Falling for my husband ( Episode-12)


Hii dearies, how r u all??? Your chinni is back here again. Today only i came from tirumala yaar, there is a huge crowd and body pains are not going to reduce. Anyway the journey was good, i prayed for all my lovely dolls, asusual enjoy reading it buddies, don’t forget to comment yaar, do tell ur opinions about the episode.

Next morning:

Hasini wakes up and sees the time, her eyes popped out and sees that the bed was empty.

Hasini: Ahhh god, why it always happens with me, it’s already 8.30 Am,when i’m going to reach the college, this angrybird also not bothered to wake me up.
She rushes to the bathroom and left to the college without having her breakfast.

She enters to the college, the class was already started.
She thinks for some time and gets an idea and smiles.

In class:

Aditya asks rohan in whispered tone “Where is hasini???”

Rohan covers his mouth with his hand and says ” May be she is still sleeping like a donkey.”

Sakshi: so, she is not going to come today.

Rohan shrugs his shoulders and all again concrete on the class.

Suddenly they hear a voice calling “Rahul, rahul” From the window.

They all looks towards that side and was shocked to see calling rohan there.

Rahul is near to the window. Hasini asks rahul to catch her bag and throws it to him. Then she enters to the class from the window without making any noise, sir was seriously involved in his class.
All the middle and back bench students are seeing sir and hasini with tension in their faces. All signed with a relief after hasini seated beside rahul.

Rahul: Hey u gave me a minor heartattack.

Hasini: Is there any need to call ambulance now.
smiles and winks at him.

Rohan asks ” What’s the need to come like that???haa”

Hasini: Because of you.

Rohan: What???

Hasini: Hmmm, you have woken me up early in the morning and i have soooo much time to come to college naa.

Rohan was about to reply but aditya cut him off and says ” Can you both stop your husband-wife fighting for some time”

Rohan turns his face and starts to listen the class.

Rahul: Anyway what you will do, if you were caught by sir???

Hasini: No chance, he was very much involved in his class.

Rahul smiles.

Hasini: Even if i’m caught i will make any story.

Rahul: Smart.

They both comes to reality by professor’s voice.

Sir: Rahul and hasini, what’s going on there???

Vinay and shreya looks back by hearing hasini’s name and both thinks “When she came into the class???”


Sakshi: All the best guys.

Rahul: What we will do now.

Hasini: Don’t worry yaar, we will manage, just say ‘yes’ if sir asks you anything.

Rahul with confused face says “Okay.

Sir: What were you both are talking about??

Hasini: Sir i have a small doubt, so i asked rahul to clear that, and he saying that there is a small mistake in the problem you are explaining sir.

Sir: Really, rahul where it is???

Rahul nervously says ” Yes sir” and looks at hasini.

Hasini immediatedly says” Sir, he said that there should be minus instead of plus in that formula.”

Sir cross verifies the formula with the textbook and says ” Good rahul ur right, and thanks for correcting me, keep it up my boy”.Sir corrects it and says ” So only two students are listening to the class and practising”.
Then the class is over and professor goes out from the class.

Rahul with surprised face says ” Is it real??”

Sakshi pinches him hard and says “Yes, it is real.”

Rahul shouts with pain.

Aditya: I think rahul is on cloud nine because of professor words.

Vinay and shreya also comes there and asks ” Hey hasini when did u come to class,from where???”

Hasini says all what had happened to them.

Rahul: I thought that we both are going to be kicked out from the class, but you made magicc hasini.

Hasini: Why you fear when hasini is here.

Mythri: How do you know about the formula??

Hasini: That credit goes to principal sir.

All with confusion asks “Principal sirrr???”

Hasini: Arey yaar, assignment, it helped here.

Now all understood and nods their heads.

At evening:

Hasini goes to principal room to submit her assignment but he was busy in meeting with staff, hasini waits for principal. It’s almost 7-45 in the evening. The meeting finishes and she enters into principal’s room.

Principal:Hasini!u r still here.

Hasini: Sir, assignment.
and submits it.

Principal: What’s the need to wait hasini, u can submit it tomorrow right?? Ok i will drop you at home.

Hasini: No need sir, i have scooty and i will go on it.

Principal: Are u sure?

Hasini: Yess sir. Thank you
and goes from there and reminds to return library books. Hasini goes to library to return the books.

Rohan was still in the college for his football practise and comes to parking and sees hasini’s scooty there and thinks “Queen victoria is still in the college???May be to submit assignment”
and leaves from there.

