Falling for my husband (Episode-18)

Hi dearies, i’m here with an update, so enjoy reading it buddies and give ur valuable comments after reading it. luv u load dearies.

Rohan’s birthday:
They both slept for one hour, at morning rohan’s mom came and wished him and plant a kiss on his fore-head.
mom: now u go and get fresh and i bought a shirt for u,made ur favourite ladoos.
rohan: thank u mom
and kisses her cheek.
his mom leaves from there, rohan turns to hasini and says “once again thanks for ur gift.”
hasini smiles and nods. Then rohan goes and takes bath,he was looking stunning in white shirt and blue jeans.
Hasini : someone looking handsome today
Rohan: i’m always
Hasini rolls her eyes and walks towards bathroom and suddenly she felt a hold on her wrist. When she turn around she sees rohan and gives him a questioning look.
Rohan: From where do u get that weird birthday plan??
Hasini: Weird??? haa
rohan chuckles at her and says “haaa, i mean different ideas??”
Hasini: only great people get those ideas
and raises her eyebrows.
rohan leaves her hand and says ” yes, i’m confirmed.”
Hasini: what have u confirmed??
rohan: that u r maddd.
hasini: uuuuuu
rohan leaves in a second before she starts any thing.
At college:
Rohan goes to college and there all his friends are waiting for him , they all shouted at once “Happy birthday rohan.”
rohan: thank u guys.
Hasini also comes and joins with them.
All of them made him to cut the cake and enjoyed.
Sakshi: It’s time for the party
rohan: ok order want to want i’ll pay.
aditya: here, no way.
rahul: what if we go to pub this evening??
all cheers except hasini.
rohan: okk. okk.
hasini: sorry guys i can’t come.
vinay: why??
hasini shrugs her shoulder and says ” i’m not interested in pubs and all.”
shreya: hey please hasini, it will be fun.
hasini: no guys, sorry, please don’t force me.
then suddenly a female voice interrupts them “Happy birthday rohan.”
All looked at the frame standing and extended her hand towards rohan. All are dumbstruck and hasini was just seeing all their shocked faces, the girl was wearing a knee length skirt with a pink top, she is beautiful with all her makeup on his face. rohan comesout from shock and shakes his hand with her and says ” Thank u.”
The girl grabbing an empty chair sits besides rohan.
girl: how r u rohan?? it’s been a long time right??
rohan just nods his head.
girl: where is the party rohan??
Rohan: this evening at pub.
girl: ohh we can enjoy , hii guys how r u all??
Rahul: we allr fine, when u came from london.
girl: this week.
shreya: why all of a sudden reena??
hasini thinks “ohh her name is reena.”, not knowing what to talk she just kept looking all of them.
reena: i just came and joined again in college.
aditya: ohhh
reena: i missed all of u and specially rohan.
and looks at him. rohan turns her head to hasini who had a blank expression on her face.
mythri: u r not here na, he is married now.
reena with shock asks “whatt?? when?? with whom??’
vinay: her name is hasini,who is sitting opposite to u.
reena sees hasini fully and hasini gives a smile and extends her hand saying ” Hiii i’m hasini.”
Reena ignores her and asks rohan “r u married rohan?? seriously??”
rohan: yes.
hasini takes her hand back and thinks “showing attitude haa?? i’m calm because she is his friend, otherwise don’t know what i have done with her.”
reena looking at hasini asks ” where r u from???”
hasini: hyderabad.
reena: ohh u r a southindian, don’t u have boys there to marry??
haasini narrows her eyes.
reena: just asking.
hasini gives a fake smile and suddenly her phone rings, she gets a smile by seeing the caller id as asha and quickly picks the call and says ” uuu idiot, stupid ,monkey, donkey, ehhhh, don’t u know to call me , i’m waiting for ur call from decades.” and raises her head that all staring her, she excuses herself from there.
reena: she is loud!! and she is not that beautiful also then rohan why u marrried her???
aditya: she is good at heart.
vinay: she funny and she is beautiful when u look clearly.
reena: she has soo much following here and rolls her eyes.
hasini comes there and says ” sorry guys i disturbed all of u and i’m leaving now, enjoy ur evening.”
rohan: hasini u asked for party then why u r not coming??
hasini: i’ll take make party when i want but i don’t like to come pubs.
reena: really, r u from village or what?? don’t like pubs??? u are talking like a granny.
rahul: hasini why don’t u come to shut all their mouths and looks towards reena.
hasini was boiling in anger with reena’s words and calms herself and says “It’s okk, i’m leaving noww, shreya u will come with mee.”
Shreya: yess.
they both leaves from there.
reena: ok guys i will see u on evening in pub
and leaves from there.
shreya: hey hasini don’t ask who is she???
hasini: i think she is friend for u all, what to ask??
shreya: hasini she is ur competition.
hasini laughs and asks “what?? competition?? for me, ???”
shreya: i’m not joking.
hasini: oook, tell me how she will be my competition in studies?? u know i’m not interested.
shreya: nooooo, for rohan.
hasini : what???
shreya: yess
hasini: i can’t get it.
shreya: come we will sit and talk under that tree.
They both sits down and shreya explains ” hasini as you know her name is reena, we know her from our 12th standard, andddd rohan and reena loves each other in the past, they love each other soo much but one day she got an offer to go london for studies for that she asked rohan to come along with her, they both argued on that , but she said that she want to go london aand break relationship with rohan, from that day onwards we lost active rohan, now we are seeing him some what good after u entered in his life. don’t know whether he still loves her or not.”
and takes a deep breath.
hasini who listened all these felt a little pain in her heart and she thinks ” why i’m feeling pain in my heart when i don’t love him, why i’m feeling hurt that rohan loves some body else??? what is this feeling?? why i’m feeling to cry noww??”
shreya: hasini
hasini comes out from her thoughts and says ” okkk, it’s his past, come on we will go to class.”
They goes to class and sees that reena sitting beside rohan and feels jealous.
At evening all rohan and his friend’s goes to pub and hasini goes to home.She taking a shower and thinks ” why i’m angry when i saw that girl with rohan, am i jealous?? really am i falling for my hu–husband?? really hasini is in love with angrybird???godddddd my heartbeat races when he is near me?? why i get smile while seeing his smile?? first of all why i’m jealous and want to kill that reena?? ”
she brushed of all her thoughts and comes out.
She sees rohan sitting on the bed and asks ” when did u come??” and goes near him but he suddenly disappears.
hasini: wow hasini now u r imagining him.
She goes to window and looks at moon and smiles ” i think i’m loving him. ohhh hasini is loving her husband, wait i want to tell it mom.”
and runs to mom who was in the kitchen.
hasini: mommm
mom: what happened beta??
hasini: i’m in love
mom : what??
hasini: with angrybird.
mom happily hugs her and says ” i know that this day will come.”
hasini breaks the hug and says ” before i reaalize it i have a hurdle in my love story.”
mom: what beta??
hasini: i don’t know whether he has feelings towards me(thinks about reena.)
mom: beta u get love when u fight for it and made him to fall for u and who can’t love my dear beti.
hasini thinks and says ” yes mom, u r right, i ‘ll make him to fall for me.”
mom winks at her.
hasini: ok mom i want to tell this to asha , otherwise she will kill me.
mom smiles and says “okkk”.
hasini goes to her room and calls asha and informs everything to her, then she lays on bes thinking “what will be angrybird doing noww??” and dozes off.
hello guys just tell me ur opinion on the episode. i didn’t get time soo i’m typed it night and uploaded for u .luv u loads. the next will be on friday.

