Falling for my husband (Episode-25)


Hi dearies, how r u all, thanks for ur lovely comments buddies, thank u dearies for ur love, because of ur love only i’m writing 25th episode, i can’t believe my eyes, i think it’s going to end soon, but can’t say when??? so don’t ask me pals, asusaul enjoy reading it buddies.

When hasini is coming to canteen she sees a tall handsome face looking at her with a smile on his face, holding his hands under his chest. Hasini sees him and she want to share all that she had in her heart with him, she is trying hard not to cry, by seeing her tears he stands still and smile vanished on his face, all are looking at hasini with confusion in their faces, when vinay is about to call her, hasini runs and tightly hugs him. All faces turned where hasini is hugging a guy and sees eachother’s face without any expression. Rohan was observing them.
Hasini still hugging “Karthik—karthik i miss u.”
Karthik: Hey what happened??? and rubs her head gently.
hasini breaks the hug and asks “Idiot when did u came and even once u didn’t told me that u r coming???”
Karthik holding his ears says “Sorry, my mom.”
Hasini: I want to talk to u a lotttt.
Karthik: i know u didn’t eat anything from morning so first u’ll eat, then we will talk,ok.
Hasini: haaa karthik.
Karthik drags her to canteen and asks “ok , where r ur friends???”
She points a finger where all are sitting and goes there and sits. All are looking at them for some explanation.
Hasini: ok guys, he is my besttttt friend karthik. and holds his hand and karthik smiles.
Karthik: Hiii buddies.
All: Hiii
Rohan giving daggers to hasini.
Shreya: ok , u r from london.
karthik:yes, because of this devil i went, otherwise i don’t like to leave her three years.
Hasini: karthik, it’s ur career it’s important for me.
Karthik: for that i’m seeing tears in ur eyes and i’ll talk to u about it later, first u have to finish ur lunch.
Hasini puts her head on his shoulder and says “sorry, i’ll never ever cry again.”
Rohan balling his fists thinks ” How dare she is?? she is not that close to me also, who the hell is he????”
Karthik: stop ur drama now, first eat the only i’m going to give ur gifts??
Hasini: gifts???
Karthik: will u leave me if i didn’t brought them.
Hasini shows her 32 teeth as a response, Rohan was burning with anger seeing their closeness.
while eating:
Aditya: from how long u both are friends.
Karthik: When we are six.
Hasini smiles seeing him.
Mythri: God it’s sooo long.
Hasini: Karthik , u know hanish is in mumbai.
karthik: what that idiot is here, if he troubled u then i’m going to kick him blue and black.
Hasini: chill yaar, truly i tortured him more, god u don’t how many punches he got from me when u r not here.
Karthik: That’s my paddu.
All at once: Padduuuuuuuu
Karthik: ohhh, i’ll call her like that only paddu, just i only call her like that.
[Karthik calls her paddu because his mother’s name is Padma, he always sees her mother in hasini, and hasini treats karthik like her son, They both celebrates mother’s day every year, but everyone thinks like they are lovers, but no they two pure souls with a relation of friendship. Hasini’s father bought a new house, beside the karthik’s when both are 6 years old, from there onwards they became friends, Karthik mom died when he was two years ols, so he don’t know about mother’s love, his father was busy in business, they both play with eachother, fights and play pranks on others, their friendship also grown with their age. when they are 8, one day karthik got high fever, hasini take alot of care about karthik in that age only like a mother, as her mom takes care of her. From that onwards karthik calls her as paddu with her mom name and hasini feels like his mom and orders him, They can’t see each other in pain, thats why when hanish and karthik got into a fight in 12th class, karthik got some blood on his knee, that’s it hasini fumed in anger and without thinking anything he took a big stick and beaten hanish blue and black, and made hanish to go to hospital. Karthik is intelligent and he got an offer to study in abroad, but he didn’t like the idea because he want to leave his paddu, but being a mom our hasini thought about his future and made him to go abroad with a broken heart .”
Rahul: ohhhhh
All finishes their lunch.
Hasini: Karthik u remember pratap sir???
Karthik: Ofcourse how can i forget him, he always kicks both of us from class.
Hasini: Now he is principal to this college.
Karthik: whattt??
Karthik standsup and says “For what ur waiting, come on we will meet himmmmm.”
Hasini: ok guys excuse us, meet u guys tomorrow.
Hasini: Today i want to eat his brain??? na
Karthik: i too eat ur brain, come paddu.
They both goes from there and rohan looks the way until they disappears.
Reena: Looks like they are so close to eachother.
Vinay: Reena they r friends from childhood.
Rohan in mind: Why i’m feeling restless??
Karthik and hasini goes to principal’s cabin.
Haisini: Good afternoon sir
Principal lifts his head and sees two smiling idiots and says “Ohhh, both monkey’s are here.”
They both laughs and chitchats sometime with principal.
Principal: Karthik, make ur paddu to read well.
Karthik: ok sir and winks to hasini
They both comes out of his cabin and laughs like crazy and hugs eachother.
Karthik:Paddu if u don’t read how u think that ur son as an intelligent.
Hasini: because of that only, i want my son to make me proud.
They go to some park and sits on a bench.
Karthik: Now tell me what happened ?? i already asked uncle in phone about the marriage and how it happened??
Hasini keeps silent.
Karthik: Paddu ur loving dad right???
Hasini looks at him with a shock.
Karthik: thinking how i know it, if u don’t tell me i know what is happening here, i enquired about rohan and then only i stayed calm in this marriage matter and i saw his photo, thw way ur ignoring him in the canteen, and he kept looking at u, i can smell that something wrong between u both.
Hasini: sooo u know from first, idiot.
and takes a deep breath and says ” yes, i’m in love with ur dad.”
Karthik: hmm, then???
Hasini tells him everything what happened between them. How she played pranks to make him to fall for her and what happened yesterday’s night and sighs.
Karthik: so u tortured hanish??? but he missed one important thing .
Hasini: What is it??
Karthik evilly smiles and says “Jealousy”
Hasini looks at him with an eyebrow raised.
Karthik: he don’t know the bond between us right???
Hasini: Yes, i didn’t tell him about u.
Karthik: Haha then see paddu dear, dad only confess to u.
Hasini: howww??
Karthik: we will make him jealous with our closeness.
Hasini: Wow karthik, from when my son started to think like that.
Karthik: from when i got a mom like u.
They both laughs out louder.
Hasini: where r my gifts???
Karthik: don’t worry ur gifts are safe with me, i’ll give u tomorrow.
Hasini: Where r u staying here??
Karthik: we have a house in mumbai, i’ll stay there.
Hasini: Come we will go to our home.
Karthik: it’s not good for our plan, i also want some privacy.
Hasini: Have u already selected my daughter-in-law.
Karthik: don’t act paddu, u know about ur daughter-in-law.
Hasini: Buti want to interview her before ur marriage.
Karthik: okkkkk mommmmm..
They both talk like that for hours like mad people what happened in their lives. Karthik drops hasini at home and goes from there.

