Falling for my husband (Episode-23)


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rohan comes out from thoughts goes and freshup, and comesout from the bathroom. Hasini gives an angrylook to rohan. rohan sees her and says “ohhhh, someone is still angry on me.”
Hasini don’t reply and goes and sits on sofa without looking at him, rohan laughs and comes and sits beside her and puts his hand on her shoulder.
rohan: hasini u r still mad at me??
hasini: yes, don’t talk to me.
rohan: hey i did it for fun hasini.
hasini turns her head to other side.
rohan turns her face by holding her chin and cups her face and says “hasini ,sorry i don’t know u will be angry on me, really sorry.”
hasini laughs by seeing his face and says “look at ur face now” and sticks her tongue out.
rohan:idiot,i thought u were really angry on me.
hasini: i’m feeling bore.
rohan: Then come out with me.
rohan: u only tell me where u want to go??
hasini: exhibition
rohan: get ready, we will go.
Rohan and hasini both goes on his bike for exhibition, hasini rides on eveything in the exhibition and drags rohan with her, they both enjoys a quality time with each other.
Rohan takes hasini to a park and spends some time there and returns to home.
Hasini lays on bed and rohan on sofa, both thinking about eachother dozesoff.
Hasini wakes up and sees rohan is still sleeping and remembers their yesterday’s moments and a smile crepts on her face. She thinks “Hmmm, now he is improving, hanish’s ideas are working but how to get into rohan’s good books.”, She gets an idea and calls hanish.
Hanish: Where i want to come now??
Hasini: Hey how do u know??
Hanish: What i can expect from u this early morning disturbing my sleep??
Hasini suppresses her smile and says “Ok, now listen to me.”
Hanish: I’m doing that only.
Hasini:Ahhhh, okay u told to be kind infront of rohannnn
Hanish:So wat??
Hasini: U know right?? Dat where i ‘ll get any people dat i can help and also rohan want to see it na??
Hasini: So now ur going to act as blind and i’ll help u, so u want to dress as a middleclass, color ur hair, and put on bilnd spectacles.
Hanish: Whatttttttt????
Hasini: Don’t shout idiot.
Hanish: No i’m not going to do it.
Hasini: You are that’s it and wait in busstand like blind, i’ll come on rohan’s bike as my scooty is in the college.
And cuts the call.
Hanish sees the phone and says “I can’t believe this girl.”
Rohan and hasini on the bike to the college. Hanish goes to the busstand but there he sees some girls and removes all his makeup and starts to flirt with them.
When rohan and hasini are near the busstand hasini notices that hanish is flirting with girls and thinks “Stupid, u made my plan to flop, now see what i will do to you.”
Hasini: Rohan, stop here.
Rohan: Why?? What happened??
Hasini:See there.
Rohan: It’s hanish.
Hasini: Flirtting with girls.
Rohan: Leave it hasini.
Hasini: Noway i’m goinh to leave him now.
And gets down from the bike, she takes a small stick and starts to beat hanish on his butt.
Hanish turnsaround with a surprise and founds hasini there and shrieks “Nooo”
Hasini smirks and beats him again.
Hanish starts to run and shouts “Hasini r u madddf, someone help me from this devilllll.”
Rohan stops hasini.
Hanish: Thanks dude.
Rohan: First we will go to college, then both of u settle ur matter.
All three goes to college. Rohan goes to foot ball practice. Hanish and hasini are sitting in the canteen, hasini giving deadglares to hanish. Hanish smiles by showing his 32 teeth.
Hasini: Stop ur colgate add now.
Hanish immediately shuts his mouth.
Hasini: Idiot.
Hanish: Hasini girls are very beautiful in the busstop, so i can’t stop myself.
Hasini: Shutup.
Hanish: Don’t worry i’ll give u another plan.
Hasini: What???
Hanish: Write a loveletter to him and put it on his place.
Hasini: What i will write??
Hanish: what u feel for him.Okay, now i’ll go i have a work.
Hanish: If he is impressed then propose him, bye.
Hasini thinks and starts to write a letter by going to the roof of the school so that no one will disturb her.
Rohan was playing football. Reena comes there and sits on bench watching the game, rohan comes there after some time and sitson bench.
Rohan: Why r u here???
Reena: Just to watch the match.
Rohan: Okk
Reena: Rohan??
Rohan:Yes, what???
Reena: Do u love hasini???
Rohan: Why r u asking me suddenly??
Reena; just to know.
Rohan:No, but i like her.
Reena in her mind: So he is confused, i want to break the bond between them with this confusion.
Reena: Hasini loves u??
Rohan: No, she treats me like a frnd, that’s it.
Reena in mind: I don’t know why but i think she loves u but i don’t make u as her’s.
Reena: U people don’t luv eachother then how many days u both r going to stay like frnds.
Rohan: What do u mean reena??
Reena:Rohan everygirl want her husband to love her.
Rohan is thinking.
Reena: Rohan hasini also has a life, she too want love in her life, how many days she will stay like that, just think about it, i mean if she likes to continue this relationship without love, can she able to love u??? U also want to respect her decision if she want to free from this relationship, i’m just saying what i thought because i’m also a girl, ok bye i want to go now.
Rohan just nods.

