Falling for my husband ( Episode-13)


Hii buddies thanks for u comments yaar. Don’t know what to write, so i’m writing whatever is there in my mind. So i don’t know u people enjoy it or not but still enjoy reading it pals. Luv u loads.

At morning:

Rohan’s father calls both hasini and rohan, says “Hasini, today evening you are going to hyderabad, rohan comes with you. Your dad called me and asked to send both of you because your grandmother came from the father. So pack ur luggage.”

Hasini: Whatt my granny came to hyderabad???

Rohan dad looks at her and says “Yes” , Leaves from there.

Rohan with anger says” How i’m going to bear this monkey alone??? It’s better if i go to hell.”

Hasini: Heyyy, how dare u to call me monkey????

Rohan: we call monkey as monkey in mumbai, do you call with another name in hyderabad.

Hasini: ehhhh angrybird, just wait i’m going to torture you in hyderabad.

Rohan: Oh, we will see who tortures whom??

At evening both packs their luggage, they goes to hyderabad by flight, after 1hr 15 min,they reached airport. Most of the people in hyderabad talks in hindi, soo it’s not a problem for rohan to understand. Hasini’s father picks them up and reaches their home.

Hasini and rohan about to step into the house and her mom comes with a tray of vermillon water and aarthi.

Radha: Stop there, first let me do it, so that no one bad eyes will be not on you both.


Radha: Be quiett

She did aarthi for them. They both enters into the house.

Hasini hugs her mom and dad and says “Miss u both” and rohan took blessings from both of them.

Hasini: Hey all uncles and aunties also came dad???

Dad: Yess dear,your granny also came here.

Hasini: Ahhh i know, rohan’s dad told me, i’m sure that she is going to take a class.

Radha: Hasini don’t say like that she is ur grandmother and respect her, listen to her with out arguing.

Hasini: Ahhh, okkk mom from chilhood i’m listening to her, she is the only one who i listen.

Radha: Now both of you go and meet your grandmother and rohan beta do you want any please ask us freely, it’s ur home morethan hasini’s.

Hasini widened her eyes and looks at her mom.

Rohan:Okk mom.

—–At room

Hasini: Hii granny

Rohan takes blessings from her. Granny was very happy with rohan.

Granny:See ur husband and learn something from him, did u took blessings from me in ur life.

Hasini rolls her eyes and says” Granny, i took blessings from u on my birthday right???”

Granny: You don’t change right. I’m sure that u r troubling ur husband and what clothes are your wearing??

Hasini Looks down at herself and says” Jeans and top is comfortable for journey granny.”

Granny: I don’t listen anything, when i’m here you should only wear sarees and follow all my rules, i hope u remember them.

Rohan smiles seeing hasini defeated infront of her granny.

Hasini with baby face says ” I remember, and leave me now granny, i’m hell tired.”

Granny: Kk, now go and take rest. Grandson u also go and take rest.

Rohan: Kk grandmom.

Both goes to their room. The room is not big as rohan’s, there is only one bed and there are posters of miachel jackson, siddarth malhotra, maheshbabu(tolly wood hero), surya (kollywood hero), cartoon pics.

Rohan sees them and asks pointing a photo asks “who is he???”

Hasini: You don’t know him, he is my favourite hero in tollywood, very handsome right, don’t know how he maintains his glamour. I used to watch all his movies. He is just stunning in his srimanthudu moviee
and looks at the posture with dreamy eyes.

Rohan claps infront of her head and says ” I just asked about him”

Hasini: I can’t stop when i’m talking about him.

Rohan rolls his eyes, Sees a lot of movie cd’s and thinks ” Her room is a mini cinema theatre.”

Rohan gets freshen up and looks for where he want to sleep, but there are no any sofa there so he lays on bed. Hasini also comes from bathroom and sees rohan on bed and asks ” why are u on bed??”

Rohan: There is no sofa, soo i decided to sleep on bed.

Hasini with annoyed tone says “Ahhh,kk”

She cames to otherside of the bed and puts two pillows between them and says “Don’t try to cross these”

Rohan: I don’t.

They both dozes off.
At midnight:

Hasini comes to rohan’s side slowly and puts her hand on his chest in sleep.

