Falling for my husband (Episode-27)

Hi dearies first of all a big sorry to u all, as i said that i’ll upload next one tuesday, but really sorry i’m not busy but i’m lazy that i slept total evening and night like a stupid after my class, so today i didn’t went to my bed because i don’t want to make u wait long, enjoy reading it buddies.
Rohan recovering from shock comes to his friends and sees hasini happily chitchatting with all, hasini looks at him for a second and continues her talking, rohan sits there and says ” hey guys why don’t u all come to my house and stay for tonight, we will enjoy what u say???.”
Mythri: Yes good idea.
Rahul:Hmmm, it will be soooo fun.
Ish: Sorry , no want to go to my uncle’s house.
Hasini: Haaa comeon ish i’m not going to leave u today, we will call and inform him we will chitchat more tonight and that too tomorrrow is a weekend, pls don’t deny.
Rohan: Yes ish, u must come.
Ish:ok, but asha.
Rohan: Don’t worry i’ll inform her and hanish also come with her.
Hasini: Haa karthik, i’ll introduce maa also, u will love her.
Aditya: What about ur hitler dad??

Rohan: He went to delhi for 3 days, okk i meet u at my house today evening, byee. Rahul u come with me.
Rohan and rahul goes from there. Rohan goes to home and tells his mom and ask her do all necessary arrangements, Hasini, karthik and ish reaches home after some hours. She takes them into kitchen where mom is present , hasini hugs her from back.
Mom smiles.
Hasini: Mom, this is karthik and she is ishwarya.
Mom: ohhh ur son.
Karthika: paddu u told about me to amma, sorry can i call u amma????
Mom: ofcourse dear, ur like my child as hasini for me.
Karthik smiles, mom see ish and says “ur beautiful beta.”
ish: thanks aunty.

Mom: Today u r all going to enjoy haaa???
Hasini: yes mom, it’s rohan’s idea.
By seeing ish Karthik says “yes dad is soo nice.”
Ish smiles with his words and mom asks “Dad!!!”
Karthik: Yes amma, if hasini is my mother then rohaan is my dad na?? what u say paddu??
Hasini: u r always right my son.
mom laughs at their conversation.

Mom: now u all go and freshup i’ll send u some snacks after sometime.
Ish stays there to help mom and hasini, karthik goes to hall, and sees that rohan is watching tv, hasini goes near sofa while karthik gets a call and answers it, when hasini was about to talk she sees a dog seeing her and hasini stood there still sweating badly, rohan was just giving her “what happened look??”, when dog starts barking hasini starts running around sofa and dog behind her, she at once jumps on sofa and hugs rohan tightly, rohan was laughing badly what was just happened, hasini screams ” rohan send that dog away mannnn!! i don’t like dogs, pleaseeeee, send it awayyyy” and screams “ahhhhhhh”, hasini’s grip on rohan goes strong, she is almost on his lap hugging him tightly with her legs on the sofa and her hands around his neck, her head is resting on his chest. Rohan contolling his laugh says ” Snoopy stay calm”. The dog listens to him and sits there silently.
Rohan: it don’t do anything to u.
Hasini without loosing her grip sees from the corner of her eye that dog is still there, and tightens her grip more.
in this time karthik comes there and sees them in that position and gets confused, then he sees snoopy there and realizes what had happened as he know that his paddu is sacred of dogs, and begin to laugh looking at her state.

Karthik: haaahaa padduuuuuuu??? look at ur face now.
Hasini gets angry and says ” idiot first send it away for god’s sake then laugh.” with out moving.
Rohan was feeling happy by having hasini in his arms. When karthik is laughing he sees a lizard on his foot and he also jumpson sofa and hugs rohan on other side , by having his one hand on rohan’s back and another on hasini’s back and starts screaming “Padduuuuuuuu lizard, ahhh lizardddd, i hate them , it’s on the floor, do something paddu.”
Rohan was shocked at this and thinks ” What the hell is happening here, what these both doing by hugging me?? God why i strucked between these two???”
They both are making rohan breathless with their grips on him.
Rohan: Both of u leave me now.
Both in unison says “Nooo”
Rohan: Somebody come and help, these two are killing me, Rahul idiot where are u mannn???
Rahul comes from upstairs and mom, ish also comes from kitchen, all three sees them and starts laughing.
Rohan: Idiot stop laughing and help me now.
Rahul:But how???
Rohan: Make ur snoopy go out first.
Rahul asks snoopy to go out and play in garden and it obeys him and goes out.
Hasini gets down after confirming that snoopy is no where, then he sees karthik still hugging rohan and laughs, and says ” Karthik there is no lizard, now u can get down.” karthik looks down and gets down.

