Falling for my husband ( Episode-7)


Hi guys sorry for late update. I hope u enjoy reading it buddies.thanks to yukku, roma, cherry, ammu,ryths and nia dearies. you r such lovely dearies and encourages me a lotttt. plsss do comment after reading it buddies so that i can know whether u r liking my story or not. plssssss

At morning:
Rohan wakes up early morning and sees hasini sleeping on the bed, goes to his jogging and comes after one hour and sees hasini still sleeping. He goes to table and pours a water in the glass to drink. Suddenly he hears a female voice with loud voice ” Hasini, it’s already 8.30am in the morning and our physics sir is going to shoot you,get up you dammit”. Next second hasini rolls from the bed and fell on the floor with a thud. Hasini sits up by rubbing her head and says “AHHHHHHH”. She angrily sees from where the voice is coming from and takes her phone and sees the caller id as asha. She immediately picks the phone and screams “Youuuuu, stupid what have u done idiot????”. Hasini hears a loud laugh from otherside and gets more angry.
Hasini: Can u stop that stupid laugh
Asha controls herself and says “sorry” with a cute voice.
Hasini with anger in her voice says “Put your stupid sorry with u only”
Asha softly says “What can i do dear, this is ur first day in ur in-laws house, so i did it to wake u up”
Hasini annoyingly says “This is the way u wake me up,Because of u i fell from the bed, thanks to u.”and hungs up with out listening anything from otherside and throws the phone on the bed.
Suddenly she sees realizes that she is sitting on the floor, and sees around that if anyone has seen her and notices that rohan is watching her with an eyebrow raised and giving ‘Are u crazy look’.
Hasini kicks herself mentally and stands quickly. Rohan suppresses his laugh and goes to bathroom. Hasini sees that and thinks “This is all because that asha stupid,idiot”.
Hasini also decides to freshen up, but rohan is there in the bathroom, she waits for sometime and thinks “What he is doing in the bathroom???, is he sleeping or what??”, she shouts “Hello are you coming out or not??”.
Rohan listens and didn’t care about it.
she didn’t get any respond from him and gets annoyed and shouts “Hello Mr.angrybird are u there?? if u come out then only i can take the bath”.

Rohan by hearing that name gets angry and says “Hello queen victoria this is my bathroom i can be here, how much time i want.”
Hasini says “As i said technically this bathroom is also mine, so it’s better if u come fast.”
Rohan says “Ohh really i’m not going to come do whatever u want.”
hasini starts knocking the door with her both hands and says “If ur not going to come, then i will knock like this continously”
when hasini is about to knock on the door with her force, suddenly rohan pulls the door and hasini fells on rohan , due to sudden weight rohan can’t balance and fells on ground with hasini top on him.
Hasini shuts her eyes tightly and feels a wet body and a sound of racing heartbeat under her cheek and slightly open her eyes and lifts her head and sees rohan giving dead glares to her and realizes that she is on the top of him and her hands are still on his bare chest , and quickly pulls herself up and goes outside as fast as she can.
Rohan comes out of bathroom and says “can’t u do onething properly??”.
Hasini sees that he has only a towel around him and turns around and says “Can u stop ur exposing???? and u only pulled the door suddenly, so it’s ur mistake only.”
Rohan got irritated and says “waste of time”.
Hasini is about to reply but cut off by a male voice “Beta (Son), Your father is calling you both to come down in half an hour”.
Rohan says “Ramu kaka(uncle) ,we will come down.”
Hasini says “Now see because of you i got only half an hour to get ready” and rushes to the bathroom.
Both gets ready and goes down. Rohan’s father is at dining table, asks them to sit and says “Hasini from today onwards you are going to rohan’s college, i have already talked with principal about this and rohan will take you to college today, now i’m going to office, if u have any problem just tell me.” and leaves from there.
Hasini sees anger in rohan’s eyes towards his father and thinks “Strange family, son is Mr.angrybird seems like father is Hitler.”

Rohan stoods up and angrily says “see i have don’t time, if you want to come college be fast.” and leaves
Hasini want to punch his face now but stops herself and takes her bag and goes after rohan running.
Rohan takes his bike and starts and says “Do i want to welcome you by flowers now to get on the bike.”
Hasini angrily says “No need.” and gets on the bike.
They are going on the bike and rohan says ” See it’s only for today from tomorrow onwards you will go by yourself.”
Hasini replies “Iam not craving to go with you, i can go by myself using scooty, i don’t need your help.”
Rohan suddenly stops his bike and says “Get down”
Hasini get down from the bike and says “There is no college here, then why you told me to get down.”
Rohan says “You don’t want my help right?? then come by yourself queen victoria” and leaves from there on his bike.
Hasini stomps her foot and says “YOUUUUUUUUUUU JERKKKKKKK”

At college:
Rohan goes to college and parks his bike and goes to his friends in the canteen.
His friends looks at him surprisingly and says “yesterday is ur first night and ur are coming to college today” and winks
Rohan gives them glares and says “U all know that i don’t like this marriage at all, so stop all this nonsense”
Aditya asks “kk bro, how is she???”
Rohan says “She is stubborn and i think she is a bit crack.”
sakshi asks “why you think like that??”
Rohan says them everything that happened in the morning, they all starts laughing by hearing it including rohan.
Mythri says “Really she is funny.”
Rohan says “Funny, not at all she is really annoying, from now onwards i want to see her stupid face in college also due to my father.”
Aditya asks “Really, then where is she???”
Rohan says “She said that she don’t want my help so i leaved her in the middle of the way.”
Aditya says “How can you do like that rohan, she is new to mumbai right?? She will be late to college.”
Rohan just shrugs his shoulder and says “It’s her problem.”
The college bell rang and all of them went to their college.
Hasini comes to college by auto and rushes towards the college gate and gets to know where her class with the help of peon,thinks “I think my time is not at all good today, iam going to be late on my first class, this is all because of that angrybird” and walks fastly towards the class .

In the class:
The class is going seriously, mythri whispers to rohan “She didn’t came till now, if she comes now she is going to be dead.”
Sakshi says “Yes mythri, this is principal sir class and he is not going to leave anyone , if he was disturbed in the middle of the class.”
Hasini arrives the class and asks “May I come….” and stands there frozen with her eyes wide open.
hiii dearies i know i made you to wait a long time, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for that, i’m quite busy with all the personal stuff. so plssssssssssssssssssssss forgive me and do tell me that the story is going good or not. luv u buddies.

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  4. really sorry for late update buddy, not able to update last week, but i will try to update regularly, if i’m late i will give u a loooong update,plssssss, luv u loads.

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