Falling for my husband ( Episode-14)

Hii dearies, first of all really a very very big sorry to u all, plssssss forgive ur chinni. I thought to update on friday, but a stupid work came to me and damn i got cold and headache so fever, which i didn’t touch my phone and lap, sooooo enjoy reading it buddies.

Hasini and rohan both sat on sofa, radha gives a glass of milk to rohan and asks them to share.

Rohan: Mom i didn’t understood???

All cousins laughs and hasini thinks “God, i want to share this milk with him,ahhhhh”

Radha: Beta, u drink half of the milk and give remaining to hasini.

Rohan sees hasini who is giving a fake smile, and supresses his laugh. He drinks milk and give some to hasini, she holds the glass and gives an angry look to rohan from the corner of her eyes. She drinks it in one go.

Cousin: Seems like akka loves bava alot, she didn’t left a single drop also.

All laughs and hasini mentally palmed herself.

Granny made both of them to eat in one plate. Granny asks hasini to put sweet in rohan’s mouth. Without other choice she do it.

Granny: Asha make hasini ready.

Hasini: Now what granny??

Granny: Today is ur firstnight here.

Both rohan and hasini’s eyes popped out.

Hasini: Granny, is it necessary now.

Granny: Yes, it is necessary, now go and get ready without a single word.

Hasini stomps her foot and goes inside.

Granny Asks hasini’s brother to help rohan and give him new clothes.

All cousins decorate their bedroom with roses and jasmine flowers.

At night:

Asha makes hasini ready in a white colour saree and with a simple white pearl set.

All cousins teases her with their words, hasini rolls her eyes.

Rohan wears a white color lalchi and paijama and sits on the bed, seeing the decoration.

Hasini enters into the room holding a milk glass, all cousins are laughing and says “All the best akka and bava”

One cousin says ” Akka u r going to tell us everything in the morning”

Hasini gets angry and closes the door on their faces and locks it, she hears that some cousin shouting “Can’t wait haaaa” and hear a group of laughs.

Rohan laughs.

Hasini narrows her eyes and asks “Why are u laughing”

Rohan to tease her says” I know that i’m handsome and no body stop themselves coming near meee”
and winks.

Hasini: Hello don’t imagine too much, here there are no one is going to fall for u.

Rohan to irritate her says ” Anybody can fall for me, even youuu”

Hasini: Really, in ur dreams.

Rohan: I can make u to fall for me in ten minutes.

Hasini laughs and says “Ok then make me fall for U in ten minutes.”

Rohan: Don’t challenge me, u r going to lose.

Hasini: First try it.

Rohan narrows his eyes at her.

Hasini turns around and puts milk on the table.

Suddenly she feels a hand on her bare waist and got frozen with her eyes widened. Rohan smirks at her reaction. He moves his palm on her hand slowly and reaches her shoulder.

Hasini: Wh—wh—-what areu doing???

Rohan smiles and says “Why u r stammering, u said that u won’t fall for me, seems like u r melting with my touch”.

Hasini with her closed eyes whispers”Noooo”

He slowly places a kiss on her neck crook, hasini clutches her saree tightly, he makes her to turnaround and puts his hand on her shoulders “Then why u closed ur eyes”

Hasini opens her eyes and looks into his eyes and gets lost in them.

She comes to reality when she hears rohans words “Looks like somebody fallen for me.”

Hasini loudly says”No, i’m not”and goes rushes to washroom, she closes the door and takes a deep breathing and says to herself ” What is happening hasini, why u were silent when he touched, why it felt something different when he touches me everytime, why i felt butterflies in my stomach now, why i’m getting lost seeing into those beautiful eyes, did i mention all these now, ohhhh god am i really falling for him.if i have seen some more time into his eyes, i think definitely i had rape him today, goooodddd those eyes and lips, ahhhhh stupid stupid what are you thinking lips and rape, ahhh u have gone sick, what thoughts i’m getting now really i’m going crazy, nooo he is making me crazy, ahhh blo*dy hasini just stop thinking about him nowww, stop thinking about those eyes, lips ehhhhhhh,i’m going mad, no way i’m going to fall for that handsome, ha what i had said handsome, no angrybird, get out of my mind idiottttttt”

She washes her face and gets out and sees that rohan was sleeping peacefully on the bed. She takes a breath with relief and slowly goes to other side of the bed like a cat, and dozes off.

