Falling for my husband (Episode-2)


Hi guys thanks for all ur valuable comments dear. Here is another episode for u, enjoy reading it buddies. Especially thanks forryths, mini, smiley, roma,yukku, dev, swara, emz fasa.

In mumbai:
Rohan reached home, his father(Sudheer) was waiting for him. His father asked him to take seat as he want to talk with him. Rohan without looking at him took a seat and his father told that he arranged a match for him and he is going to marry that girl. Rohan looked at his father with angry eyes and was about to talk but cut off his dad. His dad told “Iam just saying to you not asking your permission, think twice before rejecting it because ur mother will face consequenses if ur not ready” and left from there. Rohan was fuming with anger and went to his room and closed the door with a thud. Rohan shouted “what the hell he was thinking about him, why he always bring mom inbetween, I hate u I hate u Mr.Sudheer Malhotra.” and throwed his bike keys on the floor.
Suddenly there is a small knock on the door, he opened the door and saw her mother with meals. His mom entered into the room and rohan noticed a handmark on his mom’s left cheek. He hurriedly grabed the plate from his mom’s hand and placed it on the table and made her mom sit on the bed, his eyes turned from anger to concerned. He asked his mom what happened by caressing her cheek. His mom told him that his dad said about his marriage and she asked him to ask your opinion and he gave this in return. Rohan’s eye get red with anger again and told that he will kill him for this, but his mom stopped him and says no. She took the food plate from table and started to feed him and said that because of her, he want to marry without his wish and tears fell from her cheeks, rohan wiping her cheeks says” No mom you did nothing, it’s all his fault and i will do anything for u” and places his head on her lap and closed his eyes and dozed off. After sometime his mom places his head on the pillow and covers him with blanket and places a kiss on his forehead and leaves from the room.

At morning in Hyderabad:
Hasini wakes up due to sunrays falls on her face and suddenly she remembers her dad’s words and gets out from the bed and stands infront of the mirror and talks to herself “Hmm hasini looking good, and what i want to say to dad ‘yes’ or ‘no'”, she screams “aaaaa… wat to say damn company, is he looks good and loves me” and jumps on the bed and rolls on the bed from left to right by hugging the pillow and shouts hasini… do something stupid. After some time she got freshen up and goes down and sees her father something murmuring infront of the god, he slowly walks to her and listens what was he asking the god.She hears” God, please make my daughter agree for this marriage please, pleasee…..if she agree for this marriage then i will come to you by walk please god and i also bring my wife along with me” and bursted out into laughter. Her dad turns to her and looks at her. Hasini says”Wh–What dad—- ur making an aggrement— with god about my marriage ha” inbetween her laughs and stands still and pulls her dads cheeks and says “Iam ready to marry with …………. Mr.whatever, are u happy now” . Her father with happy hugs her and says thankyou darlinggggg and runs to his wife to share the news with her. Hasini smiles seeing his father running like a child and says to herself “Nodoubt why all calls me mental, because whose father is like this, his daughter will be like that only and i will do anything to make him happy.” and went out to college.
When she reached the college and walking towards her class, suddenly a boy (Hanish, stupid enemy for our heroine ) appears infront of her. Hasini rolls his eyes by seeing him and asks him to get out of her way. He smirks and says” Why i want to and where is your bodyguard, not seeing him now-a-days. Hasini replys that it is none of his business and asks him that he forget about the punch she had given him a week ago or he wants another by showing her fist to him with a smirk on her face. He tooks a step back and says i will show you who am i and leaves from there. Hasini looks at him with a whatever look and goes to meet her friend asha to share the news with her about the marriage.

Hi dearies this for today and give you another episode tomorrow. Till then love u loads buddies.

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  1. Hi… Ur ff is interesting n I have a question for u… R u from ap????

    1. yes dear iam from ap. thank u.

  2. Wowwww chinni, awesome, marvellous episode. …loved it very very much. …Rohan’s father is very strict n n hits his mom….not good…but Rohan is really very good, he agreed to marry coz of his mom…very decent guy….ha sini’s dad so funny…lol…loved the praying scene…she also agreed coz of her parents happiness. …hanish looks like trouble…..very interesting story… …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. tq roma dear.

  3. Nice ff. Pls post the next epi soon

    1. tq cherry for reading my ff and i will update it soon.

  4. Superb epi yr..totally luv it..waiting for nxt epi update soon

    1. tq ryths dear for ur support.

  5. Nyc one……. Waiting to c wat happens next……

    1. tq yukku dear, all ur comments are valuable for me and happy to see all of u liking my ff.

  6. Nyc episode dear..keep writting

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