Rohan feels a hand on his chest and opens his eyes, sees hasini is close to him.rohan gently removes her hand and closes his eyes. After sometime hasini puts her leg on rohan. Rohan opens his eyes with a jerk and removes her leg. she again puts her leg on rohan and her hand on his chest. rohan was annoyed now and whispers “Hasiniii, hasini getup”

Hasini mumbles “Hmmmmmm” In her sleep and hugs rohan tightly. Now her head is in rohan’s neck crook, her breath was falling on his neck and her lips are touching to his neck skin. Rohan was frozen for a second and his heartbeat increases. But now he was tired to remove her and dozes off like that only.

At morning:

First hasini wakes up and tries to get up,but she can’t, then she opens her eyes and sees that she hugging him tightly and tries to free herself but failed because rohan’s hands encircled her waist tightly.she lifts her head face slightly up to rohan’s face and calls him “Rohan rohan”. Rohan suddenly turns his head in sleep that makes rohan’s lips meet corner of hasini’s lips, due to this sudden intimate hasini’s eyes widened and rohan eyes shot open. They quickly takes them back and sits straight. To remove this akward situation, rohan says ” Can’t you sleep properly, because of you i didn’t sleep last night.”

Hasini:Stop, i’m very still in sleep, don’t lie.

Rohan: Ohh really, u and ur sleeping positions.

Hasini: I don’t have time to argue with u
and getsup, goes to take bath.
Hasini comes out from bathroom wearing a skyblue color saree with simple border by rubbing her wet hairs with a towel.

Rohan sees hasini and mesmerized, thinks ” Wow, why this monkey is looking beautiful today.”

Hasini goes down and do pooja and gives aarthi to all. At the time rohan comes down from upstairs. They both took blessings from all elders.

Granny: Take blessings from ur husband also.


Granny: Hasini, it’s good to take blessing from ur husband, now he is all for u, ur mom, dad, sister, friend and all.

Hasini with annoyed look on her face bends down to touch rohan feet.

Rohan thinks “Haha see i will torture u, thanks to granny” and smirks.

Hasini touches his foot but he stays still, hasini pinches his foot, he shouts “Ahh”

Radha: What happened son

Rohan:Nothing mom, and lifts hasini up.
Hasini holds her laughing.

Granny: Did u give coffee to ur husband or not??

Hasini: I’m going to prepare.
and goes to kitchen.

All hasini’s cousin’s came to rohan

First cousin: Bava (Brother-in-law, jijju) ur looking handsome

Rohan: I understood that u told that i’m handsome. But what is bava.

Second cousin laughs and says “It’s means jijju, we are all ur sister-in-laws”

Rohan: Sooo u r all my salli’s haaa

Third one: Yesss bava, if i seen u earlier than hasini akka (sister,didi),definitely i had married u.

Rohan laughs by her words.

Radha: Heyy devils all of u teasing my son.

All cousins:Noooo

Hasini comes there with a coffee, and gives to rohan.

Rohan sips the coffee and his expression changes.

Hasini: Isn’t coffee is good??

Rohan stands up and leans to her, says In her ears ” I never drank this horrible coffee in my life.”

Hasini: Because i don’t know how to prepare, if granny knows she will create

Radha:Okk u two get ready for rituals that to be done after marriage.

Hasini: Mom, was it necessary now.

Radha:Yess, now go and get ready and asks hasini’s cousins to make her ready.

Hasini: Where is asha.???

Radha: She will come in an hour.

Asha comes to hasini, they both chitchat for sometime and she makes hasini ready in a violet kanchipuram saree with golden border, and puts golden jewellery on her, she is looking beautiful in that, rohan also gets ready, both comes down.

Both sit down on a mat, they put one silver pot with water mixed with vermillon and turmeric and some pebbles, some coins. One of the cousin drops a ring in it and asks them to search for it. All cousins cheer for rohan. All hasini’s brothers and asha cheer for hasini. Both put their hands at once, they hands meet, they look into each other eyes, their hands meet randomly in search of ring. In first round rohan founds the ring. Rohan teases her with his eyes. In second both finds ring at once, they both are fighting with their hands at inside, atlast rohan gets it and winks at her. In third round rohan finds the ring,and raises his eyebrows looking hasini, hasini clutches his hand and winks at him, rohan loosens his grip with shock, in that time hasini grabs the ring and takes out.

After they they gives a ball made with jasmines and asks them to throw on each other for some time.They do it.

After that they put betal nuts by folding on her fingers and asks her to feed rohan. Hasini was shocked and looks at granny.

Granny:Comeon it’s a ritual.

Hasini hesitately forwards her hands towards his mouth. Rohan eats it and bites her finger, smiles looking her. Hasini takes her hand back with a jerk.

Granny:Wat happened?

