Falling for my husband ( Episode-21)

Hi lovely dolls, here is an another update for u, so enjoy reading it buddies. Tell me are u enjoying the story or not. Luv u loads buddies.
At restaurant:
waiter comes and asks for the order.
All gives their order. They have their casusal talk and laughing.
Hanish was eating and eating because hasini is going to pay the bill. hasini is sending daggers to him without anyone’s knowledge. But hanish was enjoying his treat with out bothering.
Rohan: hasini, why r u not eating??
hasini: nothing, just seeing that how cutely my enemy is eating.
hanish lifts his head from the plate and glares at her.
hasini: why u stopped eating?? do you want more??
hanish: haa yes, i want two icecreams.
hasini: hey don’t be shy, if u want another tell me
and gives a fake smile.
hanish again enoying his food says “No, it’s enough.”
hasini: idiot if i’m paying the bill there is no need to eat the whole year food in one day, u can’t store it in ur stomach for one year.
hanish: hey don’t eye on my food ok, i’ll get stomach ache.
hasini: ofcourse. u ‘ll get if u eat this much.
All are laughing looking them.
Rohan: Hasini let him eat.
hanish: u r saying like that u won’t eat, if i put chicken infront of u, u will finish it one second, i’m sure dat u ‘ll also take from my plate also.
reena: hey, hasini u eat chicken.
hasini raises her eyebrow in a questioning manner and says ” i love chicken and any non veg.”
reena: oh god rohan ur wife eats non-veg, but u hate it right.u both are exactly opposite!!
hasini: so what??
reena: how can u both adjust??
Rohan:Everyone have their own interests. so leave it now.
Everyone orders for icecream.
Rohan: Strawberry.
hanish: choclate
hasini smiles and says “vanilla”
hanish: i know dat u order vanilla only, god u both don’t change, atleast now u can eat ur favourite flavour.
hasini: vanilla is my favourite and it always will be my favourite.
hanish: ok madam.
They pays the bill and goes outside, hanish starts his bike and says “hey rohan, why won’t u come with us, anyway i’m going to drop hasini, when destinations are same, come we three go on bike.
reena: why r u taking risk, with triples i’ll drop him.
hanish: they is no risk in dat.
rohan: ok reena i’ll go with hanish. bye.
reena curses hanish under her breath.
they three sits on bike, hanish is riding the bike, rohan sits in the middle, hasini is sitting at back, there is no gap between three.
Hasini’s front is touching rohan’s back. Hanish puts a sudden break and hasini’s is fully leaning on rohan’s back and her hand’s encircled his waist.
hasini: ahhhhhh hanishhhhhh!!!!
hanish: hasiniiiiiii see that chick in the park, she is beautiful, i want to talk with her now.
and getsdown from bike leaving hasini and rohan alone.
Rohan and hasini looks at eachother .
hasini: what we are going to do now???
rohan shrugs his shoulders.
He parks the bike at the side and they both also goes into the park and sits in the grass.
Rohan: you are looking beautiful today.
hasini blushes and her cheeks becomes red. rohan looks at that she is blushing and smiles.
rohan: why u wear it today??
hasini: just like that.
rohan:hmmm, i want to tell u secret.
hasini: what???
rohan: i can’t say the secret loudly.
hasini: then tell me in my ear.
rohan leans and his lips are near her ear, his breath is felling on her ears, her heartbeating is raising, slowly he whispers “hasini”
hasini with affected voice says “HMMM”
rohan whispers ” u are not looking beautiful, u r looking hot in this dress.” and gets backs with a smiling face.
hasini frozes and says ” uuuuuuu, u r dead today.” and abou to beat him.
Rohan gets up and starts running, hasini chases him. hasini gets slipped and teeting, rohan gives her hand but without having a proper balance they fell on the ground. rohan is on top of the hasini. they both kept looking at into each other eyes without blinking, suddenly rohan removes a hair strand from her face and places it behind her ear, her chest is moving up and down fastly, touching rohan’s. he slowly puts his head on her neck’s crook, his breath is felling on her neck which giving her tingling sensation in her stomach. he places a soft kiss on her neck and hasini closes her eyes tightly. he moves his head to her ears and says ” u look more beautiful, even if u don’t wear this clothes.”
and gets up and gives a hand to hasini to make her to stand.
rohan stands infront of her folding his hands under his chest and smiling seeing her. hasini’s was busy in deciphering his words and her eyes got widened when she get know what he means .
She looks at rohan in disbelief and says ” u shameless idiot.”
in that time hanish comes there jumping and shouting “i got her number, igot her number.”
hasini: Are u done with ur flirtting???
hanish: yess.
hasini: Shall we go now.
hanish: okkk
Trio reaches home and hasini was thinking wat had happened in the park and blushing.
At morning:
hasini and rohan gets ready for college, and goes down and looks at each other and says at the same time
Hasini: my scooty is at college.
rohan: my bike at college.
hasini: what we will do now???
rohan: we will go my car.
They both gets in the car at back seat and asks driver to take to college.
At college:
All are busy in practices for anniversary. They both go to their friends.
reena: hii rohan
rohan: hi
reena: have u given ur name to football??
vinay: are u kidding?? why won’t he, he is a champion.
reena: ofcourse, i also gave my name in tennis, u all know i’m a good player in tennis. hasini r u not participating in any sport??
hasini: i’m not interested.
reena: u r not intrerested or u don’t know anything.
hasini was about to reply but principal comes there by hearing their conversation.
principal: hasini u r not participatin in tennis???
hasini: no sir.
principal: why???
hasini: sorry sir, but i’m not participating.
principal: hasiniii!!
hasini: please sir, don’t force me.
principal: okay u r not going to listen to anyone.
hasini: thank u sir.
principal goes from there.
shreya: why don’t u participate when u can play??
hasini: leave it yaar.
reena rolls her eyes. and says ” hey rohan will u dance with me??”
rohan: sorry, i’m with hasini and he goes for football practise. reena leaves with anger from there. hasini messages hanish “what’s next??”
she gets a reply like ” arey yaar flirt with him, randomly bumps into him like it was a to tal coincidence, and try to spend more time with him and be kind infront of him like helping old or blind people, like dat. he we melt for that.”
she replies back “don’t it will look like a film, if i help infront of him.”
she gets a message “hey do it without questioning girl, always disturbs my sleep.”
she replies “kk, still sleeping u lazy, i’ll call u when i need ur help.”
she gets a reply as ” “.
she keeps her phone in bag and gets busy in organizing event..
She was walking in the corridor and sees rohan is coming opposite side.she acts as she disn’t seen him and bumps with him, rohan holds her waist preventing hasini to fall. they both looks into eachother eyes.

