Falling for my husband (Episode-3)

Hi guys thanks for all your comments.Thanks to ryths, mini, smiley, roma,yukku, dev, swara and cherry dearies. Here is your another update enjoy reading it and sorry for my grammatical mistakes. you all are such lovely guys bearing with my errors. love u loads buddies.
In Mumbai:

At morning Rohan wakes up and goes to college. He reached his friends who are in the canteen and a take a seat with them. Sakshi (Rohan’s friend) asks what’s wrong with him. He says all what happened yesterday and leaves a sign. All his friends listens and Aditya (Rohan’s frnd)says don’t worry dude, all will happen for good only . Mythri says whats good yaar, he want to do marriage against his wish and who are going to do arranged marriages now a days. Ok let’s forget about it now and we will do any anything says Ankush. Sakshi happily nods and says yes first food next anything and all of them laughs for this and orders for food.
At canteen in Hyderabad:

“Hi asha”, hasini greets her friend who was waiting for her in the canteen. Asha greets and asks whats the matter and why u called me urgently yaar, u know i didn’t ate breakfast also, to come here fast, see my stomach is growling and you are coming cooly now ha”. Hasini gives her a glass of water and asks is she finished her blahblah… and says that she is getting married. by hearing this news from hasini, asha spits out the water from her mouth and asks whaattttt??? hasini just shrugs her shoulder for it. Asha asks “what,when ,where, with who???, is he handsome, is he from hyderabad, you know him already, are you hiding it from me ?? ahhhhh tell me you stupid”. Hasini says that she don’t know anything about him and her all what her father said to her. Asha just hugs her and asks is he (not rohan) know about this. Hasini replys no,when he comes here he will be known. Hasini breaks the hug and asks her to order the food.
Simultaneously in Hyderabad and Mumbai:

Rohan’s get his food and sees chicken and shouts who ordered this and waiter says sorry for him that the plates got exchanged and replaces it. Ankush laughs and says what if his wife is a non-vegetarian. Aditya says don’t worry she will be definetly vegetarian.
Here hasini gets her food and sees her favourite chicken in the plate and starts to eating it and says you know me very well asha. Asha says i know that u love chicken and asks what if ur soon to be husband is a vegetarian. Hasini looks at her and says you don’t get any good words from your mouth and anyways if he is, i will change him to non-veg and winks a her.

Aditya asks where is ur wife from??Rohan gives him a dead look and says , she didn’t become my wife ok.Aditya says oooook where is that girl belongs?? Rohan un interestingly replies Hyderabad. Sakshi and Mythri open their mouth and asks Hyderabad!!!!!.Ankush asks them to close their mouth and says then she is from south india,don’t worry bro i think she will be cool,intelligent and soft.Rohan says i’m not interested in her so, leave it.

Here when hasini was enjoying eating her chicken sudddenly a cup of soup fell on her, when she angrily looks up she sees smirking hanish infront of her. She says your dead today and took water jug and pour on his face with a force. Hanish stood there with shock when he is about to react hasini poured tomato sauce on his face and says you looks like a joker. asha and hasini laughs seeing his face and hanish came forward to hasini and she gives a punch on his stomach. He falls on the ground by holding his stomach and says you kicked so hard you little ghost. Hasini warns him that don’t mess around with her another time and leaves from there with asha.

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