Falling in love-Chapter 1- Welcome to bangalore! [SHIVIKA]

Hi guyz! I m here with a new ff on shivika. Enjoy reading![this whole ff will be in shivaay’s pov]
As the train arrived at the Bangalore Central Station, I opened my eyes and looked around. It was a misty morning with pleasant weather. It was the month of May and I was surprised with the nip in the air. Finally, I was there to pursue my dream which I always longed.

I pulled my luggage from the side lower birth; and with two heavy suitcases and a bag I stepped down to the platform. A middle aged man with red attire wearing brass badge on his arm approached me with the hope to earn his bit in the morning. He showed me his paan stained teeth and asked- ‘Babuji, do you need Coolie?’

‘How much to the Auto Stand?’- I asked suspiciously.

He gauged my paying capacity by scanning me from top to bottom and said disclosing his colorful teeth- ‘ Fifty only.’

‘Fifty!!’= I popped my eyes out in surprise and exclaimed.

‘Yes Babuji, this is the rate. Government rate Babuji.’

‘Sorry Bhaiya, I will manage myself.’

He looked miffed and disappointed and tried one more time to convince me but I denied firmly.- ‘How cud I give him 50 bucks? I m young, strong; and I can carry my own luggage’- I tried to convince myself in my mind.

I somehow managed to come out of the railway station, by partly carrying and partly dragging my luggage.

The air was fresh; the weather was awesome and I was energized, raring to go, start a new journey of my life; to achieve something in life, to a new beginning. Everything looked new to me.- The place, the people, the environment. All new, all fresh.

I belong to a middle class family from Patna. With lots of struggle, argue and threat I managed my father to agree upon sending me to Bangalore to do a “Fancy Course” called- “Hotel Management”. Yes at that time it was called fancy, because no one looked beyond medical and engineering; and I was making a big mistake according to my father. He thought I wud never get a respectable job in the society. But, I was adamant to my decision and I finally convinced my hard headed father to send me to realize my dreams.

And now I was there to chase my dream. The dream of becoming a World Class Chef.
I stopped an auto and directed him to take me to the palace of my dream – to my college where I would be spending my next three crucial years.

After about 15 mins of journey the auto reached in front of a white building where a blue board displayed – ” Institution of Hotel Management, Bangalore.” – It was situated at S.J.P. Campus on Sheshadari Road near Vandhana Sauda.

It was still early in the morning and there were few students like me waiting outside. I paid to the auto and moved with my luggage. – The building was an old structure with sprawling lawn outside, Few students were sitting there and few near the main door. There was a Welcome Desk near the main entrance where few seniors were sitting in black suits to assist and guide new joiners to the college. I left my luggage in the lawn and approached them. There was lady sitting with a name batch on her blazer. I tried to read the name; as I looked up, I saw her looking straight into my eyes with weird expression. I stumbled and said in meekly voice -‘Didi, my name is Shivaay….’ She didn’t let me complete my sentence and frowned upon me like a wild tigress,- ‘Didi!!!’ Do I look like behenji to you?”

I became nervous as I was confused of what I said wrong to her. I thought I had addressed her correctly because in my place one wud address his elders with respect pronouncing him as brother, sister, uncle, etc. But she was fuming beyond repair; and I was scared to death.

However another senior came to my rescue and took that Rani Lakshmibai away and took the charge of the desk. He called me and asked-‘From where have u come??’

‘From Patna’- I said

‘Hmmm, that’s why!’- He nodded as if he has had discovered something extraordinary that wud help mankind to reach its zeniths.

‘See boy! This is Bangalore and not ur small town and this is college. Here, everyone addresses his seniors by either Sir” or “Madam” – Thus he gave me first lesson for survival in the college.

Then the registration, fee payment and other paper works started. It was about 11 A.M., the formalities got completed. And I was hungry. With few fellow freshers we strolled out of the campus in search of some food for our burning bellies. We spotted a canteen among all hustle bustles. The food was good as well as economical. We satisfied ourselves and were back to the college. The same senior came to me and asked about my plan of action.

‘What plan?’- I asked innocently.

‘Plan means where will you stay? Have you arranged for any accommodation?’

‘I will stay in college hostel,’- I replied.

‘Hoste!! Don’t you know this college doesn’t have a hostel?’

‘What?’- My shocked voice erupted.- ‘The college doesn’t have a hostel?’

‘There was a hostel few years ago but it closed down due to some specific reasons unknown to anyone.’- He said.

My head bowed down. My father gave me very meagre amount to survive in addition to the college fee. He thought there wud be a hostel and I wud be accommodated cheaply.

‘So, which are the places where I can stay?’- I asked him apparently.

‘Mmmm…There is a private hostel named- ”Om Niwas”- which s very close to the college. It’s near Magestic Bus Stand.’

I became hopeful.-‘ What are the charges?’- I asked.

‘Rs.1300 a month.’

‘Rs.1300 a month!!’- My father’s face suddenly emerged in front of me. He had clearly instructed me that he cudnt send more than Rs..2000 per month for my survival.

I looked at my bounty.- I had Rs.7000 left after paying my college fee. From that money I had to buy books, uniform and other gadgets for the “Fancy Course”

My heart sank. My eyes became tearful and I didn’t know what to do. I was alone and there was no one in that huge city who I knew.

I sat down there with my head down with disappointment.
He was witty. She was traditional. He was happy go lucky. She was adorable next door girl. He instantly fell in love with her. She cocooned her feelings. He wanted her. She refused him. Who wins? Why she refused him? Will they meet? Will he be able to sweep her from her feet? Are love stories really for forever? Does love happen only once! How far can someone go to get his love?
[to know all this, stay tuned]
Come be a part of this eternal saga, a journey. A journey of two souls falling for each other where u will find funny one liners, punches and oodles of romance. If u have ever fallen in love, it’s ur story, it’s our story. Relive, cherish and be a part of those moments, once again!
Precap: Shivika first online chat through internet.
Hi there folks, so I m here with my first work on shivika. (CAUTION: Inspired from a true love story) I wrote this cutting my sleep[it is 3:24 am now] so pls response. I will be regular from 1 jan. In this chapter I just wanted to tell about Shivaay’s life, hope u like it!?! except for shivika all the other characters in the ff are fictional, created by me. also I have slightly changed shivaay and anika’s behavior vise character, from the show.Don’t forget to comment, and do tell me ur views.
See ya!


  1. Puvi


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    Hi shalini dear it was awesome ur from bangalore wow its really great dear i am also from banglore it self i am very glad to someone is there from my bangalore the college which u mentioned my frnds were studied there

  2. Akansha


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    Awesome… Totally loved it esp d way u described stuff of living d life wid meagre money waiting fr ur next episode dear

  3. JANVI

    hey shalini…
    sorry dr fr late comment…
    wht to do… my preboards were going on….
    bt seriously dear ur story is amazing….
    nd same pinch dear even i luv helly nd swasan…. i m missing them terribly….
    i hope u didnt get bored wid my bakbak….

  4. Mrunal


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    wohh ho… fabulous start i am very eager to read next parts….πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    loved it a lot…
    what a fab concept…

    don’t mind plzz but just bcoz of my curiosity…
    is this story is ur story…???
    i mean u said na based true story hence only i asked…

    and i was reading others comments… everyone is asking from which state u r..???

    can i plz ask u…
    where r u from..???

    BTW it was so pleasure to read ur ff…😊😊

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