boy and his family are coming to see my jeeji.
Arnav:They are not coming to see you.Then why are you bothered?
K:But it’s my jeeji.They will enquired about me too.If I am not there they will feel bad.So please let me go.Please…I request you.

Khushi’s tears touched his heart.

K:Please…i beg you..
Arnav pushed her.She was stunned.
Arn:Then leave.Go and enjoy your family function.I will suffer alone.
Khushi felt sad hearing his words.
Arn:Just leave and don’t show me your face.Otherwise I will lock you here and don’t complain that because of me you could’nt be there at your sister’s function.
K:Thank you so much Sir.
Arn:I told you.I don’t need your thankyou or sorry.Just run away damn it.
Khushi ran out.
She remembered what happened there.
She thought:Arnav Singh Raizada is a real Laad Governor.His temper is too high to handle.But i feel there is softness hidden in his temper.Otherwise why would he let me go back when I told requested him?Anyways now that’s not important.Now I need to go near my jeeji.

Khushi reached the Gupta house.
Madhumati:Sanka Devi..why are you so late?I told you not to go for any programme today.But you did’nt listen to me.See..now you are late.

Khushi:Sorry buaji.
Shashi and Garima came.
Shashi:Anyways Khushi came before the boy’s family came.So it’s alright.

Madhumati:You pamper and spoil her.
Garima:Khushi..you go near Payal.You know that we don’t know how to adorn her.You do make up or whatever stuff.
Khushi:Amma..so you admit that only I can do beauty stuffs.

Garima:Ok baba.. I agree.Only my Khushi can do it.

Khushi smiled.
Madhumati:Yes,the boy should say that he needs only Payal when he sees her.
Khushi smiled:Buaji..the boy had already seen jeeji at the temple and that’s why they brought this proposal.Did you forget that?

Madhumati:But still seeing our Payal he should go more and more crazy for her.
Khushi smiled:I am a beautician.So I can make my jeeji Miss Universe.
They all smiled.

Khushi went to Payal’s room and hugged her:Jeeji..
P:Khushi..I was waiting for you.

K:Are you dreaming of jeejaji?
Payal became shy:Stop it Khushi.I don’t even know his face.Then how can I dream of him?

K:Tell me the truth jeeji.Don’t you remember seeing him?He liked you seeing you in the temple and enquired about you.That’s how he brought the proposal through his family.And you don’t remember seeing him?You are lying.I know that.

P:No Khushi.I swear..I don’t remember seeing him.So i wonder who he is.

K:Don’t worry.Within some time you can see him.
Payal became shy.

Khushi dressed up Payal.
Madhumati and Garima came.
Garima:Bring Payal soon.
Madhumati:The boy’s party has reached.
Khushi brought Khushi to the drawing room.Payal did’nt look at the person due to shyness.Khushi was shocked to see the person.He was shocked to see her too.

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