Falling for my husband (Episode-4)

Hi dearies thanks for ur comments , here is the episode for you, enjoy reading it budddies. Asusual bear with my mistakes yaar.
The marriage fixed after a month according to rohan’s dad wish. Both families were informed about this, but rohan and hasini are least interested to know about eachother and doing their respective works. Hasini’s family went to mumbai a week before marriage.
Hasini’s family went to rohan’s house and his dad received them and alloted rooms for all of them. Hasini went to her room with asha and placed her bags there. She fallen on the bed as she was hell tired due to the journey.

At evening:
Hasini went downstairs with asha, there her mother and father was sitting on sofa and discussing about the marriage with rohan’s dad. Her dad welcomes her and introduces her to rohan’s dad. Hasini folds her hands and says “Namaste” and gives a smile. Rohan’s dad nods at her and continues his discussion with her father meanwhile her mother asks her to take blessings from rohan’s dad by showing with her gestures and eyes. Hasini rolls her eyes at her and mouthed my foot. Her mother thought she never changes and rohan’s mom comes there with snacks and gives them. Sudheer introduces her to all and hasini greets her with a smile and rohan’s mom also smiles at her and went to kitchen with hasini’s mom. Hasini and asha went to garden to relax a bit. They sits on the bench in the garden. Asha asks her that we have seen the family but where is your hero yaar, we didn’t see him. Hasini asks her to shutup and they both chitchat there for an hour. Asha seems to be tired and asks hasini to go the room and hasini asks her to go as she will come after sometime. Asha goes from there and asha starts to walk in the garden.Rohan comess to home from college and goes to his mother and sees that his mother was chatting with someone. His mom sees him and calls him and introduces her as his mother-in-law and asks him to take blessings. He took blessings from her and excuses himself from there and rohan was about to go his room and freshen up and goes to garden to relax a bit. Here hasini sees a rose flower and sits near that plant and starts to talk with that flower by holding it. Rohan sees that a girl is going to pluck the flower and gets angry as he don’t like to pluck any flowers in his garden. He goes there and there is a 3 feet gap between them.

Rohan: Hey girl , why are u plucking that beautiful flower and don’t you have any commonsense and who are you and why you entered in my garden without any permission.
Hasini who was in a deep discussion with flower got interrupted by some male voice and that is taunting her, she got angry and turns around to see who is it.
Hasini:” Hello Mr, what the rubbish are you talking man and how dare you that you are saying that i don’t have commonsense ha and i think you are mad “, and takes a step forward to him.
rohan got angry by her words and says “Your are in my garden and plucking my flower and says that i’m mad.” with anger in his voice and takes a step forward.
Hasini gets irritated and says “Oh your garden, so you are a gardener here and thats why you are reacting that much aaahhh, and for your information Mr.gardener iam not plucking ‘your’ flower and just talking with it.”
Rohan’s anger reached to high and says “How dare you that to call me like that and what you are saying that are you are talking to a flower, very stupid reason to escape.”
Hasini firmly replies “Hello, Mr.attitude i’m not trying to escape and i’m really talking to it and not plucking it,okkk”
Rohan acts that he understood something and says “I understood why you are in my garden, you are mad so that why you are talking to flower, and for your information this is not mental hospital , if you want any help i will give you the address”
Hasini says “I-AM-NOT-MAD”

Rohan smiles and says “I know mad people says that only”
Hasini thinks something and smirks herself and takes a step forward to him and says”Sorry , Iam mad” and kicks on his foot with her foot strongly and runs from there.
Rohan cries in pain”AAHHHH” and says “You stupid girl wait, i will see your end now”, by holding his leg and thought who the hell she is??????

Hi guys this for today, as yesterday is a sunday i’m not able to update it yesterday. Do tell me your opinions about the episode,your comments encourages me alot. Luv u load buddies.

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  1. Awesome epi yaar…waiting for ur nxt update

  2. tq dear.

  3. Its cute really good …….loved it …….:-):-):-):-)

  4. tq shreya dr

  5. Awesome epi

  6. Wowwww it’s hilarious n superbbbbb episode. ..just loved the first encounter of Rohan n dia …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  7. Wowwww it’s hilarious n superbbbbb episode. ..just loved the first encounter of Rohan n hasini (rohini) …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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