At morning:

Hasini wakes up due to sunrays fall on her and sees she is sleeping on rohan by hugging him and her head on his chest and his hands on her waist. She lifts her head and sees rohan was sleeping peacefully, a smile appears on her face, and thinks”Wow angrybird is looking very handsome in his sleep,she mentally punches herself about her thought”

She slowly remove rohan’s hand from her waist and gets out from there without disturbing him.

Aftersome time rohan gets ready and goes down. He sees that all are busy in packing.

Rohan: what are u packing???

Cousin:Haa bava u r ready, ok then now we are going to picnic.

Other cousin:Yesss, bava we are going to enjoy a lot.

Rohan: Ohhh


All gents are playing cricket, all ladies are arranging some snacks and juices for them, girls are busy in teasing hasini for last night.

After sometime all youngsters sit around and do some activities by picking chits. All are singing, dancing and it’s rohan turn. He picks his chit and sees sing a song. All cousins shouts “Comeon rohan bava”

Rohan says “Okkokk please clam down my beauties”

He took a guitar and starts to sing a melody romantic song( i’m not good in choosing songs so guys u can imagine ur fav songs)

Hasini kept looking at him. Asha observes her and clears her throat. Hasini looks at her and asks “What???”

Asha: Are u hiding anything from me???

Hasini with a raised eyebrow asks ” What???why are u asking me???”

Asha: U didn’t say to me that u r loving rohan

Hasini with shock asks “Whatt??? Are u mad???”

Asha: Noo, by ur looks it seems like that

Hasini: Asha, it’s nothing like that.

Asha: Hmm, no don’t lie urself.

They are disturbed by a loud claps for rohan

1St couSin: Wooowwwww bava, u r a rockstar.

Rohan: Thankyou dear.

2Nd cousin: Hasini akka see na, how well bava sang a song, u also do anything.

Rohan: Leave dear she can’t do anything.

Hasini glares at him.

Hasini’s bro:no one can defeat my sis in gazing with out blinking.

rohan: I will

Hasini: You can’t

Rohan: Then let’s play

All cheer for them.

Hasini: Okkkkk

The competition starts hasini and rohan looks into each other eyes without blinking. Hasini gets lost in his eyes and thinks ” If i’m going to look into his eyes, then i’m going to fall for him for sure. Nooo”

Hasini to control herself blinks her eyes wantedly, rohan jumps with joy ” I won i won”

Hasini’s bro: Hasini what happened to you??

Hasini: Some dust gone into my eyes, sorry bro.

Hasini goes to her mom and says ” Mom i will go to my college and meet my friends”

Granny: Then go with rohan

Granny calls rohan and asks him to take hasini to her college. Rohan nods and says “dadi, today night we are leaving to mumbai and we want to go college.”Granny: I will be happy, if u will stay here one more day.

Rohan: Don’t worry dadi i will come next time anf spend, more time.

Granny: Ok grandson, studies are also important.

Rohan: Thanks dadi.

They both goes to hasini’s college with asha.

Hasini meets her friend and introduces rohan to all. All her friends introduces themselves and gives shakehand to him and starts to praise about his handsomeness.

Hasini got jealous by seeing that and says “Ok i will go and meet sir’s”

Suddenly hanish appears infront of her and asks “Heee my enemy is backkkk”

Hasini: Shutup and goes from there.

Hanish sees rohan and they both chitchat for sometime.

Aftersome sometime they go to home and packs their luggage to return for mumbai.

At night hasini bids goodbye to all, rohan takes blessings from all, and sits in the car.

They reaches airport and sits in their seats. Hasini gets sleep and falls on rohan, clutching his shirt tightly,and her head on his chest.

Rohan smiles and he also sleeps putting his chin on her head by hugging her.

Hiii dearies i read ur comments, goooooood i got scoldings?????? from u, i’m verrrrrrryyyyyyyy happy, are u guys thinking i’m maddd, no no it’s means u r loving my story sooooo much. i don’t end stories without ending, because i hate stories with out proper ending, i didn’t able to respond u,because i didn’t came online.thanks for urcomments. today when i on my data, my phone is continously beeping with whatsapp,email, newshunt, fb and other notifications dearies. soon i came here and write it for u guys. now i’m feeling good but the cold is not leaving me.i will update nxt on tmrw night.pls do comment pals.luv u loads.sorry once again.

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