Falling in love is by chance and staying in love is by choice (Intro)


I am Nishitha and I was struck with a silly idea recently and I decided I would write this fanfiction! I have already decided the pairs! I will reveal them soon !
Here you go with the intro!!
All the characters are same and I would add a few more in between!

First,a girl is shown in a bridal attire. She looked really very pretty. The red lehenga with shimmering golden borders added to get beauty. But she looked tensed and was sweating continously. She was trying to call someone but was frustrated when the her phone was low on battery which switched off later.

On the other side, there is a girl wearing a burka. Her face was not visible. She entered a house which was lavishly and beautifully decorated. She was searching for someone and mumbling to herself,” where is lucky? Let me Catch this idiot then I will irritate him for the rest of his life”
She spots a guy wearing a cream colour sherwani. She does not see his face as his back is towards her. He is going into a room. She quickly runs behind him. She sprays chloroform in him. He falls unconsious.She quickly covers him with a burka and carrie him to his car. She starts the car and slams the accelerator and drives away.
Who Is the girl in the bridal attire?
Who Is the other one in burka? Who is she kidnapping?
Are the girls related? If yes, then how?
To know more keep reading this ff!!

Do drop your comments..if you have any suggestions please do tell me …I will probably be able to add them later in the story!

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