Falling for my husband ( Episode-6)


Hello dearies, sorry i didn’t able to update it yesterday, enjoying reading it buddies and don’t forget to tell your opinions through comments. I’m really thankfull to those who are reading my story.

Days passed by and it is rohan’s and hasini’s marriage day.
Both rohan and hasini was on the mandap. The priest asked them to do some rituals, asked rohan to put sindhoor on hasini’s forehead. Rohan put the sindhoor on her headline without looking at her and tied mangalsutra on her neck. They took seven rounds around the god of the fire. They took blessings from all the elders.

It’s evening , it’s time to say good bye for hasini to her family. Hasini’s mom and dad hugged her tightly, and ask her to take care of herself with teary eyed. Hasini asks them “Dad ,Mom i’m not going to america that both of you reacting this much”and pulls her dad’s cheek and say “My little boy doesn’t look good like this and if you want to see me then i will be infront of you okay and still you are missing me i will also come with you, not bad idea right dad”. Her dad says there is no need. Hasini acts that she got an idea and whispers in his ear “Dad then we will do onething, i will make my husband to come with me and we will live there in hyderabad and i will make him to do all household work?? haa ” and winks at her dad. Her dad smiles at her and holds her ear and says”You stupid”, Her mother interrupts them and asks what’s the secret between them. They both says at one time “IT’S A SECRET”. Her mother and asha hugs her one last time and all sit in the car and says bye to hasini. Hasini waves her hand at them until the car disappeared and she feels a water drop on her cheek.

Rohan’s mom takes hasini to rohan’s room, she saw that the bed and room was decorated fully with flowers and candles. Her heart skipped a little bit by seeing it and hasini’s mom made her to sit on the bed and told her that rohan will be here after some time, hasini nervously just nods at her. Rohan’s mom went out from there.

Hasini’s just looks around the room and gets off her bed and stood infront of the mirror, she sees herself in the mirror from head to toe, put her hand and touches the sindhoor on the head and holds mangalsutra and says to herself ” I really did it, i really married to that Mr.Arrogant, i thought that i would runaway from the mandap but no, i want to live my rest of my with this angrybird, why i agreed to this marriage? I think i want to beat myself with my own chappal for my decision and see now , this is my first night with that stupid.” suddenly a fear appeared on her face and thinks “What if if ,h–he tries to touch me and do something, noooooooo i’m not going to make him to do that, if he tries to do anything like that then i’m going to break his leg, no i will tear him into pieces.” She hears that a sound of opening the door and stays still with out turning around.
Rohan comes to room and shuts the door behind him and sees hasini standing infront of the mirror and irritated by seeing all the decoration in his room and says in his mind ” Is she expecting that something will happen between us, No way not even in her dream.”

Hasini thinks “If he come forward i’m going to hit him like hell.”
Rohan goes to bathroom got freshenup and got changed into his normal wear.
Meanwhile hasini relaxes a bit and takes her night dress from her bag and changes into it , her stomach starts growling as she didn’t ate anything from evening, she sees some sweets on the table and hasini jumps and takes the plate with happy and sat on the bed and starts to eat them.”
Rohan comes out from the bathroom and thinks to talk with hasini that he don’t love her as he was forced to do this marriage and he hate her.

Rohan walks towards hasini and looks at her, but she was busy with eating that she didn’t notice him. Rohan cleared his throat to grab attention from her. Hasini looked at him and says in mind “Why he was grabing my attention, is he—ha —-has any intention to do ” with her mouth full of sweets. Rohan looks how she was eating sweets and thinks “This girl also don’t know how to eat and why do i care” and starts to speak not facing her “See i’m forced to this marriage and don’t expect anything from me, as i’m not going to love you now or in future, it’s just a nightmare for me, so don’t try to become my wife and there is no value for this marriage.” He didn’t get response from her and turns around to see her.

Hasini with teary eyes “May be this marriage is a joke for you Mr.Rohan but it’s my life. Every girl steps into her newhouse with hope that she will get same love by her husband as she get from her father but see how my fate is i’m hearing that my husband saying me that he don’t loves me that too at firstnight, What a girl will get bigger surprise at her special night, don’t you think once that you are spoiling a girl’s life Mr. Rohan, tell me”

Rohan was found dumbstruck by her words and stood there like a statue. Hasini looks at his expression burst out into laughter, rohan didn’t understood anything and thinks “Is she gone mad????”. Hasini walks towards him and says “I didn’t think that you are such a fool to believe my words that too a typical serial herione words, Am i that much of good actor???? That means i can try in movies and serials, not bad hasini your a good actor , But god you know what i hate all these type of crying scenes and made a try on you and i got succeed”.

Rohan who was listened to her words was in a shock and asks “ACT-ING”
Hasini replies “Then what, you really thought i will tell all this bullshit to you”.
Rohan got anger and says “I think you are really mad” and walks towards the bed.
Hasini follows him and says with angry tone “Hey mister i’m not mad okay it’s your mistake to believe me and why are you sitting on bed?? if you have any intention to touch me then you are going to be dead.”
Rohan says “Hello, don’t imagine yourself too much, are you thinking you are a queen victoria??? but sadly you are not. If you are the last women in this world then also i’m not going to touch you”.
Hasini: OHHH really, then i’m very lucky. Then what are you doing on bed.
Rohan: I’m feeling bored so i came to bed to dance, you stupid to sleep then whatelse.
Hasini:AHHHHHH, then where i’m going to sleep you idiot.
Rohan: It’s your problem and i suggest you there is a thing like sofa, you can use it, and there is no need to thank me.
Hasini: Hello your are thinking iam going to sleep on sofa ,no in your dreams.
Rohan: Then you are going to sleep on floor, ohh it will hurt your back.
Hasini: As technically this is my room also, so i have right on every thing and half of the bed is mine, i’m going to sleep there.
she walks another side of the bed and lays there.
Rohan: Seriously, you are going to sleep here.
Hasini: Are you deaf and blind, Are you not seeing i’m laying here and one more thing i have a habit to put my legs on others in sleep, so don’t think wrong.
Rohan: AAhhhh, youuuuu are devil.
Hasini: Thank you.
Rohan takes a pillow goes to sofa and sleeps there. Hasini smiles at her victory. Both dozes off.

Hi guys this is for today. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Love u loads.

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