Rohan takes a deep breath, and says ” U both almost killed me??”
Karthik and hasini: i’m sorry.
Hasini: i’m scared of dogs.
Karthik: i hate lizards and rubs her back of his neck .
All starts laughing except hasini, karthik and rohan.
Hasini takes karthik and ish to her room, they all gets freshup, All comes ther at seven they all chit chat for some time.
Mythri: Why don’t we put a singing and dancing competition..
Aditya: Yes!!! we can can do whatever we want like singing, dancing or any act.
Vinay: No, they want to do what others ask them to do.
Sakshi: yes, it will be interesting.
In betweem mom comes there and gives snacks to them, and goes from there, they starts game by passing pillow and music stops at rahul.
Rahul: ok tell me what i want to do.
Aditya: Do action like any animal.
Rahul: idiot
and acts as monkey and jumps on everyone all are holding their stomach’s.
next pillow stops at mythri.
rohan: do action like our principal sir.
Mythri does and all enjoys it.
next stops at karthik.
Rahul: Sing a song for ur lover.
Karthik: AHHHH, ok but a telugu one.
Rohan: ok we will enjoy song.
Karthik starts singing
“Meghalu lekunna na pina ee vaana
ragaalu tese ne vallena
ee gaali lekunna ne telipotunna
ee mayalanni ne vallena {karthik closes his eyes while singing and opens his eyes and looks at ish, ish blushes and keeps her eyes down.}
velle daarilo ooo lede chandrude aina vennele adi nee allarena
{while singing he side hugs hasini and asks ish with his eyes is it you that making me like this.}
o chettu needanaina lene paina poola vana {he again closes his eyes and sings.}”
He sings the full song and ish and karthik steals glances from eachother, all claps for his song.

Sakshi: we don’t know the meaning but u sang well.
Hanish: sooo ur flying on clouds, may i know who is that girl that making u crazy.
Karthik: u know her already.
Hanish: what, who??
ish feels tense
Karthik: Not now.
hanish rolls his eyes, and next pillow stops at Aditya.
Aditya:ok tell me, what i want to do???
Hasini: Propose any girl here, but u must have feelings on her.
Aditya: Hasiniiiii, nt fair.
Rahul: Yessss
All: yessss
Aditya says “okk” and he tooks a rose flower and goes near shreya and kneels infront of her and says ” i don’t that i’ll propose u in this way but i have feelings for u ,i can’t reject them, i–i love u shreya i know i ‘ll propose u after in a better way but for now, please don’t get angry on me, will u be my girlfriend???”
All are looking them with curiosity.
Shreya was shocked with his sudden confess and nods positively, Aditya immediately hugs her.
Sakshi: Goddd aditya i didn’t thought this.
Aditya sits beside shreya.
They again starts the game now it stops at hasini.
Hasini: okk, tell me.
Shreya: kiss rohan.
Hasini&Rohan: what??
Aditya: comeon u made me to propose na????
Hasini: but it’s too much.
Asha: But we don’t know that all.
Hasini looks at karthik, he winks at her shows a thumpsup.
Rohan was eyeing hasini with tension in his eyes,hasini goes near rohan alla re cheering for them hasini leans and rohan’s hearbeat is rising and thinks ” is she really going to kissme???”, she comes close to his lips and all are looking at them with tension and hasini quickly pecks on his cheeks and says ” i kissed him”
Sakshi: u kissed on cheek.
Hasini: u didn’t said me where i want to kiss naaaa.
Aditya: This is cheating!!!!
Hasini sticks her tongue out at aditya and sits and winks at karthik.
Now it stops at hanish.
He stands up and all ask him to dance for a song .
Hanish: ok i’ll dance but i want a partner.
Karthik: choose anyone of ur choice.
Hanish: Asha suits for this song.
Asha gets up and asks which song.
Hanish u will listen and keeps a song on his mobile and starts dancing with asha.
“Bar ku yeltundi beer kodutundi, pub ki yeltundi dance chesthundi love cheyalla vadda”
He spins asha and puts a bottle at her mouth and drags her and acts as he is dancing with her and does a step like in movie for love cheyalla vadda, here asha was fuming in anger hasini, ish,karthik are laughing.”
Asha kicks him and stops the song and stands infront of him holding her hands under her chest.
hanish: why r u looking at me like that???
asha: ahhh, i don’t drink beer.
Hanish:but i thought u will.
Karthik: now both of u stop and come and sit.
ASha curses hanish under her breath.
next it stops at vinay and he sings ” Tumhi ho ab tumhiho meri zindagi ab tumhiho……” song and all claps for him.
next it stops at ish.
Sakshi: Do you love any one??
Ish clears her throat and says ” Yes.”
Hanish: wowww ish, the innocent girl also loves whoo???
Ish: Noooo
Karthik whispers “Paddu is she telling about anyone?? then i’ll die”
Hasini says ” Idiot, stop i think she is telling about u ithink.”
Karthik sighs and looks at ish.
Mythri: Did he proposed u???
Ish: NOOO.
Vinay:one side love.
Ish: no, my heart says that he also loves me.
Ish nervously looks t karthik, karthik is staring her and a smile appears on his lips.
Now it stops at rohan and all asks him to play guitar.
He starts playing guitar singing a song, seeing hasini. They both share eyelocks in between the song.
Then last vinay and sakshi does a dance for a song as they are last, all enjoys and claps for them.
Aditya: guys we are going to do a party tomorrow, because of me and shreya.
All says :Yepp.
Ish: but i want to go hyderabad.
hanish: Yes we will leave tomorrow, you guys enjoy.
hasini:i’m not coming.
karthik: padduuuu, please for me
and makes a puppy face infront of her.
Hanish laughs at his face and says “okkkk.”
They all goes to sleep, dreaming for tomorrow.

Hi dearies i don’t know but what but put this songs , u people can put ur favourite songs in hindi, malayalam, tamil, kanadam and even in telugu what u like, luv u loads and do comment. But guys i can’t say when will be my next because i’m goingg to spend few days with my loved one[ don’t think anything naughty] , but if i get time i’ll update, luv u loads. Take care.

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