Falling for my husband ( Episode-15)

Hi dearies i’m here to give you another update. Thanks for u r love buddies. I’m very happy that all my pals are loving my fanfiction. Asusual enjoy reading it buddies, and don’t forget to comment about today’s eoisode. Luv u loads.

Hasini and rohan reaches to mumbai, they take rest for that day.
Next morning:
Asusual hasini and rohan goes to college. Rohan meets their friends and hasini’s friends which are also there.
Mythri: Hiii rohan, how r u buddy???
Rohan: Good
Aditya: How is ur trip to hyderabad?? How did you enjoy it???
Rohan: It’s really nice. Hasini’s dadi always takes my dad, they are so many beautiful sister-in-laws for me.
Rahul:ohhhhhh, so you enjoyed with ur saali’s.
Rohan: Yep
Vinay: Where is hasini????
Shreya pointing a finger says “There she is”
Hasini: hiiii guys.
All says “hiii”
Hasini:Ok guys i’m taking shreya with me, meet u in class.
All continued their chitchats. Hasini and shreya goes from there.
Hasini: Why u both are sitting with them???
Shreya: hmmm, nothing, we are friends na.
Hasini: okkk now tell me truth, what is cooking between you two??
Shreya: two??
Hasini: Haha don’t act so smart infront of actress, u and aditya.
Sherya with a surprise asks “Me and aditya?”
Hasini: Haaa
Shreya: Hasini please don’t tell to anyone, i had secret crush on aditya from first day of the college.
Hasini smiles and says ” why are u nervous??? it’s not a sin okay, soooo u love him”
Shreya nods and asks “But how u got to know???”
Hasini: By the way u r looking at him everytime.
Shreya with embrassed “Really??”
Hasini laughs and says “Don’t worry i think he also loves u.”
Shreya: What???
Hasini: the way he looks at you, i got that idea. now don’t jump more, because i don’t know it surely.
Shreya: Aditya looks at me. wowwww, but why u asked that something is cooking between us.
Hasini laughs and says “to know truth from u”
Shreya : uuuuu devilll.
All goes to their classes and principal enters to the class and informs that “The college day is coming soon, there will be cultural activities, technical competitions, and sports. So students who are interested can give their name to their respective organisers. The organisers list is in the noticeboard, u can go and check , ther will be no classes for somedays”
All students cheers at that.
All went to see noticeboard and to canteen, hasini was walking in the corridor of the college, she hears a voice calling her name “hasini,hasinniiiii”
Hasini turns around and sees rahul running towards her
Hasini:Why are u running ???
Rahul: You are the organiser for technical.
Hasini: what are u saying??? me ??organiser?? that too for technical, no way.
Rahul: but ur name is there on notice board and rahul for sports.
Hasini: Why principal sir is always behind meee??? he know that i hate studying.
and makes a crying face.
Rahul smiles and says “Now stop making that face and think about organising thing.”
Hasini: haaaa, ok
Days are passing .Both hasini and rohan are busy in their works, rohan is practising hard for football, hasini is getting mad with organising thing, because no one is interested in technical, only few gave their names and she is running behind everyone to participate in technical. So which all rohan’s friends, vinay and shreya also included in technical because of hasini’s emotional blackmail.
One day when she came from college she saw that rohan is shouting on his father.
Rohan: How dare u to slap my mom.
Dad: It’s better if you don’t interfere in it.
Mom: Rohan just leave beta.
Rohan’s granny(GM): Hey rohan, your mom atleast don’t know how to respect me?? How dare she didn’t give any response to mee??
Mom: sasuma(mother-in-law) i didn’t hear your voice.
GM:How dare u talk infront of me??
Hasini who was seeing all these is boiling in anger and walks to them.
GM: Hey girl, who gave u permission to come inside.
Rohan with anger says “She is my wife.”
Hasini looks at him and a smile appears on her face and soon vanished when she hears GM words .
GM: OHH u don’t know atleast how to keep your daughter-in-law in limits???
Hasini thinks “This old woman is taking away my patience.”and says “whats limits grandmother??”
GM: how dare u to raise ur voice infront of me?? don’t u know to respect elders?? why are u late??? where r u roaming till now??
now hasini’s anger was at peaks and says “can you stop ur blabbering?”
GM raises her hand on hasini with anger but hasini holds her hand, looks with anger same as GM. All are shocked with this. Hasini keeps her hand down and says ” Heyy, i’m seeing from ten minutes , how much i’m controlling anger but noo u r not at all stopping ur nonsense. what u r thinking i’ll listen what u will say and keep calm when u slap me??? If u try to shout on mom another time, i don’t know what i will do. ”
Dad: Hasini?
Hasini: and u, u don’t have any right to talk here, don’t u have shame to slap ur wife??? and if u do it other time u will face consequences. u urself welcomed problem into ur life Mr. Shekhar Malhotra, now u want to tolerate it Mr.”
Dad: what will u do??
Hasini: Come on father-in-law, i thought that u r smart but noo, there are so many people to support poor girls and daughter-in-laws i think.
Shekhar leaves from there with anger and hasini smiles.
Rohan thanks hasini in his mind. Rohan’s mom was in tension about what is going on.
Hasini: U old woman, now go and do worship to god, it’s better for ur age.

Hasini holds mom’s hand and takes her to the room and makes her to sit on bed. Rohan supresses his laugh seeing his GM state.
Mom:Hasini why u did like that??
Hasini: Mom why are u bearing all that torture?? why can’t to reply them??
you are sooo innocent mom, but now-a-days people play with u , if u r like that, why you are silent mom. no one always rescue u.
mom smiles and says “Because i love him hasini, i can’t do anything against him.”
Hasini: LOVE?? but he don’t deserve ur love mom, thenwhy all these???
Mom: He will change one day for me hasini.
Hasini looks at her dis-belief and she smiles at hasini.
Hasini: ahh, i don’t understand anything.
Mom: u will, when u love someone.
Rohan: He is not going to change mom.
Hasini: okay, now u take rest i’ll bring coffee for u.
Rohan shouts “NOOOOO”
Hasini:Shutup, u will help mee
and drags him to kitchen.
Hasini: u instruct me i’ll prepare.
Rohan: Okay,first u want to take some milk and put it on stove.
She does like that and says “But the milk is not boiling.”
Rohan gives a irritating look at her and says ” For that first u want to on the gas, uuuu idiottt.”
Hasini bites her tongue and shows herr 32 teeth to him and starts the gas. She kept looking milk, suddenly rohan hugs from her back, hasini’s eyes got wide and she clears her throat. Rohan puts his chin on her shoulder and says in her ear “Thanks hasini for what u had done today.”
Hasini’s heartbeating is increasing, she some how manages and says ” Hello angrybird i did it for my mom.”
Rohan:Hmm, stop the stove and leaves her.
Hasini prepares two cups of coffee.
Rohan: Only two cups??
Hasini: for me and mom.
Rohan: for me??
hasini shrugs her shoulders and rohan narrows his eyes, takes a cup from hasini’s hand and sips it,says “mmm, good”
Hasini: heyyy it’s mine.
Rohan smiles at her and gives a peck on hasini’s cheek and says ” Thanks for coffee queen victoria.” and left from there making hasini shock.
Hasini: God he is giving me heartattack
She shakes her head and goes to give coffee to mom.
Hii dearies this for today guys, i hope u will enjoy reading it and do tell by ur comments yaar, i’ll update nxt on friday.Luv u loads

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