Falling for my husband ( Episode-10)


Hi dearies i’m really happy that i’m writing my tenth episode. This is all because of your encouragement buddies. I never thought that i will write a story, but i’m writing, so excited, don’t know how long i can able to write, but i will try to write good. Thanks to all deariessssss and silent readers. Please, do comment and tell me you valuable opinions, so that i can change if i’m going wrong. Asusual enjoy reading it buddies.

Aditya and hasini become friends. All rohan’s group looks at them and gives glares to aditya, but he ignores them.
The bell rangs and all go to their classes.
At class:
Principal enters to the class, all greets him.
Principal: Hasini , get up.
Hasini getup and think “Iam dead today” and asks “Yes, sir” innocently.
Principal : When you are going to stop these??
Hasini innocently asks “what sir???”
Principal : What happened at the canteen??
Aditya whispers “Superb continue..”, All students trying to hold their laugh.
Principal: Nothing. I heard that you twisted riya’s hand.
Hasini thinks “He just heard that i twisted her hand, but didn’t heard she poured tomato ketchup on me.” and acts that she memorised something and says “ohhhh that one, it’s nothing sir , i just did it because suddenly a crow tried to hit her, so i grabed her hand and it seemed like that.”
Principal with a raised eyebrow says “Crow, you means crow.”
Hasini quickly replies “Yes sir, i mean crow, C-R-O-W(tells spelling) crow sir”.
All students are trying hard not to laugh.
Principal: Hasini why crow try to hit miss.riya
Hasini: Because she had dilpasand in her hand sir, the crow wanted to take it.
Rohan: God, she is the mother of lies. How easily she made a story???
Mythri holding her laughter says “Your wife is really funny rohan.”
Vinay whispers to hasini “You are impossible”
Hasini winks at him and looks at principal with an innocent face.
Principal thinks “I want to believe this, i know you very well hasini, if i ask more don’t know which donkey story you will say to me.” and asks her to complete an assignment.
Hasini with wideeyes “Assignment, but why sir???”
Principal: Because you are late to some classes for that i’m giving this assignment for you.
Hasini mumbles “Instead of allowing me to the class, if you asked me to getout i will be more happy.”

Principal :what??
Hasini says in a weak voice “Nothing sir.”
Principal thinks “I know you very well hasini you hate assignments, but i want my favourite student to study well, this is the bestway to do it.” and asks her to submit the assignment tomorrow after the college.
At afternoon:
Hasini asks shreya and vinay that she will come to canteen after some time.
Sherya: why??
Hasini : I want to go library to finish that stupid assignment.
They both says “OK, come soon.” and goes to canteen.
hasini starts walk towards library and sees principal coming, thinks ” I don’t want to listen another class.” and runs in another direction to go to library. In that she collides with someone hardly at the turning and falls on him. Hasini closes her eyes tightly and feels a soft skin under her lips, the next second her eyes are wideopened and sees rohan with wideopened eyes in a shock. Their lips are crashed and hasini on the top of her, all rohan’s books are on the ground but there are no one to see them in that position. Hasini quickly gets up and runs from there. Rohan also getsup and sees hasini running from there and reminds all what happened just a few seconds ago. His heartbeat is increasing and touches his lips and says “ahhhhh, she is very weight,seems like the kiss is deep.” and goes from there.
Hasini stops her running infront of the library and breathes heavily by holding her legs and says “OHHH God i have given my first k—k—-kiss to rohan.” and all her cheeks become pink. Hasini to herself “How i’m going to face him???? ahhhhhh nooooooo what you did hasini?? idiot, stupid”.
She calms herself and says “Okay, okay hasini there is no need to worry just forget about it and act normally.” and takes books from library and goes to canteen.
At canteen:
Hasini comes to canteen and becomes shock by seeing vinay and shreya with rohan’s batch.
Vinay: Hey hasini come here and offers a seat beside him.
Hasini hesitately goes and sit there, which is opposite to rohan and he is not looking at her.
Hasini: Why you people sit here??
Shreya: Ohh that, the canteen is full and aditya asked us to sit here .
smiles at aditya.
Aditya: okay, where have you gone???
Hasini : Library
Aditya says “For assignment haa” and winks at her.
Hasini just nods her head.
Vinay asks ” Why it took long time for you to come??”
Hasini nervously says “I’m confused in library, sooooo.”
Aditya introduces hasini to rahul, mythri, and sakshi and says “I think there is no need to introduce your hubby”
Rohan glares at him and hasini gives a fake smile.
Rahul :Hey, there is blood on your lower lip.
Shreya sees hasini and says “Yes, there is blood, and a small cut.”
Aditya asks “what happened??”
Rohan and hasini steals glances from each other, their hearts start to beat fast.
Rohan thinks “what she will say?? if she tell about the kiss then it is going to make a history in the college.” and looks hasini with a tension inside him.
hasini nervously says “I think i had bit my lip.”and says “Okay guys, i have to go now to do my assignment.” and leaves from there and comes to parking place.
riya comes there with her girls batch, hasini asks her to get out of her way.
Riya: i told you morning itself that you will regret what you had done, see what i will do to you now.
All girls shows eggs and tomatoes in their hands , riya smiles seeing hasini.
Some student goes and tells to rohan’s batch about all these, they are come near to parking place and sees hasini and riya at a distance.
Aditya: God is riya mad?? what is she doing??
vinay: we want to help hasini.
Shreya : Yess.
hasini: if you do that then you will regret fot it very badly.
Riya says “Really, then let’s see”
All girls starts to throw eggs and tomatoes at hasini, hasini shuts her eyes tightly but she didn’t feel any egg or tomato on her, she slowly opens her eyes and sees a tall handsome figure infront of him with a disgusting look on his face, she stood there frozen without averting her gaze.
All are shocked and stood there.

