Falling for my husband ( Episode-9)


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Hasini takes bath and goes down, walks towards kitchen and stops infront of it. It appears as a wwe stage. She rubs her eyes and shakes her head and steps into the kitchen. She sees that rohan is sitting on the empty place on the kitchen stone and his mother is cooking.

Rohan:Where is ur husband??where he gone that too this early?

Mom:rohan, don’t say like that.

Hasini clears her throght, They both looks at her.

Mom: Come beta, do you want anything??

Rohan thinks ” Haa she loves to eat human brain”

Hasini: No aunty, do you want any help??

Mom: No beta there is nothing to do and you can call me mom.

Hasini: Really?

Mom: Yes beta, you can call me mom, i’ll be happy.

Hasini:But i have some conditions if i want to call you ‘mom’.

Rohan narrows his eyes and looks at her.

Mom: Conditions? What are they beta?

Hasini: You should be like my mom means you should sing me,dance with me,come to shopping with me, scold me when i did any mistakes, want to praise me when i did good and most importantly you want to love me more than rohan.

Rohan’s mom laughs and says “Ok done deal fixed.”
Hasini widely smiles at her and rohan sees both women with a questioning look and asks ” Can anyone say me what’s going on here”

Hasini goes near him and says “It’s between mother and daughter, so better stay away.”

Rohan stands and says “She is going to love me more, because is she is my mom queenvictoria”

Hasini laughs at him and says”But from now on wards she is my mother, so don’t dare to come between us.”

Mom: I love u both, don’t quarrel now okay.

Hasini: say that one to angrybird mom, always mess with me.

Rohan’s mom laughs loudly and says “What names you people given for both, queenvictoria, angrybird???”

Hasini: Yes mom, see now also he is looking like an angrybird.

Rohan was about to say something but cut off by his mom

Mom: Okay now both of you stop your fighting.

Hasini: Mommmm, i’m feeling bored.

Rohan thinks “She started her drama”

Mom: Then go for shopping beta.

Hasini:Mom, if want to go alone why i will ask you???you also want to come with me.

Mom: Me, no dear. I can’t come to shopping or anywhere.

Hasini: Mom pls plsplssssssssss, i can’t select my dresses, plsss ma, u made a deal with me now and u forget it
And makes a crying baby face.

Mom: Ok,ok i will come happy.

Hasini jumps with joy and shouts “Yeeeeee, shopping”

Rohan rolls his eyes

Mom: Rohan u also coming shopping with us.

Rohan: Mom, no, i don’t come with her.

Hasini angrily looks at him

Mom:Rohan you are coming with us, she is new to mumbai and i don’t know where are shops.

Rohan with defeated voice says “Okay,mom”

Hasini sticks her tongue out at him and runs from there.

Rohan screams ‘ahhhh’ and his mom laughs at their childish behaviour.


At evening:

All three goes to shop. First they go to saree section and selects a saree for rohan’s mom after 3 hours. Rohan was feeling bored and tired.

Hasini shouts “Yes, pack this one”

Rohan asks “Shopping completed”

Hasini: Nooo, i didn’t select any dresses for me.

Rohan: How much time you will take, it almost 3 hours we have been here.

Hasini without listening to his words grabs her mom hands and takes her to another section, poor rohan follows them.

Hasini picks a dress and goes to changing room.

Rohan’s mom sees her friend there and introduces rohan to her. Her friend asks rohan” Can i take ur mom with me for 10 minutes.”

Rohan: Sure aunty.

Then they both went away to their world. Hasini comes out and searches for mom.

Rohan: Mom went with her friend for sometime.

Hasini: What??? Now who are going to select my dresses??

Rohan shrugs her shoulders.

Hasini thinks for some time.

Hasini: Hey angrybird you agreed mom to go so, now ur going to tell me which is good on me.

Rohan narrows his eyes and thinks something and says “Ok”

Hasini: Ok, how is this dress?

Rohan:No, not good.

Hasini wears another one and asks “This?”
Rohan: No
Hasini wears another,another………dress but gets the only reply as’NO’.

Hasini comes wearing another dress with tired face and asks “I tried more than 30 dresses atleast tell me this one is good.”

Rohan smiles and nods the head as “NO”

Hasini sits there on the chair and says “I can’t do it anymore. Let’s go home.”

