Falling for my husband (Episode-24)


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Both hasini and rohan reaches home. He gets freshenup and sits infront of his laptop but remembers about the letter and takes the letter, opens it to read. he sees
” hii rohan, i’m little nervous but today i’ll say about my feelings to you, u know i’m very bad when it comes to writing a love letter, i know that ur shocked, yesss it’s a loveletter. so please, don’t crush it and throw it in the dustbin read it fully pleaseeee.
it’s not love at first sight, i too don’t know when my feelings increased towards u.
I thought first it as a crush, but no it’s not just a crush, it’s more than it.
i love the way u smile, by seeing that don’t know why i always get a smile on my lips.
don’t know why my heartbeating increases when i’m near u, i can’t able to breath at your presence, u have that much of effect on me.
i want to be special infront of u, but don’t know have u noticed me or not.
i love the way u look at me, it makes me blush. totally u drive me crazy.
I realized my feelings towards u when ur close to another girl, don’t know why it made my eyes watery.
Iam falling for you rohan, day-by-day i’m falling for you more, i hope oneday u will understand my feelings.
I wrote what my heart said me to write, so please don’t try to find mistakes in it just find my love towards you.
ur love.”
Rohan closes it and closes his eyes thinking “Who wrote this letter to me??”
His mind says: May be Reena, No she is not the type to write love letters, then who????
wait Haahasini, may be sheeee no,no what i’m thinking i don’t think queenvictoria will do this, then who is she???? Anyway why i’m thinking about it soo much, anyway i’m married, but hasini want to be in this relationship??? it’s her life, she also have some dreams about her life, i don’t want to ruin them because of our relationship, i’ll talk to her now.”
Just then hasini comes to the room after helping rohan’s mom, she seees rohan holding the letter and her heart beats fast, rohan sees hasini.
Rohan: hey hasini u know i think i’m getting more handsome day-by -day??
Hasini rolls her eyes and says “Really??”
Rohan: Don’t u trust, see i got a love letter today.
Hasini in mind: smiles, it’s from ur wife dear.
Hasini: ohhh really?? then wat is ur answer???
Rohan: i like the letter, but don’t know who is she???
Hasini in mind: then be ready husband, i’ll directly confess my feelings to you tomorrow.
Rohan: Hasini
Hasini: what??
Rohan: i what to talk with u??
hasini: i think ur doing that only.
Rohan: something important.
hasini: okay tell me.
goes near rohan and sits beside rohan.
Rohan: hasini
Rohan: r u happy with this relationship???
hasini: what do u mean???
Rohan: hasini u know how our marriage happened?? i know that u have ur dreams on ur life, how it want to be??
Hasini: so
Rohan: if u don’t want to be in this relationship, i don’t have any problem, i’ll be always at ur side and….
Hasini: Enough, i’m getting sleep.
Hasini getsup from there and lays on bed without uttering a single word to him.
Rohan also sleeps without a word by saying that he will talk to her at morning. He switch off the lights.
Hasini closes her eyes and a tear falls from the corner of her eyes and thinks ” how can he think like that, i don’t want to be in this relationship, here i’m loving him but he had no feelings for me, idiot, stupid can’t he understand my feelings, now noway i’m going to talk to him.” and dozes off.
At morning:
Hasini getsup and takes a bath and wear a jeans and top, instead of chudidar. Rohan sees hasini and asks “why u didn’t wear chudidar??”
Hasini replies curtly “Why it makes any difference to u.”
Rohan in mind: why she is talking like that to me??
Rohan hesitately says “Nothing.”
Rohan: Hasini
Hasini: Now what??
Rohan: why r u like dat???
Hasini: like??
Rohan: u r behaving weird??
Hasini: Weird?? haaa, ok then i’m weird and bye
and lefts from there.
Rohan thinks ” why she is mad on me???”
At college:
Hasini and all are chitcahtting, rohan also comes there and sits beside hasini.
Hasini: ok guys, i want to go to library sooo bye.
Rohan with surprised and thinks “why the hell she is ignoring me??”
Shreya: Don’t know why but seems like hasini is little upset today??
Rahul: She is not like everyday.
Sakshi: is anything happened rohan.
Rohan just shrugs his shoulders.
Hanish comes there.
Hanish: hi dudes
All: hiii
Hanish: where is my enemy???
Rohan: She went to library.
Hanish: ok , i’ll go and meet her. Hanish goes towards library and sees hasini at the corridor and shouts “Hasiniii”
All students looks towards him and hasini. Hasini looks at hanish and goes to him.
Hasini: Idiot what is the need to shout ???
Hanish: have u got fever today??
Hasini: why ru asking me??
Hanish: Today i didn’t get a call from u to torture me.
Hasini rolls her eyes.
Hanish: what happened about the love letter??
Hasini: Leave it, i want to go now.
Hanish in mind: What happened to her????
At afternoon:
All are waiting for hasini at canteen, When hasini was coming towards the canteen she sees a leaning figure on the tree, holding hands under chest. All saw that hasini is standing still, and she is trying hard not to cry bt biting her lower lip hardly and her eyes got watery, by seeing water in her eyes the figure stands straight and hasini runs and hugs tightly.

Hiii dearies, tell me ur views about the episode, i” update next on friday, until takecare buddies, luv u loads.

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    take care

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  6. Ok…l’m really excited to know about the new entry. And Rohan use ur brain dude, did u sell it? Can’t u see ur wife has fallen for u? And if u have any kind of feelings towards her u would have recognized that writing to be Hasini’s in a second from her handwriting…Brainless moron.

    Too good chapter akka. Loved it and come back soon?

  7. Waited a lot for your update… Now it’s high time… Hasini tried all ways to show her love bt stupid rohan didn’t understand her….now let him be jealous and confess himself

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