Falling for my husband (Episode-5)


Hi buddies chinni here again with another episode for you guys. Iam really got bored and wrote it to kill the time, enjoy reading it dearies.

Rohan thinks who is she and goes to his room. whereas hasini shares all this with asha laughs out. Asha asks who is he??, Hasini replies that she don’t know. They both goes to sleep.

At morning:
All rohan’s frnds comes to his house and his mom calls them, they observe there are so many guests in the house and goes to rohan’s room and wakes him up. Rohan asks them why you are all here. They just shrug their shoulders and says that her mom called.Rohan asks “Mom called all of you!!! But why?”. “I will tell the reason” his mom replies from the door, with coffee tray in her hand. She gives coffee to all and sits beside rohan and says ” Today you are going to see your bride and talk with her so for that you go and get ready soon”. Rohans replies “Whats the need to arrange all this ,after all i’m least interested in marriage and i don’t like all these things mom”. Rohan’s mom requests him to agree and atlast rohan agree and says “Ok mom i will see her but don’t ask me to take her out and all, i’m not going to do it”.His mom smiles and nods her head and asks him to get ready soon. His friends are excited about it.

In Hasini’s room her mom wakes her up and asks her to get ready in a traditional attire. Hasini got confused and asks “why”. Her mom replies that she was going to meet bridegroom today. Hasini asks her “Why traditional he is not able to see me in normal dress.” Her mom asks her to shutup and says to get ready soon. Hasini widened his eyes and says “Mom really you are making me to wear saree and give them coffee and act to be shy that shown in movies , ohhh comeon mom the marriage had fixed already then whats the need to do this all ,noooooooo mom please don’t embrass me infront of all pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeee, i’m begging you”. Hasini’s mom firmly says “NO, you are going to do it and behave like girl there” asks asha to make her ready and goes from there. Hasini makes a crying baby face and asha laughs seeing her face. Hasini gets angry and hits her with a pillow to stop laughing at her.

Rohan , his friends and his mom are in the hall waiting fo hasini to come. Asha came there with hasini, hasini was wearing a pink colour saree and matching hearrings and she was damn beautiful in it. She was walking by seeing the ground without raising her head for once and she said in her mind” Hasini you want to walk very slowly and don’t look straight at them, relax hasini, nothing is going to be happen, you can do it”.All his friend sees her and smiles but rohan was busy with his phone . Hasini’s mother asks her to give juice all of them. She gives juice to all and rohan didn’t see her, he just takes the juice and hasini aslo did same and takes seat opposite to rohan. Rohan friends asks him to see the bride and asha asks hasini to see him.Hasini says in her mind “Hasini look slowly like you saw in movies okay ready 3..2…1”. Rohan and hasini lifts their heads and both their eyes meets with other and both got freezed in their places with their eyes shot open. Both want to scream “YOU”, But realised all are there and make themselves calm. Rohan screams his mind”She??? I want to marry this crazy girl, i think my life is really going to be like hell, ahhhhhhh”. Hasini in her mind says “Iam going to marry this angrybird and there will be no romance, no love in my life i think there will be only fights, no god why are u doing this to me?????”.

They both got interrupted by hasini’s mom voice that to talk them alone for sometime.They both gave a irritating look to each other and facked a smile to all them. All went outside leaving them alone. When all are gone, both shouted in unison “YOU” and throwing daggers at each other.
Rohan says ” I think i’m really had bad luck that’s why i’m going to marry you”.
Hasini replies “same here, you said what i’m going to tell you”
They sat there silently for sometime , asha and his friends, their parents make a way to them and both gave fake smile to thier parents and went to their rooms not forgetting to give an angry look at eachother.
Asha asks hasini what he had talked with her. Hasini says nothing. Asha says ” Don’t lie to me dear, now tell me what happened there, if you liked him and you both exchanged phone numbers or he kissed you haaa, tell me i don’t tell to anyone”. Hasini gives her an angry look and says “Nothing happened happened we just exchanged glares and i hate him and i told you yesterday about a guy and that is he only,now happy”. Asha asks “What??? really??”. Hasini just nods and goes to take a bath.

Rohan went out with his friends to a restaurant, Ankush asks “Bro, do you like her?”. Sakshi says ” I think by her looks she is soft and not going to harm even an ant”. Rohan in his mind says “My foot, she is soft??? Joke of the decade” and sees his leg. Mythri asks “Hey rohan why are u silent? Tell us man”. He nods and says about what happened in the garden yesterday. All of them burst out into laughter except rohan, who was giving dead glares to them.
So, that’s it for today guys. I think i’m making you bore, please do tell me if i’m not writing it well , i don’t take it to heart because i’m not a writer. I will stop writing if you don’t like it. Love u loads dearies.

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  1. It’s awesome yaar..not at all boring really enjoyd reading it..waiting for nxt epi update nxt epi asap

  2. It was awesome ……… I wasn’t bore at all honey ………loved it ……..be soon……:-):-):-):-)

    1. tq shreya dr.

  3. Awesome epi

    1. tq buddy

  4. Good one. Update the next one ASAP and a longer one buddy !

  5. Awesome episode. Not boring at all dearrr. ..it’s really very lovelyyyyyy n interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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