Hasini feeds him another, before he bites she pokes her finger in his mouth.

Rohan shouts in pain.

Granny: What happened son, hasini feed him slowly.

They finishes that ritual also, and the next we will see in upcoming episode dearies, i typed it fastly for u dearies, pls ignore my errors, and do comment about episode if u liked it or not, because i wrote it whatever is coming in my mind.luv u loads dearies.

Haa i forgot to tell u, yess i’m from andhrapradesh yaar and telugu is my mothertongue.

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  1. Nice part chinni..naughty couple. When will this cute wife fall for her husband?plz update asap

    1. Tq ammu dr, soon she will fall for him buddy.

  2. Wow chinni..it’s just awesome..ur imagination is really nice..pls update nxt epi soon dear.. πŸ™‚

    1. Tq mb dear, i will update soon.

  3. Even When u have nothing in ur mind u write such cute episode!Oh!Chinni.I’m impressed.Come back with this crazy couple asap…

    1. Soon i will come back with them dr. Tq for comment umama buddy, luv u loads pal.

  4. Hey Chinni…. I am shanaya…. Ur ff is so interesting….. And I am from hyderabad too!!!! And this episode was so good… Even i am a fan of mahesh babu…..waiting for his next movie brahmotsavam…..upload the next part soon…. I am waiting….. By the way hasini was the Heroine in the movie bomarillu right??? Just asked….. Lots of love… Take care… <3

    1. Hiii shanaya dr, tq for reading my ff and finding it interesting. I’m also waiting for bramhosavam buddy. Haha i love bomarillu movie, i like hasini’s character in dat, in movie hasini is soooo cool, but here our hasini is stubborn, and have some similarities, i also like the way she tells her name in that movie ha–ha–hasini, very naughty, our hasini also vry naughty like her. But dr i’m not from hyd, but my brother is there, i’m from nellore. Luv u loads buddy.

  5. And good to know tat people from andhra write excellent stories…..

  6. Hi chinni..!! Wow i loved today’s episode..!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ next update asap plss

    1. Tq kavya dr, i’ll update soon.

  7. Nice episode Chinni.. πŸ™‚
    Aww!! I’m in my dreams with Mahesh Babu now.. πŸ˜‰
    Like?? I loved the episode πŸ˜€
    Wow!! I’m from Andhra Pradesh too.. πŸ˜€
    See yaa soon in next episode.. πŸ™‚
    Take care and keep smiling πŸ™‚

    1. Hii sweetie buddy. If u took maheshbabu in ur dreamz, wat i’m gng to doooo, not fair, lol. ????. Kkk, i ‘ll give permission to take him this time.????, luv u loads sweety.

      1. I’m choooo sorrrryyyyy for taking Mahesh Babu in my dreams.. πŸ™
        Now he came out of my dream.. So take him with you πŸ˜€
        Bye and happy dreams with Mahesh Babu.. πŸ™‚
        Stay blessed.. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey chinni, thnx buddy, for this cutest update ..it’s obvious nd not easy to write a ff but l love ur effort n new ideas,this track is gonna rock so don’t worry..nd thnx yaar, u made this two stubborn ppl stay some more time together..but what to do with these two feelings less ppl !!! ,they still kept fighting..but yup t’day part was full of sweet scenes nd l love them sooo much…upd asap..waiting!! .love u loads.. take care

    1. tq anisha dear, i ‘ll update soon buddy

      1. chinni r u okay?? why u suddenly stopped it..at least let us know will u gonna continue it or not…u said u won’t leave until we love it..so plz ,buddy come back soon..plz yaar it’s hard to wait…hope u understand..wish u r fine n safe with ur family n frnds..love u a bunch…stay blessed

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  17. god i’m unable to believe my eyes, i have uploaded the story afternoon guys, it may publish soon.

    thanks to all dearies for ur comments.

    @Anisha(green): I’m okay dear, as i said before i don’t stop writing buddy.luv u dr

    @Anisha(blue): I uploaded dr,just check,luv u.

    @sita: Hi dr, but dear i’m not mad, i got a smile when i saw ur comment.luv u loads.no worries if u want u can call me madddd.?????

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    @nnnnn:Stupid?????,LOL, thank you for ur love dr.if u want u can call me like that i never mind. i don’t stop writing buddy.luv u.

    @mb: Sorry dr i didn’t came to online,sorry, i uploaded it. luv u dr.

    @ani:Tq ani for ur comment, sorry for late one, enjoy reading it.luv u

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