Rohan with surprise thinks “Can’t she find i’m playing with her”.

Rohan walks to dresses that hasini tried and picks 5 dresses from them and asks to pack.

Hasini: You said that they are not good on me.

Rohan: I don’t know that you are such a fool, not able to find me that i’m making fun with you.

Hasini looks at him angrily and wants to fight with me because of lack of energy she drops her idea and says “You are escaped for now”

Rohan smiles at her.

Both go to their mom and her friend who are busy in talking. They both sees time and realizes that they are talking from a long time. Rohan’s mom introduces hasini to her friend and leaves from there.

Trio are in the car, rohan is driving the car, hasini is in the passenger seat and falls asleep due to tiredness.

They reached home, her mom asks rohan to take hasini to room and goes inside.

Rohan sighs and lifts hasini in bridal style. Hasini hugs rohan tightly in her sleep, her both hands are around his neck, her head is in his neck’s crook, slightly her lips are touching his lips, both of their chests are attached not allowing air to come between them.

Rohan stands still for some time due to sudden proximity and felt some mumbling on his neck like” Mom i want icecream”.

He don’t know why he felt good that she is in his arms like that and carries her into their room.

He tried to put her in the bed but hasini is not leaving his shirt, but thinks and tickles lightly on her waist, hasini turns around in her sleep and hugs a pillow.

Rohan smiles at her and goes to sleep.

At college:

Hasini is parking her scooty, just then rohan arrives there.

Hasini: Seems like somebody is fear of speed, started before me but arrived after me.

Rohan: Hello queen victoria can u stop your blabbering, i have some work in the middle.

Rohan goes from there to his friends

Aditya: Husband and wife were fighting???

Rohan: Shutup

Aditya smiles and all they go to canteen.

Hasini also comes to canteen and spots vinay and shreya, says hi to them with a smile and about to go there but blocked by riya.

Hasini: Excuse me, could you give my way?

Riya: No, what will you do.

Now whole canteen are looking at them curiously.

Hasini with loud voice stressing each word says “Get. Out. Of. My. Way” and gives a fake smile.

Riya angrily says “Don’t try to get close to rohan, he is mine.”

Rohan thinks “Goddd, what is she doing?”

Rahul: I think hasini is in trouble, riya will do anything when she wants something.

Aditya: Let’s see what will hasini do.

Hasini laughs out louder holding her stomach and asks ” By giving how much money did you buy him???”

Rohan: ahhh, she is making me joker.

Aditya: Just wait dude, scene is superb

Riya: Don’t try to act smart, you will regret.

Hasini: Ohhhh, really we will see, do whatever you want.

Riya gets angry and pours tomato ketchup on hasini’s top.

A gasp escaped from canteen.

Now hasini can’t hold her anger anymore, she twists riya’s hand, a loud gasp escaped from canteen and all are hell shocked and stood at their places frozen.

Hasini: What do you think about me?? Ha, i’m not that good girl and u think a queen to this college, my foot. U think u can control me and i will do whatever u ask, if you warn me. Hello miss i have seen a lot of people like you and handled them very well. Another time think twice while messing with me.” And leaves her hand.

Riya screams “Ahhhh” With pain.

Hasini takes riya’s scarf and clean’s tomato ketchup on her dress and puts the scarf in riya’s hand.

Whole canteen tries hard not to laugh.

Riya storms away from there.

Sakshi: Omg, she is…….

Aditya: Interesting.

All in unison says “What???”

Aditya says ” She is brave, i will make her my friend, bye.” And goes from there.

Vinay and shreya says at once “Wowwww, hasini today you made a record” and smiles at her.

Hasini: It’s nothing she made me mad, stupid.

Suddenly a voice interrupts them.
“May i join with you?”


Aditya: Hi, i’m aditya friend of your hubby.

Hasini: Hmmm, why you are suddenly talking with me.

Aditya: Simple, to make you my friend.

Hasini: May i know why Now??

Aditya: Sure. I like ur braveness how u handled riya today qnd i’m impressed.

Hasini: I like your frankness but is it ok for your friends.

Aditya: Don’t bother about them. Friends?
and extends his hand.

Hasini also extends her hand and says “Friends.”

They both shake their hands.

Hii baby dolls this for today, i typed it for you guys, i have some works to do, can’t neglect them. Luv u load dearies.

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