The Falling Heart (Part 5)

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Rita and Jessica came back and sat on their seat.
Raghav: riya I know you are upset but come on you are not a baby. You have grown up.
Riya: raghav please.
She placed a knife on her wrist and said “now decide. You know I can be very stubborn”
Raghav: stop your acting Rita. I know you so well so please girl”
Riya : I am not acting raghav. I really mean it”
Neha who have a habit of over reacting in everything, held riya’s hand and screamed on top of the voice.
Neha: no riya , for this heartless raghav you can’t kill yourself.
Raghav: what? Heartless? I do have a heart neha which is pumping blood right now. Come on Riya. Stop it. Put the knife down. Stop your acting.
Suddenly Jessica screamed ,” shit Riya no! ”
Riya saw a drop of blood slide down from her hand. She did cut her.

Riya opened her eyes. She saw a white washed ceiling right above her. On blinking, things fell back to place a she realized she was in her own room. And as she raised her head she noticed everyone standing around her bed was gaping at her as if it was her corpse and not her.
Mrs.baruah: prisha, baby are you all right.
Riya : am I alive?
Mrs.baruah: what? Yes baby. Yoor hand got hit by a knife by mistake and you fainted just by looking at the blood. Be careful next time honey.
Riya looked at raghav. He gestured her to be quiet.
Raghav: aunty, now she is fine. Won’t you bring something to eat.
Jessica: aunty bring something for us too or else we will end up eating Riya out of hunger.
Mrs.baruah: 5mins kids. Your food will be ready.
Saying this Mrs.baruah stepped out of Riya’s bedroom.
Jessica(in a angry voice): you promised me you won’t hurt yourself.
Riya: ssshhh.
Imran: idiot. She told us everything.
Riya: you couldn’t even keep a small secret with yourself.
Raghav sat beside Riya.
Raghav: you had cut your palm. You made this plan to scare me so that I stay on your birthday. I refused to believe you and out of anger you were about to cut your wrist buy neha pulled you and by mistake you had cut your palm. You were not too injured but you got scared by looking at your bleeding palm and you fainted.
Riya: how do you know.
Raghav: your eyes speaks too much, control them.
Riya : sorry.
She looked down
Raghav: I feel sorry for your palm.
Riya: now?
Raghav: sorry I have to go.
Jessica: raghav? You are being heartless now.
Riya: Jessi. No. Its okay raghav. I can understand. You go. I am happy for you!.

Next day raghav left for Delhi. It was Riya birthday.

Riya was sitting on the balcony. She heard someone knocking on the door. She said “come in”
It was her mother.
Riya: ma you don’t have to knock.
Mrs.baruah: I know beta. I brought something.
Riya: what is it?
Mrs.baruah: your gift from raghav.
Riya: raghav sent it?
She gave her sweetest smile.
*******to be continued********

Credits – Viti

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