rohan: can’t u see and walk??
hasini: Hello i can see.
rohan:really then only i’m holding you.
hasini: i didn’t ask u to hold me.
rohan: then okay
and leaves her. hasini fells down on her butt and screams “ahhhhh”
hasini:u stupid, see now my back is paining.
rohan: u only told me dat u don’t want my help.
hasini tries to getup but she can’t.
rohan with a concerned voice “Are u okay???”
hasini: yes, i’m alright.i’m jumping with joy now.
rohan mutters “stubborn” and lifts her.
hasini: where r u taking me???
rohan: to first-aid room.
hasini: no need for it.
rohan: can’t u stop ur blabbering for a second.
They both reaches there and he kept hasini on bed and says everything to caretaker.
caretaker: no need to worry i’ll will an injection she will be alright.
rohan: what happened???
hasini: just give me tablets, it’s enough.
rohan: injection phobia???
caretaker: it don’t give much pain, it’s a matter of second.
hasini sees the injection with fear and getsdown from the bed saying “i’ll go.”
Rohan holds her tightly and asks him to give injection.
hasini clutches rohan’s shirt tightly and keeps her head on his chest.
caretaker gives her injection.
hasini shouts: ahhhhhhh
rohan: it’s over, now stop shouting, my ears are bleeding.
caretaker gives some tablets , rohan takes them, they both leaves from there.
rohan: hasini u r going to come with me.
hasini smiles in herself and says “okay”.
They both leaves to home on rohan’s bike, hasini was enjoying the ride and thinks ” u ‘ll fall for me soon my dear husband.”
Hi dearies do tell me how is the episode,… do u love it??? don’t worry i’ll show rohan jealously in future episodes. The next i’ll upload on friday, till then lots of love and kisses dearies, muaaahhhhhhh.

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