Falling for my husband ( Episode-11)


Hello dearies i hope that you all are waiting for my fanfic. But one bad news yaar, i’m going to tirmula with my family so i can’t able to upload 4 days. I will upload on tuesday for sure for my lovely dolls. Please do wait for my story and i don’t stop this story without ending, may be i will be late on uploading sometimes. I’m sure that my baby dolls wait for me. This for is for u pals, enjoy reading it. heyyyyy onething dearies don’t forget to comment and share ur opinion.

Hasini stood there shocked, and started to rub her eyes to make sure that it is not her dream and shouts “Youuuuu!!!!!!!!”
He replies “Are u deaf, can’t you hear i’m calling your name from 10minutes, and when i’m suddenly came infront of you, i got welcome with eggs and tomatoes.”
Hasini holds her laugh and says “Are you blind??? Can’t you see there are throwing eggs on me.”
He says “No, i didn’t saw them and how can i know that you have this much of following here in 2 weeks.”
Hasini rolls her eyes and says “Anyway, atleast you did one good thing in your life.”
All students go from there except rohan batch and riya batch. They all are facing to his back. Riya was upset that hasini was missed.
Shreya comes running to hasini and asks “Are you okay, hasini??.”
He turns around says “Miss, you are asking question to a wrong person. you want to ask that question to me??” and turns towards riya and says “I’m getting pity on you, for this time i rescued you from this devil, another time be careful with this women, she will drink your blood.”
Riya: Hey mister it is unnecessary to you and who are you to say me??
He replies “I said this to help you and if u want to know who iam, then listen , I’m enemy to hasini and don’t do this othertime, because i’m the only enemy to her.” and shouts “Now leave and don’t make me angry.”
Riya and her batch runs from there.
All are shocked with his words.
Vinay: Enemy???
Hasini: Ahhhhhh, Hanishhhhhhhhhh.
Rohan asks “Are you okay hasini?”
Hasini nods her head.
Rahul: Okay guys , then let’s go to canteen and talk.
Hasini: Hey vinay just give your shirt to this stupid.
Hanish:Hey hasini, i will see you after i come.
They all gone to canteen, hanish changes into vinay’s shirt and sits there with them.
Hasini: Why you came here suddenly??
Hanish: To take revenge on you.
Hasini smiles and says ” Just say something that you can do.”
Sakshi: Can anybody tell me what is going on???
Hasini :Okay, he is hanish and he is my worst enemy in my college.
Hanish smirks and says “Yes, i’m college handsome and worst enemy to hasini .”
All with some confusion says “OKAY”.
Hasini: Hanish don’t irritate me and tell me why are you here??
Hanish “Okay, i came to mumbai to meet my aunt and uncle, your friend (asha) asked me so politely(he reminds a punch on his face, when he refused) to give it to you.” and gives her a bag.
Hasini: Wow really.
Hanish: Don’t excite too much, there are some choclates, a stupid teddybear and novels, i don’t understand girls choice.
Hasini: Youuu, checked it stupid.
Hanish shrugs his shoulders.
Hasini with anger in her voice says “Don’t try to play with asha in my absence.”
Hanish: Hello enemy, your friend is playing with me, she thinks that my eyes are wickets, always punches on my eyes.
Hasini laughs and says “Okay, thanks for giving the bag.” and extends her hand for a shakehand.
Hanish beats on her hand and says ” I don’t give handshake to my enemy” and smirks.
Hasini rolls her eyes and says that she will leave now and starts to go and turns around after two steps, calls hanish.
Hanish stands and walks to her and asks “what??”
Hasini gives a wide smile and gives a tight punch on his stomach, runs from there saying ” I also don’t forget to give a punch to my enemy.”
Hanish falls on the ground holding his stomach and says “Hasiniiiiii, i will kill you.”
Rohan and vinay makes hanish to sit on the chair.
Sakshi,mythri and shreya holds their laughs.
Hanish: I don’t know how his husband bearing with her?? I thinks she already shown stars to him.
All at once turns to see rohan, but rohan just glares to them.
Hanish: Why all of you looking at him.
Mythri: Because, he is her husband.
hanish: Really, sorry bro. what’s ur name??? don’t worry only hasini is my enemy and i don’t treat u as my enemy.
Rohan says “I’m Rohan.”
All introduces themselves with hanish.
Aditya:what is the enemity between both of you.
Hanish: We always fight from starting, and it continued like that and no one stopped from both us.Once i have admitted in hospital because of that devil.
Shreya: So you hate her verymuch right???
Hanish: Truly no, i’m missing my enemy. There are no one in the college to make noise. No one to fight with me. It’s quite boring with out her. All lecturers and students are missing her. She is really a good humanbeing but i don’t like her and also i don’t hate her .”
Vinay: Really she is funny.
Hanish: Okay guys, i have to go now, see u later, bye. Rohan, take care of my enemy.
Rohan: I will.
All says good bye to hanish.
Rohan thinks “She is somewhat strange, different from others, i never listen to take care of our enemy.” and goes to home.

