Falling for Grace (Kanchi) OS

Hi guys I am new here nd a die hard fan of Kanchi (kabir and Sanchi)nd thanks Samaira for guiding me nd suggesting a name for this OS it really helps me a lot so without wasting ur much time let’s move to the story

Kindly ignore grammatical errors

Start from the current track

Where Veer chooses dress for Sanchi nd Sanchi denied

Veer-Sanchi I choose this dress for u

Sanchi-Thanks Veer but I already decided my dress

Veer-It was decided by Dr.Kabir not u

Nd angrily goes from there while Sanchi feels sad

At night Sanchi came there wearing a red dress no doubt she was looking gorgeous Kabir asks her about the dress but she made an excuse to Kabir that she forget her dress at hospital

They were checking arrangements when Sanchi was going fell nd Kabir held her nd they share an eyelock but they were disturbed by the sound of photographer who said everyone to come on stage photographer clicked photos nd after some time everyone go to their respective homes,hostels,work etc

Next day

Kabir was passing from Dr.Malhotra’s cabin when he heard two peoples talk none other than Ria nd Gayatri

Gayatri-don’t tell about this file to anyone get that

Ria-But why mom

Gayatri-I will tell u later


Nd Gayatri put it in a locker nd locks it Kabir feels something fishy nd decided to take that file before they could saw him he goes to his cabin nd after 15 mins he came to Dr.Malhotra’s cabin nd take the file nd start to read it he was shocked to read the file nd goes to Sanchi nd asks her to come with him but Sanchi was discussing about a patient with Veer

Veer (in mind)-Dr.Kabir just can’t see me nd Sanchi together

Veer-Dr.Kabir we r discussing something important she will talk to u later

Kabir-Sanchi plz it’s important

Sanchi-Ok sir come

Nd they go while Veer looks on

They come to Kabir’s cabin nd she asks him the reason nd he shows her the file Sanchi was shocked+happy at the same time she hugged him in happiness soon she realizes what she was doing nd broke the hug nd says sorry

Kabir-it’s ok Sanchi

Sanchi-Sir now we have proof against Dr.Malhotra nd I heard Mrs.Malhotra talking to Ria nd telling her that Dr.Malhotra will come tomorrow so tomorrow we will call police


Next day they call police nd Police arrest Dr.Malhotra Adarsh nd Gayatri

Then Kabir give his resignation letter to Sanchi nd tells her that he will come back after 2 years

After 2 months of Kabir going

Savitri recovered fully nd Jaya had already came out of Jail nd Pragya also came back as Sanchi sort out everything now Savitri nd Jaya r handling the hospital everything is going on normally but Sanchi was missing Kabir badly so as Kabir

After 6 months

Sanchi realizes that she loves only Kabir nd tells this to Pragya Isha Veer Veer was very sad at first but then understand bcz Isha made him understand nd bcz of that they start to come closer nd closer soon they realizes their feelings nd confessed nd now they r in a relationship

Precap:leap of 2 years

Finally I complete it sorry for such a boring story so now guys tell me if I should continue it or not nd if u like it then press the like button nd drop down a commemt nd if u don’t like it then press the dislike button nd drop a comment so that I can improve sorry for wasting ur precious time

Bye take care

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  1. Dhruti

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  5. Anee

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      Thanks Anee dear hope u will like the 2nd part too??

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  11. 23SAMAIRA0906

    Hey!Dimplo …..Good to see u here and welcome to T.U. and also no need to give credit ..being a writer its an honour for me that someone joined T.U. as a writer….Come to the OS its awesome as its ur first try …..and keep writing u have to go far ……..Post soon from ur SAMMIE

  12. 23SAMAIRA0906

    Hey!Dimplo …..Good to see u here and welcome to T.U. and also no need to give credit ..being a writer its an honour for me that someone joined T.U. as a writer….Come to the OS its awesome as its ur first try …..and keep writing u have to go far ……..Post soon and take care from urs SAMMIE

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