Hii dearies this for today, i’ll update next on monday yaar, don’t know i’m not feeling good withpersonal tensions, luv u loads and take care and don’t forget to comment about episode buddies. muaahhhhhhh.

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  1. Shanayasharma

    Wow….. Jealousy….. That’s sounds like fun….. Awesome episode…. Karthik hasini bonding is so good…..

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      Tq shanaya dear

  2. Too good

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  3. wow wow awesome superb….
    finally rohan is in jealousy n mom-dad due they are amazing…..waiting for next part egarly

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  4. I love their bond..U know i always want to get this kind of frnd,frndship..Have a real bestfrnd is really a luck.And i’m fond of that luck..I like it,chinni.Don’t worry.Everything will be fine.I’ll pray fr this.God will do that which will be good fr us..And always keep smiling.Take care.Bye.Hope to see u soon with d nxt 1…

    1. Chinni

      Tq umama dr, i too luv to have dat kind of frnd, luv u

  5. awesome episode ……………… rohan being addressed as dad !!!!! lol …………..loved the episode very much ………….. love you ……………. tc

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  6. Sweetie

    Very nice episode.. 🙂 Aww!!Now jealousy will play a role here..Interesting.. 😀 And Congratulations for the silver jubilee episode my dear.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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  7. A.Kavya

    Wow..!! First of all congratulations dhi ??
    Epi was just awesome.. loving karthik and Hasini’s bond ?? waiting for the next one

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    Wow…just awesome…loved the jealousy track…eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi.. 🙂

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  9. Chinni

    hii dearies i got a sudden exam and i want to prepare it, so no phone and lap until next week sooo guys as i said before i can’t able to upload on monday, i’ll upload the episode after next work dearies, i’m really very sorry but it’s important exam, sooo please forgive ur chinni, luv u load buddies, please wait for me and i’m going to miss u all alot buddies. muahhhhhh

    1. Sweetie

      No worries chinni..Prepare well for your exam and write well..All the best.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    2. Best wishes fr ur exam..Missing u.Bt it’s ok.After exam we want a longg treat..

  10. Paddddu!!! sounds so funny,my 32 teeth(almost) were flashing : D : D : D while reading it…as l can’t help..can’t stop laughing!!.. finally our Hero is jealous!!!…He he he l’m laughing like an idiot thinking Rohan’s face….karthik is too cool nd their conversation was so natural..loved it sooooo much…
    wishing u great luck for ur xms….n thnx 4 informing us , buddy…don’t worry n don’t be sorry..we love u a lot..just study properly …but plz don’t leave before ending as u promised….will be waiting 4 ur next upd…gonna miss u…take care

    1. Chinni

      Tq anisha, i’m happy dat u enjoyed epi, luv u dr

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    awesome epi chinni..thnx fr infrming before hand…will miss ur ff very much…allthe best fr ur xams…

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  12. again no romance

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      Hii rabia dr ithink ur sooo angry on me, but wat to do i’m not a writer yaar just writing whatever comes in my mind and i too had some personal problems and issues i can’t neglect them, i’m also a human being right, if i’m always writing stories then for sure my mom will snatch my phone nd lap from me, i really don’t want it to come true,and dr my xams are really are there will be xams ocasionally also, and from now onwards i don’t give u reasons just upload the story and stay calm and bear with me until this fanfic ends. Anyway tq for commebting buddy.

  16. All the best for your exam iam eagerly waiting for next episode:-):-).:-)

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  17. is this ur last update????? nd again no romance at all

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  19. Awesome….bt, plz write the next episode quickly….

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