Falling for my husband (Episode-26)

Hii dearies, i’m not going to blabber anything now, enjoy reading it dearies.

At home:

rohan clears his throat, hasini looks at him.

rohan: Who is he???


rohan: Don’t act.

hasini: Are u talking about karthik??

rohan: Hmmm

hasini: I think i told about it at canteen.

rohan: But it seems like he is more than a friend to u.

hasini suppresses her laugh and acts that she is thinking and says “May be u r right rohan, yes he is more than a friend for me.”

rohan with anger says “Ohhh more than a friend haaa”

hasini narrowing her eyes says ” Anyway why u r bothering about it.”

rohan while acting cool says “Yes why i’ll consider about it, it’s waste of my time” and leaves from there.

hasini: Seems like my angrybird is jealous, haha it’s just a start rohan
and gives a evil smile.
next morning:

hasini gets ready fastly.

rohan: Where r u going that too this early.

hasini: To karthik’s home. u will also come??

rohan: Why i’ll come to ur more than a frnds house???

hasini: Ok then, bye angrybird.
and leaves from there.

rohan: Why the hell i’m feeling like this, no way i’m going to my queenvictoria to that more than a friend,she will be mine that’s it, i can’t see her close to other man, i’ll make u mine hasini, just wait and see.

karthik’s home:

hasini goes to karthik’s house with the address that he messaged her.

when she enters into home, the ramu kaka greets her with a smile.

it’s all in the telugu conversation.

ramu kaka: how r u beta???

hasini: Fine kaka and where is this stupid.

kaka: He is still sleeping beta.

hasini: Ok kaka, don’t worry i’ll wake him up, prepare breakfast, i missed your’s hand breakfast.

kaka smiles and says ” Tell me what do u want beta”

hasini: Dosaaa

kaka smiles and says “Come fast, i’ll prepare hot onion dosa, masala dosa for both of u.”

hasini: Wowwww

hasini goed to karthik’s room and sees that he is still sleeping.

she goes near him and rubs his hair gently “Karthik getup, it’s already late.”

karthik stirs in sleep and says ” Just 5 more minutes paddu.”

hasini: Don’t make me angry karthik.

karthik getsup and says “Now don’t start shouting, i’m going.”

karthik gets ready and they both goes down for breakfast. They both eats dosa fully and hugs kaka.

karthik: I missed ur hand dosa kaka.

hasini: Me too, ok kaka now we will go to college, bye.

kaka: Ok bye, be safe.

Then they both goes to college on hasini’s scooty.
hindi conversation
They both sees that they are three more in the group.

when they goes near sees asha, one newgirl and hanish there.

karthik: Ashaaaaa

hasini: When did u come, u atleast didn’t inform us.

asha: Now u both shut ur mouths, u two forget everything and think about urself, idiots, none of u both told me that karthik is back, when i called to hasini’s mobile, she didn’t picked my call and so i called rohan he told mee, so two r dat busy haaa.

hasini and karthik: Sorry

karthik: Forgive us asha, now cool down.

hasini: Rohan u didn’t told me dat asha called u.

rohan: She told not to inform u
and smiles seeing asha.

hasini: Hey ish(Ishwarya) wat a pleasant surprise ha???

ish: Hii hasini, i came with asha as she asked me to come with her.

karthik was busy looking at ish, ish tugging her hair strand behind her ear nervously and looks at karthik’s eyes and they share an eyelock for a second.

hasini: Ooohhhooo, reallyyyyyy??

ish clears her throat and says “Hmmm”

hanish: What is ur drama here??

karthik: why r u here??

hanish: Asha pleaded me to come with her, soooo.

asha: Sorry, what u said???

hanish: Ok, ordered???

karthik and hasini laughs, hanish rolls his eyes and says “Ok, i wang to leave now.”

asha: Hey wait i’m also coming i have some work.
They both leaves from there.

karthik: I think something is cooking between them.

hasini shrugs her shoulder and they both sits down.

ish is sitting between rohan and hasini, karthik beside hasini.

hasini moves close to karthik and whispers “Why u always feel tensed infront of ish????”

karthik: why u feel tense infront of rohan or when he is so close to u, same problem.


rohan: Hii ishwarya i’m rohan.

ish: Hii rohan, nice to meet u.

rohan: U r beautiful.

ish blushes and says “Thankyou”

Karthik: Hasiniii wat is going on.

Hasini: Be cool, i know ish loves u, but u know she is reserved and shy type girl.

Karthik: That is the problem for me don’t know how she will react??

Hasini: Don’t worry we will make a plan later, now i’ll come in 5minutes.

Karthik: Where????

hasini: really do u want to know???

Karthik: Yes??

Hasini: Ladies washroom, u will also come with me.

Karthik: No, u carry on.

Hasini excuses herself and goes from there, all are talking with ish and karthik and ish are stealing glances without knowing anyone.

When hasini is walking suddenly a hand grabs her into an empty class.

Hasini: Rohannnn!!!!
Rohan pulled her against the wall, and caged her by putting his hands on either side of her body on the wall, hasini’s breathing is becoming harder.

Rohan: Why r u soo tensed, because of my closeness???
and smirks.

Hasini: Nooo.

Rohan: Don’t lie hasini.

Hasini: I’m not.

Rohan: Ohhh really—-
He puts his head on her neck’s crook and plants a small kisses and asks brushing his lips on her neck “Ok then, Do u like karthik???” and he continues kissing her neck and ears from left to right.

Hasini who closed her eyes opens with a jerk and thinks “Ohhh mr.angrybird is jealous, now see what i will do with u.”

Rohan lifts his head, when he didn’t get any response from her and looks into her eyes in a questioning manner.

Hasini smiles and puts her palm on his cheek and asks “Why are u asking me this question???” and puts her both hands around his neck.

Rohan who was shocked by her move taken aback and sees her with a surprise look.

Hasini smirks and turns him around with a jerk and pulls him against the wall and leans on him that their chests are touching now. Hasini want to laugh badly by seeing rohan’s expression but controls and says ” What happened rohan u r sweating, is my closeness affecting u that badly.”

Rohan want to answer but no words are coming from his mouth, he mentally punched himself for acting like this. Hasini looks into his eyes and says “Okay i’ll answer ur question.” She goes near his lips, if anyone tries talk their lips will touch, hasini still looking into his eyes kisses rohan on the corner of his lips and without moving from there says “Yes, i like karthik.” and again kisses him on the same spot, and goes from there leaving rohan in a shocked states.

Rohan: What she told she like him then why the hell she kissed me, ahhhhhh what she is upto, what is in her mind, she is making me madddddddd.

Hasini outside says “U will make u more crazy rohan.”and goes from there smiling.

Hii dearies my exam got finished today and i took some rest and came to this page and typed hurriedly and uploaded ao now just enjoy it dearies, i’ll upload next on tuesday. I have seen all ur comments and thanks for waiting for me, and got upset a lil bit but i don’t stop this fanfic in middle as i promised u all and there u ‘ll happy from my torchoring after the end of this fanfic, luv u buddies and don’t forget to comment, muahhhhh.

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