Falling for my husband ( Episode-20)


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Rohan wakes up and ge ready fast and goes to college for football practise.

Hasini wakes up and goes to take shower, after she walks towards to her wardrobe and scans what to wear, suddenly her eyes fell on a chudidar and says “Perfect”. She changes into them and stands infront of the mirror, she is wearing baby pink simple chudidar hugging her body which showing her all parts perfectly, then she applied a kajal and mascara to her eyes and a pink lipgloss, she let her hair leave, she checked onceagain herself in the mirror and takes her bag and goes down, she goes to mom.

Hasini: How i’m looking?

Mom: Wow hasini u r looking beautiful beta.

Hasini: Ok mom bye
and left from there.

At college:

Asusual she goes to canteen to meet her friends, but she didn’t find rohan there and feels a bit disappointed and sits there. All are seeing at her with their mouths wideopened.

Hasini: Guys can u close ur mouths.

Rahul: U r looking beautiful hasini.

Hasini smiles

Mythri: Is anything special today??

Hasini: Nooo, i regularly wear chudidars only in hyderabad, i’m comfortable in them, sooo i wear it.

Aditya: Really hasini u r different today.

Hasini thinks ” I did this for rohan but he is not here.”

Then they hears rohan’s voice “Hii buddies”
He sits just opposite to hasini and sees her and thinks ” Why she wore different today but she is looking pretty.”

Sakshi: How is ur practise going on??

Rohan: It’s going good.

Rohan is chitchatting with them, in this gap hasini decides to look at him as hanish said and she kept looking at him.

When rohan sees her while talking, he notices she is looking at him, their both eyes met for a second and hasini gives a small smile, she keeps herself busy by chatting with vinay and all.

Rohan was confused, he checks her from top to bottom for few times and he frequently looks at hasini that she is seeing him or not. But she is busy with chitchatting, she observes her that she is keeping her hair strands behind her ears, she is laughing, smiling but not looking at him.

Then suddenly reena comes there and asks ” Hii everyone i’m giving u all a treat for my return to india, what u guys say about a movie this afternoon.”

Mythri: Good idea.

Vinay: Is it necessary??

Reena:Hey please it’s my treat don’t deny.

Aditya: Okk

Reena: Hasini r u also coming??

Shreya: Ofcourse, why r u asking like dat reena.

Reena: I thought dat she don’t like d hindi movies.

Hasini gets angry by hearing her words and thinks “U don’t want me to come to movie so u r talking like dat”. In this time rohan is busy in admiring hasini, hasini suddenly gets up from the chair and looks into reena eyes and says ” U r right reena, i’m not all interested in ur boringggggg movie plan, bye.”

Rohan was taking a full look on hasini and reena angrily says “Rohan ur wife is soo rude.”

Rohan with half mind whispers ” she is looking s*xy today.”

Reena: What??

Rohan: Did u say something??

Reena with irritation “nothing” and all controls their smiles.

Hasini goes to restroom and calls hanish.

Hanish: What hasini???

Hasini:I don’t know where the hell r u come to my college in half an hour.

Hanish:Whaaaaattttttttt??Hasini cuts the call and thinks “Ahhhh this reena became a problem for me”

After sometime she meets hanish at outside the college.

Hanish: Uuuu stupid, u think i’m a robot, why u r making me cry girl, really u r torchoring me.

Hasini tells about reena and says “See she will try to come close to rohan, so we want to spoil that”

Hanish: i’ll surely die with ur commands, don’t know when will ur husband proposes u. Tell me wat we want to do now.

Hasini: We want to follow them, they will start at afternoon.

Hanish: U r killing me yaar.

Hasini:Ok now i’ll go to college, i’ll message u when they start and u should be alert, i’ll come there, nxt we will follow them.

Hanish:Wat i’m going to do upto afternoon.

Hasini leaving without turning says “The thing u do always, flirtting.”

Hanish fall backs on chair and thinks “When he is going to come???”

Hasini goes to class, she was tensed.

At break time, reena and all goes to movie bidding bye to hasini.

Immediately hasini takes her phone and calls hanish to be alert and days that she will be there in 5 minutes.

She goes to coffee shop and hanish is ready on bike, she covers her face with scarf, they both follows the reena car. By following they goes to cinema theatre.

Vinay goes to take tickets for all of them, hasini: Hanish u also go and take tickets for both of us.

Hanish: Wowww hasini we r going to watch movie now.

Hasini: Shutup, not to watch movie, to keep an eye on reena.

Hanish: God, why she is torchuring me?

They all go into theatre, hasini gets seats behind 2 rows of where rohan seated, reena was sitting beside rohan.

The movie was started and hasinu whispers “Hanish do something that devil is sitting beside rohan”

Hanish: Don’t worry from interval onwards she is not going to watch the movie

Hasini:Wat u will do??

Hanish: Just see.

It’s movie interval, after that hasini won’t see reena so she asks hanish “Hey wat u did to her”

When all takes some snacks for them, when reena comes from washroom and goes towards theatre, someone dashes her and coke spoils her dress, when she looks up she sees someone going without saying sorry and his back is facing her, yes it’s our hanish.Reena says ‘stupid’ and goes back to clean her dress, when she goes into washroom, hanish locks it from outside and comes to watch movie.

Hanish: Now i can watch movie with peace.

When d movie is finished rohan and all goes outside and sees reena at outside

Mythri: Where have u been?

Reena: I went to washroom and don’t know which idiot locked d door from outside.

Hanish and hasini are secretly listening all d conversation covering their faces.

Sakshi: Are u okay now??

Reena: Kk, leave it now, we will go to a restaurant.

Hanish: Now we want to go restaurant??

Hasini: Yess

Aditya:Ok which one?

Reena tells a restaurant name and hasini says “If we follow them they will recognize us in restaurant.”

Hanish: If we go first to that restaurant, then??

Hasini: Yes it ‘ll be a co-incidence.

Hanish: Hurryup
They both goes to the restaurant before they arrive and sits at a table.

Hanish: hasini order something, i’m hungry, because of u i didn’t ate from morning.

Hasini: But u didn’t give rest to ur mouth in theatre right?

HaniSh: They r just snacks.

Hasini: Order watever u want.

Hanish: Thanks for showing mercy on me.

At that time rohan’s batch comes there and sees hasini with hanish.

Rahul: Hey hasini, u r here??

Hasini: Hiii, u guys said dat u were going to movie???

Hanish in mind: Haha drama queen.

Sakshi: The movie is finished, so we r here to eat.

Hasini: Ohhh

Rohan: now tell me why u r here.

Hanish: Hi bro i have asked her to take me to a restaurant, because she is going to pay bill for me today, it’s a past settlement between us.

Hasini in mind: I want to punch his nose.

and nods her head in


Hanish winks at her and asks” All of u also can sit here, we all together eat.”

Aditya: Good idea.

They all seated in circle.

Sorry for late update, don’t know what had i written i wrote it in a hurry, so please ignore my errors, i’ll update next episode tonight or morning, it’s a promise. I’m fine dearies but i got some urgent work due to it i can’t able to upload, i also didn’t expect. So, please forgive me and tell me ur views. Luv u loads yaar.

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    1. Sorry dr, thanks for comment yaar, luv u

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