Falling for my husband (Episode-17)


Hi dearies how r u all?? I know u r all waiting for my ff, so i’m here with an update, enjoy reading it dearies and do tell me about ur opinions towards the episode.

Next day hasini is busy with all the preparations of rohan’s birthday.

At night:

Hasini goes near the sofa where rohan was sleepling and sit down infront of him. She slowly calls “Rohan, rohan”

Rohan just moves in sleep.

Hasini shakes rohan, and calls”Rohan, hey angrybird getup”

Rohan slowly opens his eyes and asks “Ohhh it’s already morning???” and again closes his eyes.

Hasini shakes him with all her force and days “Hey idiot it’s not morning.”

Rohan opens his eyes with a jerk and asks “Then why are u waking me up??”

Hasini: I’m not getting sleep. I’m feeling bore.

Rohan: Really for that u r disturbing my sleep.

Hasini: Yep.

Rohan:Ahhh, u idiot, let me sleep
Turns other side and sleeps.

Hasini narrows her eyes and holds his arm and tries to drag him

Rohan gets up and asks ” What u want???”

Hasini: I’m bored, i want to go outside.

Rohan: Seriously, at this time???

Hasini smiles and nods her head positively.

Rohan:Shutup and go and sleep, let me sleep.

Hasini: Ok then, i will go myself with out you in the car, now u sleep.
and goes from there.

Rohan getsup and says “Is she going really without anyone that too at night.”He walks outside and sees hasini sitting in the car.

Rohan: This girl is making me mad

Hasini sees rohan and starts the car intentionally.

Rohan runs towards the car and shouts ” Hey hasini, stop i’ll also come with you.”

Hasini halts the car, rohan sits in passenger seat.

Hasini: U told, u don’t want to come.

Rohan: I’m coming

Hasini smiles and starts the car.

Rohan: Where are we going??

Hasini: Longdrive

Rohan: What?? Are u mad??

Hasini ignores his words and increases the car speed.

After sometime rohan asks “Can u say me where we r going???”

Hasini stops the car at the middle of the road, there are no vehicle in far, there are small trees at road sides, and a cool breeze hitting their faces. The moon looking towards them.

Rohan: Hey mental why u stopped here???

Hasini: I’ll tell u, but first u close ur eyes.


Hasini: Please for two minutes.

Rohan rolls his eyes and closes. After 2 minutes he hears “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dear rohan, happy birthday to you.”

When he opens his eyes he saw smiling hasini holding a choclate cake with full of candles. Rohan frozes for a second and sees the time, it shows exactly 12.00.


Hasini: First cut the cake, i can’t wait anymore. Rohan smiles and says “Ok”

Hasini puts the cake on the car and asks him to cut it.

Rohan blows the candles and cuts the cake, hasini shouts “Happy birthday rohan” and sprays snow on him. Rohan laughs and feeds her with a big piece of cake. Hasini also feeds him the cake and applies cream all over his face and starts to run. Rohan also runs after her with some cake in his hand.

Hasini: ahh rohan please leave me, i can’t run anymore.

Rohan:Nooo i’m not going to leave you
He catches her by her waist and holds both of her hands with his hands.

Rohan: Now how will u escape???

Hasini: How can u apply cream to me if u r holding my hands with ur’s

Rohan says ” Like this” and he puts his cheek on her and rubs,making her face with full of cake cream, she stands still and now rohan applies more cream to her with his hands and runs towards car.

Hasini: U idiottttt
and smiles, she begins to dance on the road shouting like a mad “Happy birthday angrybird, Heyyy moon u also tell wishes to angrybird.”

Rohan laughs by seeing her.

Hasini: Hey angrybird moon is smiling at you, it’s mean he is wishing u, thank u moon friend.

Rohan: Hey comeon we will go home it’s already late.

Hasini: Without dinner.

Rohan: Now, there is no restaurant here mental

Hasini: Why r u taking tension, i’m here na

Rohan leans on the car door and asks “What will you do??”

Hasini takes a pizza box and cooldrink from the car, arranges a cloth on the road, and sits on it and signs to rohan to sit.

Rohan: Really pizza, at the middle of the road that too night???

Hasini winks at him, both enjoys eating pizza. They lays on road and seeing the moon.

Rohan: Thankyou hasini.

Hasini: Hmmm, i forget to give ur gift and goes to car,and takes a gift from backseat and gives to rohan.

Hasini: Open

Rohan unwraps the gift and sees a scrap book beautifully made with colors, aritificial small flowers and paintings and “Sweet memories with my mom” Line. He slowly opens it and sees all his childhood pics, his and his mom pics, it’s explanation at sides in a funny way upto today.

Rohan was happy reminding all those and looks at hasini and hugs her tightly.

Rohan: Thankyou hasini for this beautiful memory.

Hasini: Only thanks, hello i want party????

Rohan: okay i’ll give

Hasini: Hurrey, but now u want to play guitar for me.

Rohan smiles and says “But i want guitar??”

Hasini brings guitar and days “Now u can play”

Rohan takes the guitar and days “Well prepared”

Rohan: tell me what u want me to play

Hasini: Rock music

Rohan plays rock music and hasini starts to dance like crazy on roads. Hasini feels that she is playing the guitar and sings “This is our dayyyyy, no one is going to disturb us,ohhhhhhh”

Rohan smiles and joins with her, they both forget everything and joining their full. After sometime they are tired and stops. They both sees each other and laughs like crazy.

Hasini: Hey let’s have a running race upto that tree one two three start

She is running.

Rohan: Hey i’m not ready, this is cheating
He clutches his hair and starts to run.

Hasini reaches first and jumps “I’m the winner”

Rohan comes there and says “By cheating”

Hasini: What’s the time now??

Rohan: It’s already 4. we should go now.

Hasini: I don’t have energy to walk to car, please piggyback me.

Rohan: Ahhh,uuu won’t change

He piggybacks her, her legs encircled his waist and her hands on around his neck, she puts her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes.

Rohan: Here i’m carrying you u r taking rest on my back.

Hasini just smiles and thinks “I hope this moment frozes for life long.”

Hi guys, i typed when i got time, the next i’ll update on wednesday dearies, please share ur views about the episode. I read all ur comments but i don’t have enough to reply yaar, thanks to all, i’ll defenitely reply to this episode, hope u like it. My bro is good and want to take rest for somedays. Thanks for all ur prayers. Luv u loads and do comment yaar.

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    1. Hii akshara dr, i too missed u buddy, i’ll update tmrw dr, my brother is not at all listening to me, he is making me mad in the hospital dr.

    2. Hii akshara dr, i too missed u buddy, i’ll update tmrw dr, my brother is not at all listening to me, he is making me mad in the hospital dr. I’m cracking jokes for him here. Luv u loads

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