Falling for my husband ( Episode-8)


Hi dearies this is another update for you, enjoy reading it buddies and don’t forget to tell me your opinions, they boost me to write the story. Thanks to all my lovely dolls who read my story. Please ignore my grammatical errors dearies. Let’s start……
Hasini was shocked and stood there still with her eyes wide opened. All students are silently watching what is going to happen. Principal sees hasini with his one eyebrow raised.

Hasini comes to the world and thinks “I don’t know that world is so small till now ” and asks nervously with a puppy face “May i come in Sir”.
Principal releases a deep breath and asks ” You are new to this college and you are already late to your first class, Not good.”
Hasini widely smiles by showing all her teeth as a response
Principal asks “Why are you late??” with anger in his voice.
Hasini takes a deep breath and says “Sirrr, I also wanted to come to college quickly and don’t want to be late for my class, so i started in my scooty, but for my badluck my scooty gave me trouble.”

Principal says “You can come by any auto, it don’t take that much time.”
Hasini replies “Yes sir, i also thought that only, but suddenly one child grabbed my hand and asked me to take him to his school as he missed his school bus, so how can i leave such a cute little boy alone, so i went and dropped him in his school and came to college, thats why i’m late for college sirrrr.” and gives a smile.

Rohan’s friends looks at each other with disbelief with their mouths openedand rohan thinks “Liar…., She will get oscar for her acting.”
Principal says ” You are not going to change right??? always late to class and tells me stupid excuses???”
Hasini innocently says “No sir, really i’m saying true.”
Principal asks her to come in and says “I know u very well hasini” and gives tell me truth look.
Hasini gives a broad smile to him says ” sirrr, how can it possible for you???”
Principal says “Hasini shutup”
She immediately shuts her mouth and nods her head.
Principal asks “Where is another monkey??”
Hasini acts by showing flight and reading with her gestures.
Principal says “Went to abroad for studies???”
Hasini nods her head up and down agreeing as yes.
Principal says her to go and sit and asks to meet him at evening.
Hasini smiles and thinks where to sit, decides to sit in the last bench but cut off by principal. He asks her to sit beside the vinay in first row. Hasini makes a cry face and sits beside him.
Principal says “You can’t cheat me”.
All students are hell surprised that principal is talking normally to a student after he was disturbed in the middle of the class.
Rakesh asks “Guys, what is happening??”
Rohan and all others just shrugs their shoulders.

At break time hasini introduces herself with vinay
Hasini: Hi i’m hasini, new to this college and i’m from south india and an average student, love to eat, love talk, love to make friends and u?
Vinay: Hi, i’m vinay from mumbai only and this is shreya, my friend.
Shreya: Hi,nice to meet you??You are married??
Vinay: Ohh good, then how do you know our principal before, really he never allowed anyone who are late to class.
Hasini smiles and says “I’m sooo cute na that’swhy he allowed me”
Vinay and shreya just looks at her that they are not satisfied with her answer.
Hasini says”Ok,okk i already knew sir, he is lecturer for 2 yrs in andhra sooo”
Vinay and shreya nods their heads.
Shreya: Okk will you come to canteen with us, whereas next hour has no class.
Hasini:Ofcourse, why not dear.

At canteen:
Rohan’s group is also at canteen. Hasini, vinay and shreya sits opposite to rohan’s. rohan’s back is facing to hasini.
Rahul says “Hey rohan, your wife came here why don’t you call her”
Rohan:She is here, ahhhh problem.
Mythri: She is smart yaar
Rohan:Over smart aaaa
Aditya: She is with vinay and shreya
Vinay: Ok hasini tell me about your marriage and ur hubby
Hasini: There is nothing to say and you all know him.
Shreya:What?? Who??
Vinay:We know him what’s his name??
Hasini: Rohan
Vinay and shreya at once says “Rohannn”
Shreya: Then u r the girl who got married to our college hero!!!
Hasini: Come on he is not a hero okk
Vinay: U r saying this but all are dying to make him as their boyfriend, he is popular, intelligent and have good looks.
Shreya: If riya knows this, she is going to kill you
Hasini: Who is she???
Vinay: She is queen to this college, dies for rohan.
Shreya: But rohan don’t show any interest in her.
Hasini: Okk, let’s see.