Hasini gives books in the library and sees it’s already dark and runs to her scooty. She starts her scooty and comes out of college, her scooty speed got reduces and hasini thinks”ahhhh, not nowww”. The scooty comes to a halt due to the lack of the petrol.

Hasini: Shit, to come to college quickly i forget to check the petrol, now what i’m going to do.

She thinks for sometime and takes her phone out and sees that it is switched off.

Hasini:I think today my time is not good.
There are no one here, and no petrol shop near.

She parks her scooty at side and decides to go by walk.

She goes for some distance and sees that three men at seeing at her. Hasini gets scared and stops there. They started walking towards her. Hasini starts to walk backward. One of the men shouts “Hey baby why are u afraid??? Wait we will help you.” and walks fast towards hasini.

Hasini shows a finger towards back of them and shouts “Police”

All three turns around and sees nothing there, and hasini starts to run fastly.

One of the men shouts ” Hey girl how dare you to cheat us, we are not going leave you.”

Hasini runs as fast as she can but fells on the ground at a place.

One of the men asks “Now, where will you go???”

Hasini gulps hard and asks “Leave me”

Men: we are not here to leave you baby.

A voice comes from a distance” Yes, you people are here to beaten by me”

One man: Hey hero it’s none of ur business.

Second man: Just leave from here hero

Hasini smiles seeing rohan there.

Rohan: Yes it’s my business.

They all come towards rohan.

Rohan: You are not going to listen.
He starts to beat all three of them blue and black. They three starts to beg rohan to leave them.

Rohan asks hasini what to do with them.

Hasini looks here and there,picks a large sticks and starts to beat them like hell and says ” You people call me baby, how dare u?? Now i’m not going to leave you three” and again starts to beat them, blood was coming from them, they continuously asks sorry from her and asks to stop beating.

Hasini: Sorry, you people are asking me sorry.
and starts to beat them again. Rohan stops hasini by her waist and says ” Leave them hasini, they will die” and asks them ” Now leave, otherwise i’ll kill you and don’t try to do with another women like these.”

They starts running without looking back.

Rohan shouts ” Who told you to stay in college until college???”

Hasini looks at rohan, her eyes gets teary.

Rohan feels guilty by looking at her with tears in her eyes. Those tears made rohan to kill those three bastards, because he saw everytime only bold and naughty hasini.

Rohan slowly says “Hasini”

Hasini with a jerk hugs rohan tightly and starts to sob on his chest.

Rohan first get shocked but he too hugs her back tightly.

Hasini in between her sobs says ” I’m v–very frightened, don’t who will happen if you don’t come.”

Rohan puts his one head on her head and rubs gently and says “Don’t worry nothing will happen to you, i’m here right.”

They stood like that for some time. Rohan pulls back from hug and wipes hasini’s tears with his both hands and says “So, queen victoria also knows how to cry otherthan torturing others and make them cry.”

Hasini: No i’m not crying, it’s water drops from the sky.

Rohan smiles and asks “Ohhhh”

Hasini: How you came here and from where??

Rohan: I have seen your scooty in college and in the midway i stopped at busstand to wait for you, but u r not coming at all, sooo i came back and saw they are messing with you, when i’m coming near you started running like P.T usha,so i also runned behind u people and left the bike there itself. Now we want to go there by walk.

Hasini: Ohhh.
and covers herself with her hands to reduce her shivering from cold.

Rohan observes this make takes off his jacket and makes her to wear it. She kept looking at him.

Rohan and hasini walks to the place where the rohan’s bike was there.

Hasini: Ahhh, rohan please walk slowly.

Rohan: We are already late, if you walk slowly we are going to reach home at early morning.

Hasini: Noooo, i can’t walk more. I’m tired due to running.

Rohan:Ohh, PT usha is tired due to running ha???

Hasini sits on the road. Rohan picks her in his arms and starts to walk.

Hasini: hey what are you doing??

Rohan: Carrying a donkey.

Hasini: Hello, i’m not donkey.

Rohan: Then queen victoria???

HasinI: Yes, i’m queen victorian, do you have any problem angrybird???

Rohan: If you are going to talk like that, i’m going to throw to you on ground.

Hasini Tightly clutches her hands around his neck and hugs him tightly and says “Now try to throw me.”

Rohan mutters “Stubborn”

Hasini smiles and says ” Angrybird thankyou”


They both walks to the bike and leaves to the home.

Hii dearies that’s it for today, and please share ur opinions about the episode by commenting, plsss don’t forget yaar. Luv u loads.

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