At evening:
Rohan greets his mom and goes to his room, there he sees hasini on the bed surrounded by books, a pen is in her right hand and holding a book with her left hand and totally involved in the book.
Rohan thinks “Queen victoria is studying seriously.”
Rohan takes bath and sits on sofa with his laptop.
hasini sees rohan and remembers the kiss and calls him nervously. Rohan looks up and sees hasini.
Hasini struggles to says and bits her lips.
Rohan remembers the kiss by seeing her lips and asks “What?”
Hasini : So-sorry
Rohan knows that she said sorry for the kiss and asks “Why???”
Hasini looking at the ground says “For that incident.”
Rohan smiles and asks “which incident??”
Hasini was annoyed and says “Whatever happened afternoon for that.”
Rohan acts that he didn’t remind anything and asks” What happened???i didn’t remember anything, can you say me.”
Hasini gots angry and says “Nothing.”
Rohan:Hey, if you say i will try to remember.
Hasini: Ahhhh, leave it.
Rohan smiles himself. Hasini starts to do her assignment, literally she is struggling with her books. She changed differnt positions in 10 minutes, now she holding her hair in her hands and sees the book for one minute , falls on bed and shouts “NOOO, i can’t read anymore, how they wrote these big books, i read it for some time then i will go to mental hospital for sure.”
Rohan: Can’t you do atleast one assignment???
Hasini sits up straight and says “No, I’m not getting them into my mind.”
Rohan sighs and get into his laptop.
Hasini gets a idea and asks “What are you doing in the laptop??”
Rohan without looking says “Browsing.”
Hasini with little anger says “Here, i’m fighting with these books and you are happily browsing, why can’t you help me???”
Rohan looks at her and says “Because i don’t want to become mad amd second it’s your work so do it by yourself.”
Hasini gets down from the bed , walks toward rohan and sits on her knees, folds her hands and says “Pleaseeeeeeee rohan, i want to submit my assignment tomorrow evening , please explain it to me, otherwise sir is going to give me another work.”
Rohan: OHHH suddenly my name is changed from angrybird to rohan???
Hasini with her puppy eyes asks “plssssssssssss, help me.”
Rohan: Okay, now stop your drama.
Hasini shouts “Yesssssss.” and jumps with joy.
Rohan starts to help hasini in her assignment and explains some topics that she didn’t understood. When he was explaining hasini starts to sleep in sitting position, and falls on rohan.
Rohan:Hasini, get up.
Hasini gets up with jerk and says “Sorry, sorry. please tell me.”
Rohan: First go and wash your face.
Hasini goes and washes her face and hasini completes the work with the help of rohan and says happily “Completed”, sees that rohan had fallen asleep on the bed and goes near him and says “Thankyou angrybird.”, covers him with a blanket. She takes off all her books from the bed and sleeps on sofa.

Hii dearies how is the episode. I hope you like it. See you on tuesday guys. Until lots of hugs and kisses for you. Luv u load buddies.

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  1. Nice epi chinni.really liked hanish.enjoy with ur family..

    1. Tq ammu dear.luv u loads

  2. :joy: This is nice!! :3 :+1:

  3. very nice episode chinni
    its very funny
    and i liked hanish character
    enjoy ur trip with ur family
    and pray for all of us
    thank u

    1. Tq mini dr, i will definitely pray for all of my lovely dolls.

  4. i just red this ff …………..it’s amazing ………..loved it………..update asap

    1. Tq priya for reading my ff, luv u loads.

  5. It was very cute episode dear…
    liked it very much…
    hanish – hasini part is funny…but hanish doesn’t hate her…nice…
    God save riya from Hasini…
    Good husband helped her to do assignment ..it was cute…
    thank u chinni ….
    plz update it on Tuesday without miss….
    N happie journey dear njoy nicely …..

    1. I will update on tuesday for sure dear. I’m happy that u all enjoyed the episode. Tq dr.

  6. Wow..it’s amazing..loved it.. 🙂

    1. I have read ur comment in previous episode yaar, thanks for loving it.

  7. sorry yar was out of station so couldn’t comment……..& all the episode were amazing……loved it dea……have a safe journey & enjoy…

    1. It’s okay dr, thanks for ur comment yaar

    1. Thanks sam dear.

  8. Oops l’m late..but u just rocked as usual buddy..l love ur writing veryyyyy muchhh.d bond between Hanish -hasini was veryyy sweet..l love d way Rohan was irritating her, about that incident,,it was cutest part and made go Aaawwwww….really too sweettt..but l thought she would sleep beside him but very polite girl !!! ,went to sleep in sofa..when will she fall 4 him God knows..waiting for ur next upd on Tuesday..enjoy ur family trip till then….xoxo .love ya!!. take care 🙂 🙂

    1. Tq anisha dr.i have uploaded, check it tomorrow mrng buddy, thanks for such a lovely comment yaar. Luv u loads.

  9. Wow awesome…keep it up

  10. loving it, chinni..Great n fabulous

  11. Oh chinni i am gonna miss u.. Come back soon.. And the update was just rocking 🙂

    1. Hii dear, i too missed my lovely dolls, i updated the episode, do check it tomorrow dr, luv u loads

  12. Awesome very beautiful n amazing episode. ..will wait for next part ….enjoy your trip…..keep it up. ..love you loads

    1. Hiii roma dr, i have read all ur comments in every episode, it gives a lot confidence to mee, and ur analysis was superbbb in every episode. Missed u soooo much dr

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