Hasini completed her loveletter and keeps it in rohan’s bike without anyone noticing and goes from there.
Hasini then goes to her friends who are involved in practising, she too joins with them. Rohan comes there and they both dance for a slow song.
Rohan keeps his hand on her waist a and holds her left hand with his right by interwining their fingers, hasini’s right hand on his shoulders, they move according to the music, rohan was lost in hasini’s eyes by thinking what had reena said and he tightens his grip on her without knowing himself making more close to him, hasini is already lost into him. They are dancing and getsout from their world by a loud claps sound. They both gets seperate.
HasinI: where is shreya???
Aditya: don’t know i’m also waiting for her only, i’ll go and see for her.
Rahul: Somebody really missing someone.
Aditya:Shutup she is my partner.
Rohan:Ohhhhh, partner???
Aditya goes from there.
All laughs at once seeing him.
Shreya is sitting under a tree thinking something. Aditya sees her and goes near her, he clears his throat to grab her attention, shreya comes from her thoughts and looks at aditya and gives a force smile to him, aditya feels that something is wrong and sits beside her.
Aditya: Waiting for ur ram??
Shreya gives a confused look to him.
Aditya: It’s look like u r sita waiting for her ram under ashoka tree.
Shreya smiles a bit and says “No”
Aditya: Then why r u here??
Shreya: Nothing.
Aditya cups her face and says “Tell me why r u like that??”
Shreya Can’t control her tears now and tells “My dad is in the hospital, he got severe heartattack and it’s second time, i love him verymuch aditya.”
Aditya hugs shreya and says “Hey, nothing will happen to ur dad, now stop crying like a baby.” and comforts her.
Shreya hugs him back and cries for sometime, after sometime time she breaks the hug and says “Thanks aditya, i’m feeling somewhat relief now.”
Aditya:It’s ok, now smile atleast now.
Shreya smiles with his words and they both keep looking into each other eyes.
At evening:
Rohan comes and sees a letter in his bike and opens it to read……
Hasini also comes there and sees that rohan is opening the letter and feels tensed.
Rohan thinks “I’ll read in home and keeps it back”
Hasini: Ohh god i think he will read it in home, don’t know how he will react to it, but why i’m frightened if he don’t know that i wrote it. Comeon hasini be bold.
Then they both goes to home.

Hiii dearies i’ll continue it on wednesday, please tell ur views about this episode, luv u loads buddies. Now u can talk to me in personal if u want, luv u.

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  4. Today’s chapter was too good…Thank God Reena ne kuch toh sahi kaam kiya…Rohan has started to think about Hasini, Eagerly waiting to know how he is gonna react to her letter?
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