Falling in love again! Intro


Hello All,

This would be my new title: Falling in love again! For the old episodes kindly check “Strangers with

Memories”. I would love to have feedback from you all!

Cheers 

After a walk, while I was going back to my room. Ani called me and asked “Deeps, in the evening we

have dinner plans, be ready then and now go take some rest!”

I nodded and said a bye to him.

Aditi was still asleep, I picked up a book and started reading sitting on the balcony. I was lost in my

mind. I really liked Aniket, I loved his gesture, the way he talks, the way he sees into my eyes and

speaks forgetting the rest of the world around. I asked the question to myself, do I love him?

Before even I could think of an answer I blushed. I knew what was in my heart. I could imagine my

life with him. It was a bed of roses. Whatever I knew about him was positive and I loved that. He was

the perfect guy. Just as I was thinking, I heard Aniket humming a song.

“I don't quite know

How to say

How I feel

Those three words

Are said too much

They're not enough

If I lay here

If I just lay here

Would you lie with me and just forget the world??”

He hadn’t seen me as I was sitting down. The words were from Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. He really

sang well. I kept thinking, he only gets better and better. He has so many talents! I thought “Is he

singing thinking about me and singing the song”?

While I was thinking about the songs, Aditi came rubbing her eyes and said “Deeps, did you have

your breakfast? I am hungry”

I smiled at her and by then Aniket stopped singing too and came out and said “Hello Aditi, good

morning! Are you girls going for breakfast? Can we join?”

Aditi said “Sure, but is Shanky awake?”

Aniket gave a weird look and said “You go get ready Aditi and I am sure by then He will be awake and


Aditi made an angry face and said “Heyyy, what does that mean??? Why only me, Deeps can take

time too!”

I laughed and said “Aditi, don’t bother. Go get ready soon!”

Aditi even though knew that Aniket liked me and I had some feeling for him too, she was little

doubtful on aniket and always felt that he isn’t right for me. She didn’t get to know the real Aniket

and Ani too was arrogant towards her. Aditi nowadays dresses up well, one of the effects after falling

in love!

In another 30min, Ani and Shanky came and knocked at the door, we all went for a good breakfast

along the coast. The hotel was a shack and it was cozy and warm with the wave’s breeze almost

touching us. We ordered some sizzlers. It was really not a breakfast but a brunch and we ate like we

died that day! We had Sizzlers with noodles and Fries and had coconut and fruit water and coke.

We were so filled and couldn’t walk anymore and we sat there for sometime and then we left to the

beach as we had some beach sports planned. It was so amazing. I did para gliding, banana boat and

all weird stuff! It was so much fun and just like that the afternoon passed. It was one of the best days

of my life!

We started from the beach to our hotel at around 5pm. We had plans for dinner and decided that we

meet again around 9pm. Me and Aditi rested a little and then around 7, I went to freshen up. I come

out to wear my jeans and top and I see a surprise package. Aditi is no where to be seen. There is a

note from her “Deeps, I am going out with Shanky. Will meet you at the hotel at sharp 8!”

I felt weird and there was the details of the hotel and route map! Aditi was always like that and she

ditches at times!

I see the package which is so carefully packed with a pink ribbon on the top addressed to me. I open

it and open the box. It has a beautiful baby pink frilled dress, with silver colored earrings and a long

chain, there was also a black clutch and a sandals matching to it. I wondered if Aditi had placed it for

me. There was a note next to it “Wear it and meet me at 9”

That wasn’t Aditi’s handwriting. But the dress was so lovely that I couldn’t resist myself from wearing

it. I looked so beautiful in the dress. I never felt so pretty in my entire life. I wondered who has kept it

and what is it all about. What I didn’t know was that I would be in for a surprise!

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  1. Nyc epi…waiting for ur nxt epi update soon

  2. hey dippy is dis epi continued aftr tht epi in which aditi intriducd her bf n dipy ???? m a bit confused plzz answer…
    m hpy tht ur back…nyways nice epi…update asap n clear my confusion too…

  3. i mean bf n deeps n ani all meet each other…

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