Hey buddies, how is the episode yaar??? Are you thinking who is it?? I can say that he is not rohan, you will find out in the next episode, until bye dearies. I will update tomorrow, if i’m free otherwise i will update on monday. Luv u load dearies and don’t forget comment yaar, byeeee.

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  1. very nice update chinni
    try to update one in weekend
    thank u

    1. Thanks buddy. I’ll try to update.

  2. Super episode yaar….i think that aditya going to help her….:-( triangle love story

    1. Tq mehrin. Don’t worry not a triangle love story.

  3. Oh my Gosh!!! who is this guy?? l’m just guessing he is Hasini’s frnd about whom she talked with principal y’day n he was in abroad..btw it’s really unexpected surprise as l thought u wouldn’t upd t’day but u did..thank u very much buddy 4 d upd..a tight hug to u..l’m just going crazy to know, whole story at a time but l should keep patience as it’s impossible..n plz dear don’t leave without giving it a proper end.hope u’ll continue it,will give it a proper ending n will continue writing more n more…loveee u aaa loooot..n again a tight hug to u 4 d upd..take care

    1. Tq anisha dear. I don’t stop writing until u guys love it buddy. A tight hug to you also dear.

  4. Great episode .looking forward to read the next part tc

    1. Thanks sara dear.

  5. Oh ,its not Rohan?interestng Chinni.Glad that tomarrow u will update ..

    1. Tq hima dr. I’ll update soon.

  6. nice epi.try to upd soon

    1. Tq uma dear. I’ll try for sure.

  7. IMG I think its rohan not fair yaar u stopped at ryt moment update fast yaar i can’t wait plzzzxxxzzzzzzzzz

    1. Tq aditishyam buddy. Wait for nxt episode dr, i will update soon.

  8. Ur fab at times. Suspense create kar diya ! Chalo then jaldi hi next wala update karna. Will be waiting 2day for ur update. Good efforts Ms

    1. Tq nia, i’ll try to update at today’s night.

  9. mind blowing chinni….
    loved ittt ….
    plz don’t stop writing dear. ….A request try to update tmrw itself plzz

    1. Tq raaga buddy, i don’t stop my writing until u guys love it, i’ll update soon.

  10. U rocked it baby…update fast….

    1. Tq feby dr, now only i uploaded do check for it at night.

  11. Oh,man?Who’s this guy?Bt i think by him rohan will feel jealous.Hasini is so cute.Thanks chinni for d amazing update.Update fast,plz..

    1. Hi umama dr, tq for comment, u will know about it in nxt update, i uploaded it, pls check it and tell ur opinion.

  12. Hi chinni, this is Kavya and ur story was just superb.. I am in love with ur story.. Eagerly waiting for the next update 🙂 keep gng

    1. Tq kavya dear for loving my story. Luv u loads.

  13. Hi chinni..I started reading ur ff recently..it’s just awesome dear..n today’s epi was mind blowing..wow..waiting for ur nxt epi.. 🙂 🙂

  14. Awesome hope you update soon love u

  15. Wowwww chinni, I love hasini so much, she is so cuteeeee n adorable. ..the epi was lovely n rohini first kiss…wowwww. ..who is this guy?I’m addicted to it. ..plz update sooooon. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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