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  1. chinni it was so nice ………………… at last hasini realised her feelings for rohan yiippppeeeeee …………… love you …………..tc

  2. It’s obviously awesome..I’m falling for it!I’m super curious.What will happen nxt?Rohan shouldn’t go there&why he didn’t give any ans to that fool who insult his wife!..Plz update nxt soon..Love u,chinni…

    1. Tq umama buddy, luv u dr

  3. Aww!! That’s a cute update..Hasini has finally fallen for her husband.. 😀

  4. Wow! Just too awesome! Finally Hasini started loving Rohan and now waiting for him to fall for her too?
    Update soon…

  5. Wow..this jealous track is just awesome..Loved it..finally hasini realized that she is in love with rohan..update soon..tc.. 🙂

  6. At last hasini realised her feelings….I am feeling so good….episode was awesome…. Update the next part soon….. Lots of love…. Take care…<3<3

    1. Tq shanaya dear

  7. Chinni its the best epi till date as hasini realised her feelings towards her ANGRYBIRD.. Hope she will soon confess her feelings.. 🙂 waiting for the next one.. Tc dear

    1. Tq kavya buddy. U too tc dr

  8. Very very interesting upd..Hasini was quite calm t’day..l was feeling like giving Reena a tight slap!!! so irritating…n Rohan ,when will he get some feelings 4 hasini???.he is taking so much time but finally u made hasini to realize it..but,l want rohan to confess first ..will he go to pub without his wife??..or gonna cancel d party??..upd ASAP,,,,take care ,,Buddy..love you a bunch!!!

    1. Tq anisha buddy, luv u too

  9. hey..luvly epi dear..m happy dat finally hasini realise her feeling for rohan….huuhhh wanna bang reena’s head yaar…c’s really irritatng…update nxt epi asap eagerly waiting

  10. Awesome post fast

  11. Akka.. awesome episode akka…finally hasini is n luv wth hr husband..wowwww! N now we al saw hasini’s jealousy now I am jus waiting for rohan’s turn…waiting fa ur nxt update akka… I luv ur stry d most ka..and more over tat I luv u my dear akka?mishhhh uuu

    1. Tq lil sis, thanks for loving my story. Luv u dr

  12. Wooooowww finally hasini realised her feeling…It’s Awesome..Waiting for rohan’s part…I hate that reena…nd plzzzz update nxt epi soon nd also add some more romantic scenes ??..We all r waitng for rohan’s jealous part..U r a great writer…Luv uuu drr…

    1. Hii akshara dr, i uploaded nxt also, luv u loads.

  13. Wow yaar awsome i was ur silent reader but its very much good…..Luv u loads….Have u wrote stories can u tell me the names…..Waiting eagerly for ur reply

    1. Hii fareha dr, tq for commenting yaar nd this is my first ff dr. Luv u

  14. Awesome, marvellous episode, loved it very much. . . Love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. ..

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