Falling for my husband (Episode-16)

Hii dearies i’m here again with an update. Thanks for ur lovely comments pals. Please, ignore my grammatical errors guys, asusual enjoy reading it buddies, do tell me ur opinion about the episode yaar.

Hasini takes coffee to mom and gives her.

Mom: Where is ur’s beta??

Hasini: Angrybird grabbed it from me mom.

Mom laughs.

Hasini: U look beautiful when u r laughing, soo keep smile on ur face every second mom and until i’m here, there will be a smile on ur face for sure.

Mom Smiles and takes hasini’s hands in her hands and asks “Beta, do you love rohan??”

Hasini: Why r u asking mom?

Mom:Just tell me beta.

Hasini: Mom, i’m not sure about it, whether i love him or not, i’m totally confused. Once i know that what i’m feeling towards him, i promise that u r the first one i’m going to share it mom.

Mom: deal??

Hasini laughs and says “Deal.”, she kisses on rohan’s mom cheek and asks her to drink coffee, and stands to her but thinks something and says “Mom, if GM comes and annoys you, just tell me, i’ll deal with her, okay”

Mom: Yes, mam.

Hasini winks at her.

Mom: Haa beta

Hasini turnsaround and says “Yes,mom. Do u need any thing???”

Mom: No beta. I forget to tell u that after two days is rohan’s birthday.

Hasini: Ohh angrybird birthday.

Mom: Haa ur angrybird birthday.

Hasini: Ok mom, thanks for telling, now take rest for some time.
and leaves from there.

At night hasini thinks that she want to do something for rohan’s birthday and plans something and dozesoff with a smile.

At college:

Hasini goes to college and sees that no one are there and calls shreya.

Shreya: We are practising for dances and dramas in auditorium room, come fast.

Hasini: Okk

Hasini goes there and sees all are busy in rehearsals.

Rahul: Hasini comeon join with us, we will dance.

Hasini: No, Rahul i’m not interested.

Aditya: hey hasini i want a pair, please dance with me.

Hasini: No yaar

Aditya: Please hasini.

Hasini: Ok, u want pair right??? Hmm then choose shreya, she is a good dancer
and winks at shreya.

Aditya thinks for some time and goes near shreya

Aditya: sherya, will u be my partner in dance????


They both starts dancing for a romantic song. They both lost into each other eyes.

Rahul is dancing like mad, hasini was laughing seeing his dance.

Rohan comes there after his football practise.

Hasini: Heyy angrybird how is ur practise??

Rohan drinking juice says “Going good”

Sakshi: Come rohan we will practise for dance competition.

Rohan: Then who is my partner??

Mythri: U want to choose it dude.

Rohan:What?? No is there??

Sakshi: I’m with vinay, mythri with rahul.

Riya: Hey guys why r u worried about that, i’m here to dance with rohan. What u say rohan???

Hasini is getting anger but don’t show it.

rohan: Riya why u r taking stress, hasini will accompany me, right hasini??

Hasini was shocked by rohan’s words.

Rohan: Ok bye riya.

Riya goes from there with anger.

Hasini: What?? I’m not dancing.

Rohan: Hoo queenvictoria don’t know how to dance.and sits beside hasini

Hasini:Hello i’m not interested.

Rohan: Just agree thar u don’t know how to dance.

Hasini: Whenever i participate in any competition i’m the first, except studies.

Rohan:Then what’s ur problem???

Hasini: Missing someone.

Rohan narrows his eyes and asks “Who??”

Hasini:It’s not the topiccccc

Rohan gets up and drags her with him and says ” U r going to dance with me, that’s it.” and starts to dance with hasini.

Hasini: Rohannnn

Rohan puts a finger on her lips and days “ssssshhhhhh”

Hasini starts to look into his eyes, and she is imagining only two of them. Rohan again starts to dance with her.

After sometime hasini goes from there by saying that she has some work.

Sorry dearies i know it’s a small update, but i’m busy, soo i hurriedly typed this small update for you. I will give u nxt on moday or tuesday buddies because, i want to take care of my brother, he is having an operation tomorrow, sooo please pray for my brother lovelies. Luv u loads.

Credit to: chinni


  1. Nupur

    Such a cute and sweet epi…I actually wanted to see Rahul’s mental dance???
    Oh! So now Rohini ll dance together in fest, ll wait 4 that?
    And I hope ur brother gets well soon?
    Come back soon

  2. Shanaya

    It was a short and sweet update…. Beautiful bonding of dil and mil…. Love story…. Lots of love… Tc…update the next one soon….

  3. Shanaya

    It was a short and sweet update…. Beautiful bonding of dil and mil…. Lovely story…. Lots of love… Tc…update the next one soon….

  4. Meenu

    Hiii…akka..so cute episodee?. .bt too small?..but it’s OK ka..n take care of OUR bro?. .. n I ll surely add him in my prayer ka ..u too take care akka..waiting fa ur nxt update?mishhhh uuuu…

  5. ryths

    wooww…luvly epi… waiting for nxt epi dear…hope ur bro gets well very soon… will pray for his health

  6. Akshara

    Today’s epi is nice chinni dr..I read ur ff with 3 or 4 times..Hasini makes a plan..But wht’s the plan???..We all r waiting for nxt epi..

  7. Akshara

    We all r prayng for his health..Now writng ff is not important..Don’t worry take care ur brother..Luv u ma..

  8. Anisha

    Aawww may be Rohan was jealous..l would love to c him like that on next part as well…plz yaar it’s a request..n thnx a bunch 4 this interesting upd…it’s so sweet of u buddy, u upd it though ur brother is not doing well..he’ll be alright, soon by the grace of Almighty… so don’t worry ..take care of him nd urself to..Stay safe..

  9. Sweetie

    Nice update dear.. πŸ™‚ Everything will be alright with your brother,don’t worry.. πŸ™‚
    Stay blessed πŸ˜€

  10. Fantastic epi. Eagerly waiting for next plzzz post soon and by the way have u wrote other stories too…plzzz tell me if u have??? I just once wanna read them plzzz

  11. Roma

    Awesome episode Chinni sweeeeeetheart. ..your brother will get well soon…we all friends praying for him……love you loads

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