Sakshi: Hey, see who is coming here.
Rohan: Riyaaa, ahhhh why this girl is not leaving me. I have enough problems in my life i don’t need more.
All laughs at him.
Riya: Rohan, is it true that you are married.
Riya:How can u do this rohan, i know u don’t like this marriage but don’t worry i will be always with you.
Rohan rolls his eyes and says ” I have some work” and all leaves from there.

Shreya: Hasini, we told u na she is riya.
Hasini just nods her head and leaves from there with vinay and shreya.

At evening:
Rohan is waiting outside the college for hasini. Hasini comes out of the college thinking ” How to go home???” and sees rohan there and thinks”Angrybird here but why??? Wait, for me!!!” and walks towards rohan.
Hasini: Why are here? Waiting for me?
Rohan: Sit, i don’t have time to talk to you.
Hasini: Why u care about me?
Rohan: See i’m not concern about you, mom told me to pick you so, now just shut your mouth and sit.
Hasini mumbles arrogant and sits on the bike.
They are not talking to each other and suddenly hasini shouts “Stop stop stop”
Rohan halts the bike and asks “Nowww, what happened???”
Hasini gets down from the bike and says”Pani puri” And licks her lips.
Rohan: Ahhhhh for this u shouted like that.
Hasini nods her head up and down.
Rohan: Unbelieavable.
Hasini: Plssss,plsss i haven’t eat them from a quite long
And makes a crying face.
Rohan: Really, your acting is not going to work on me queen victoria, shutup and get on the bike.
Hasini: Noo, i want them now.
Rohan: I said ‘no’ can’t you hear it.
Hasini says ‘no’ and runs to panipuri shop.
Rohan thinks “Godddd, she is……..ahhhh watever.” and goes to panpuri shop.
Hasini is eating panipuri fastly.
Rohan says ” You can eat slowly no one is going to grab it from you”
Hasini asks him to eat but he don’t responds her. She finishes her eating, walks towards to the bike. Rohan pays money.
While walking hasini is going to fall due to a stone, but suddenly pair of hands comes on her waist and halts from falling.
Rohan pulls her up and says” Can’t you walk properly?” And walks to bike.
Hasini takes a breath and gulps hard. They both ride to home.
Days are passing like these, it’s been two weeks that marriage happened, hasini become good friends with vinay and shreya.
Everyday they both fight for bed, bathroom. Now hasini is going to college in her new scooty.

Hasini is sleeping in her bed. Rohan wakes up from sofa due to sunrays fall on him. Rohan sees the time and thinks “Because of this girl i want to get up morning on sunday also”
He walks to the bed and sees hasini sleeping peacefully and thinks”Happily sleeping, no i can’t, see what i will do” and takes water jug and pours water at her face with a force.
Hasini gets up with a jerk with her mouth wideopened and sees smirking rohan infront of her, her eyes become red with anger and starts to chase. They start running in the room like kids. In chasing rohan steps on water and slips and falls on the bed.
Hasini: Now where will you go Mr???
And jumps on bed, starts beating rohan.
Rohan tries to protect himself from hasini, and holds her both hands with his one hand and another on her waist to make her still from moving.
Rohan:Now what will you do queen victoria.
Hasini tries hard to free herself from his hold. The hard she tries, rohan makes his grip strong on her.
They both are looking into each other eyes and realizes how close they are and rohan’s hand on her bare waist. Their heartbeating is increasing for every second.
Suddenly they both jerked away by rohan’s mom voice.
Rohan goes down quickly and hasini falls on bed and thinks “What is happening with me???” And getsup to take a bath to forget all what had happened now.

Hello dearies i tried my level best to write it and do tell me ur opinions about this episode.

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