Falling for my husband (episode-1)


Hi guys this is the first episode of my story, enjoy reading it.
In Hyderabad:

“sweety sweety get up,don’t you wanna go to college” radha (Hasini mother) tried to wake her up.Hasini said “Just five more minutes mom”.radha told her that it’s already 8.30am and her college starts at 9.00am. Hasini’s eyes shot open and get up from the bed with a jerk and runned into the bathroom.Radha laughed at her and went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her.After 20 min hasini went out from the bathroom and got ready in 5min.She was wearing a long blue skirt and light pink top with matching hearings and took her bag and began running to go college. But her mother stopped her to eat her breakfast, hasini hurriedly put one sandwitch in her mouth and went to college on her scooty.

It’s already 15min late and her first class is taken by her physics lecturer. She nervously asked “May I come in sir”. Sir looked at her with a dead look for disturbing her class.Hasini looked at him with a fake smile and thought in her mind “Please, ask me to get out any way i don’t want to listen your boring class”. He angrily asked her to come in and slowly walked to her bench and winked at her friends with a smile.she fell asleep for half of the class and she went to canteen with her friends at break time and chit chat with her friends.
In Mumbai:

Sumitra(Rohan’s mother) was in the kitchen and making breakfast and two hugged her from backside and it’s none other than our hero rohan.He wished gud morning to her mom with a smile ang asked her what was she preparing, she said that she is preparing laddus for him and put one laddu in his mouth. He ate it and said so sweet like my mom and bid her bye and kissed her cheek before he leaved to his college on his bike.He reached to his friends in the college and made a hi-fi with them. A female voice cameup calling his name, when he looked back he saw riya(loves rohan) coming towards him.She reached him and asks him to go for a date but he rejects her and walks away from her with his friends. Ankush (Rohan ‘s frnd) asks him what’s wrong with him and why he is rejecting such a beauty who is behind you. He simply smiles and says that she is not behind me instead she is after my money. All they went to their classes.

In evening both rohan and hasini came to their respective homes.

In Hyderabad:
Hasini reached her home and about to go to her room but her father called her. She went to her father and asked him why he called. Hasini’s mother also sitting beside his husband, both are looking nervous at each other.His father asked her to seat and calmy listen to him. She felt som tension in his voice and nodded at him. He started that she is going to be married. Hasini’s eyes get widend at his sentence and looking at him with disbelief. He continued that their offfice is in a big loss and one man from mumbai came to their help but asked you to marry his son in return.Hasini’s eyes got teary. Her dad cupped her face and said “look dear, iam not forcing you and i also inquired that they are good family in mumbai and their son is good, our company is also your grandpa’s dream.Just give a chance and thought about these and tell your decision to me”

Hasini went to her room with out a word and got freshen up and laid on her bed and lost in her thoughts.

Hi guys this for today and please do tell me ur opinions so that i will decide whether to continue my fanfic or not.

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  1. Lovely episode…update next episode soon

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  4. Wowwww chinni it’s awesoooooome. ..lovely start. …ha sini is very naughty n Rohan bit mature. ..cool story. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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