Choti : oh my god.. Where did he went..
Swara: dont worry mishti, we will search him.. (teary eyes)
Nisha: swara its all becoz of u..
Swara: im really sorry.. I shouldn’t have said that… Im sorry sanskaaaar… Plssss comeback…

Boy:all of a sudden, y r u being so nice with her
Girl: i dont think she is like how we think. She is so nice.. So stop doubting me..
Tannu: angel, its boring…
Swara: lets play something
Choti : but wat??
Sasha: guys lets play sudden catch..
Swatan: hmm good idea.
Choti : but these area is slippery..
Swara: arei mishu dont worry.. We will be careful..
Veer: swara dont go tat way..
Swara: arei sweetu dont worry.. I will not..
Swara:Oh my god.. She is chasing me.. Run swara run..
Sanky: swara dont go tat way..
Sasha: ya swara stop..
Swara: sanskaar u came.. u cant catch me sasha..
Sasha: now u are out..
She was abt to touch her
Sanky : swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Boy: how can u fall so low..
Girl: i dint do tat… It was just an accident.. (crying)

Is it the end of swasan.. ?????
Who was the boy n girl …????
Was it an accident or its planned.. ????
Is swara dead….???
Sorry guys.. I cant post the epi today.. Hope u enjoy this promo.. How was this.. Pls comment n let me know.. Silent readers brk ur silence n guess wat happened.. Im i boring u all.. Coz day by day i can sense the comments are decreasing.. If u want me to wrap.. I will wrap up.. Let me know ur choice.. N how is the cover pic..

Credit to: Sha

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