Falling for my husband (Episode-19)


Hii dearies thanks for all ur comments yaar. This is another update for u, so enjoy reading it buddies. Do comment how u enjoyed the episode, luv u allll,muahhhhhh.

Next morning:

Hasini wakes up and sees a sleeping figure on the sofa, she goes near the sofa and admires the beauty of rohan.

Hasini: Wow he looking sooo cute, those soft lips making me crazy, the angrybird is not looking like angrybird anymore. first i want to wake him up, otherwise don’t know wat i’m going to do with that lips. Hmmm hasini what r u thinking stupid???

She shakes her head and wakes up rohan.

Rohan slowly getsup and says ” Ohh, good morning.”

Hasini: Good morning. when did you come last night.

Rohan: I’m little late.

Hasini: Okk, how is the party??

Rohan: Not bad.

Hasini: U didn’t enjoy??

Rohan: Don’t know. Okk leave that now i’ll go and get fresh.

And he goes to bathroom.

Hasini stands there and thinks “Stupid he even didn’t miss me, u to make him to fall for me. Yes, i’ll ask asha.”

She grabs her phone and dials to asha.

Hasini: Hey asha i want help.

Asha: Tell me what u want??

Hasini: I told u yesterday that i’m loving rohan right?? I want how i want to make him to love meeee?? U know i’m very poor in all these.

Asha: Just go and propose him.

Hasini: Idiot he we will get electrical shock if i say directly. tell me some good ideas.

Asha: Hasini u know i’m really not brave in all these matters, so why can’t u ask anyone who are expert in it.

Hasini: But who???

Asha: your worst enemy, who else, u know he is a player, soo he know all things about flirtting well.

Hasini: Yess u r right. I’ll call that stupid.

Asha: now he is in mumbai only about some work, he can help u.

Hasini: Thank u dear.

Asha: All the best.

Hasini: Bye
and hungs up.

Rohan comes out from the bathroom and asks ” Are r not coming to college??”

Hasini: I ‘ll be late, i have some work

Rohan: Okk

He gets ready and leaves to college, in this time hasini also goes and takes a shower and grabs her phone and checks for the name in the contact list myworst enemy.

Hasini: Yes i get it
She dials the number and phone rings.

Hanish: Hello enemy!!!Why u suddenly remembered me that too this morning.

HasiNi: I need ur help in a matter

Hanish: Ohh the great hasini needs my help???

Hasini: I want to talk to u, so meet me at the coffee shop near my college after an hour.

Hanish: one hour, i didn’t wake up yet girl

Hasini: It’s none of my business, you r coming that’s it
and cuts the call and says to herself “Yipeee, i’m going to flirtting with my husband!!”
———————–Hasini goes to coffee shop and waits for hanish.

Hanish comes on bike and sees hasini and sits opposite to her.

Hasini: U r fifteen minutes late.

Hanish: Hello i have my personal works madam. Okay tell me what’s the matter?

Hasini: I’ll tell u but u r not going to tell it anyone.

Hanish: Okayy, tell me.

Hasini: First make a promise.

Hanish: Ahhh u r irritating man, sorry woman, promise.

Hasini takes a deep breath and says “I’m in love.”

Hanish who is drinking the coffee spitsout the coffee. Hasini gives a disguisting look. Hanish says “Sorry, what u love me, hasini u r married???? How will u cheat him, i know i’m handsome but i don’t know that u have feelings for me.”

Hasini: Have u finished ur blabbering, can i talk now.

Hanish: But hasini i never seen u like that.

Hasini: Ahhh shutup ur mouth. i’m not loving u.

Hanish: Then y u called me here.

Hasini: Can u give me a chance to finish???

Hanish: Sorry.

Hasini: I’m in love with rohan and i want ur help that how i want to make him to fall for me, understood tubelight??

Hanish:Ohhhhh, okay. But what i’ll get in return for helping u???

Hasini: Wat u want???

Hanish: I’ll ask when i want help from u.

Hasini:Ok then now help me first.

Hanish: first u want to grab some attention.

Hasini: How??

Hanish: By ur looks, u want to be attractive more, wear something different from tomorrow, i mean like in ur college all wear jeans, skirts, but u try panjabi dress that is comfortable and gives u a slight s*xy look which shows ur curves perfectly. They don’t want know that u r grabbing their attention because they may lose interest in u.

Hasini: Ok i’ll wear punjabi from tomorrow it’s not a problem for me.

Hanish: U want to look s*xy okk.
And winks at her.

Hasini: Next

Hanish: next make an eye contact with him like just look at him for some time don’t stare for long time, when he looks just give a small smile and act that u r busy in some talking or on some work, and don’t look at him another time. In this time he frequently looks at u that u r seeing him or not, then he notices u.

Hasini: Hmm

Hanish:Next many boys fall for girls because of their smile so be happy always, there is no need to tell u this because u r anyway funny.first try these one’s.

Hasini: Okay i’ll try it tomorrow only.

Hanish: Haa hasini don’t put ur hands on chest, because he want to check u right??

Hasini: U idiot.

Hanish: It shows ur fear when u keep ur hands ur chest.

Hasini: Okay, and thanks.

Hanish: After these call me i’ll tell u wat to do next.

Hasini: Yep

Hanish goes from there. hasini goes to college at breaktime, she goes to canteen and sees reena with them and thinks “When did this devil goes from my life” And walks towards them.

Hasini: Hiii

Shreya: Hiii

Rohan: Where u till now??

Hasini in mind ” To know how i want to make u love me.” and says ” Nothing, a small work”

Reena: Ohh what is that work??

Hasini in mind “Hmm to kill u” and says “Sorry, it’s personal.”

Rohan: Okay now sitdown, and principal sir asked u to meet him.

Hasini with shock “What?? Why he takes care on me thatttt much??”

Rohan: Go and meet him.

Hasini goes to principal room.

Aditya: Hey why u lied her??

Rohan: Just see her face after she comes, it will be funny.

Hasini: May i come in sir??

Principal: Yes, what hasini??

Hasini: Sir u called me.

Principal: No i didn’t call u, anyway u came here, prepare a ppt on topic, i’ll mail u.

Hasini thinks “Ahhhh angrybirddddd” and says “Yes sirrrr” and comes out.

All are laughing and hears a voice “Angry birddddddd”

Rohan: Godddd i’m in trouble
and starts to run.

Hasini runs after him. All starts to laugh seeing them except reena.
Rohan runs and suddenly stops seeing sir and hasini also comes and dashes with rohan and stops, when professor goes hasini holds him and starts to beat and says “Because of u i got another assignment.”

Rohan: Don’t worry i’ll help u

Hasini don’t stop beating. To stop her he suddenly kisses on her cheek. She becomes still and he runs away from there.

After sometime she comes to world and smiles and thinks “Wait for tomorrow angrybird.”

Hii guys please tell me ur views on the episode, i typed now and replied for ur comments on pre epi and thanks for ur comments dearies, luv u loads. i’ll give next epi on monday.

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    1. Tq nupur dr. I’ll try to give a long one. Luv u buddy

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